Couldn’t stop myself seeing younger sister taking bath

Younger Sister Fuck : When I saw my younger sister taking bath in the bathroom through the hole of the door you could not stop yourself. From that time he started trying to trick her, began to impress her, by the end of the night I had fucked her. Today I am going to tell you a story which you too will find very hot and sexy. When do you get to read such stories which are true and sexy. Especially on nonveg all the stories are hot and sexy. That’s why I am a big fan of this website. You will also see the stories of this website on other websites, which are stolen and posted, copied and posted. Then I have started visiting this website daily and I visit this website daily. Coming straight to the story don’t waste much of your time because I know your time is very valuable. Many people get time at night to read stories and many people get time during the day to read stories, so it is not a good thing to waste their time, so coming directly to the story, I want to tell you the whole thing as soon as possible. My name is Rahul and my sister’s name is Kashish. Kashish is 2 years younger than me. Very hot and sexy girl. There is such a poor brother who dreams of fucking his sister. But many nights I wiped all my belongings in the sheet with my fist in his memory. The most beautiful part of my sister is her round type nipples and her belly, her navel, her bum, her lips and her rosy cheeks. I guarantee that no person will be able to stop himself from seeing this beauty. Both my parents had gone on pilgrimage with my neighbors, so we brothers and sisters were alone for 3 days. I looked at my sister a lot with my eyes for one day. By the end of the night, I fisted. But my lust did not subside. My instincts were awakened and I started dreaming of fucking her. But I was getting very scared that if he didn’t listen to me and this matter reached my parents, then you yourself think how difficult things would have become for me. But when she went to take a bath, she could not stop herself. As soon as she went to the bathroom to take a bath, I quickly left my room and went to her bathroom. There was a hole in the door where the old latch had been. I started looking at him through that hole. My head dropped as soon as she opened her bra. Round round beautiful shoes, a small pink colored nipple on top of it. The message office felt and took the cock in hand. Slowly started caressing his cock and started looking at his whole body. When he pours water on his head from the mug and then by applying soap all over his body, when he presses each and every part of his body and fights, my cock becomes fun. At that time I was speechless when he started rubbing her pussy with soap and started inserting his finger in her hole. Make up your mind to break the bathroom door and fuck her. But I worked with patience, I thought today I will continue to fuck her. In 20 to 25 minutes, he took bath and kept looking at her body through the hole in the door. When he started getting dressed, he ran to his room. Now I felt that tonight I have to fuck her, begged her a lot throughout the day, brought her many things and fed her. Also bought an online watch for him. And I gave all kinds of temptations. And then in the evening, I told him about my heart. Look, Kashish, nowadays the world has changed, the relationship between brother and sister is good. But nowadays people make sex relations only with the members of the house to calm the hunger of their body. She was listening to something quietly, she felt that I was telling her something good. After that I said that my friend Rinku also has sex with his sister. The advantage in this is that the goods of the house remain in the house itself, there is no need to go outside, it is not defamed either. Kashish said what do you want. I said I want to sleep with you tonight. My hands and legs started trembling while saying this, my lips started trembling. But I spoke my heart which I had to speak today. Kashish said but I will not do this, I have sworn that I will have sex for the first time with my husband. I said, oh man, when your husband must have slept with someone else, then why would you become Sati Savitri. You also enjoy, he must also be enjoying. He said but all these things do not happen in brother and sister, these are nonsense things. I told you to read the stories on Nonveg Story dot com, there you will find many such stories in which 1 brother and sister have sex, so why can’t both of us do it. Kashish started saying that this is not a good thing. And I don’t even want this and I will also tell you to impress a girl or go to a prostitute and do your work by paying money, but I will not do this. I said if you don’t do it, I will leave you home tomorrow because I told this to my sister, I told my heart to my sister and if my sister does not agree, then I have no point in living in this house. Saying this, my sister started saying that you should not do this. I will give you just once, will not give you again. I said I swear I will not speak to you again. Then she said don’t tell this to anyone, don’t even tell your friends because when you are now saying that your friend has sex with his sister, he shared some things with you. You will not share about your sister with anyone outside that you have had sex with your sister. I said no and immediately I put my hand on his head. She said okay go to the market and get a condom for yourself because I will not do without a condom, I will be very scared. I immediately got up, started my scooty, went and brought a condom. Came home, she was sitting after taking out the food. He said come let’s have food first then go to sleep. I immediately sat down and ate food, I also fed her food with my own hands, she also fed me food with her own hands. And went to sleep quickly, you would know why he was doing it in a hurry. After reaching the bed, first of all, I took off all her clothes, as soon as I took off her bra, my land stood up and immediately started pressing big round tits. He was saying that gradual pressure hurts. I didn’t agree, started kissing her cheek, started kissing hot, caressing both her boobs, started biting the nipple with his teeth. I started licking her pussy, put my finger in her pussy and started licking her ass. While doing so much, she became so sensual that she held me tight and started kissing me, took my cock in her hand and started shaking it, then took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Now both were lying down and were caressing each other’s body, kissing each other. I could not help it, I had to fuck her quickly because everything was happening beyond my tolerance. Separated her legs, first wanted her pussy very much and put his cock on her pussy and pushed her hard and put his entire cock inside her. Her pussy was too much type, so was not going quickly, but after giving three to four pushes, went inside comfortably. From there the fire of lust started for both of us. I started fucking her loudly and she started taking sobs, hugging me, kissing me and filling me in her arms. I was liking this style of my sister very much. I never thought even in my dream that I would fuck such a beautiful girl and that too real sister. I lay down, she came up, now holding my cock, she sat down, when the whole cock went into her pussy, she began to jump and jump, taking sobs. I fell within 30 minutes of separation. But she did not calm down, she kept kissing me, caressing me. In 20 to 25 minutes I got ready again and started fucking again by putting my cock in her pussy. Whole night fuck her nonstop and she also let him lick her hard. Woke up at 12:00 in the day because both of us slept naked, after waking up holding each other, then went to the bathroom to take a bath together. After having food, both of us got together and while playing with each other’s body, the sex started again. Now what shall I tell her, she herself tells me, what should happen today. And I say why not, then both of us make a plan and we both have sex. Mummy Papa sleeps in the room and we both sleep on the terrace room so there is no problem, Papa and Mummy stay below the main gate, we both keep on playing all night long. I am soon going to write another story on non-veg

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