prostitute for husband

Pati Ne Randi Banaya, Ek Gharulu Aurat ki Sex Kahani: There can be such a wife who fulfills the wishes of her husband. Today I am going to tell you one such story of mine. Due to which your forehead will be shocked and you will feel yourself whether there is such a husband. But I did what my husband wanted. Became a prostitute for husband because husband wants me to have sex with his friends. I have four friends and I have sex with all four of them. I was thinking for a long time to write this story on non-veg But I could not muster the courage to convey this point of mine to you. Today I am courageously bringing this story in front of you. My name is Pushpa I live in Budh Vihar Delhi. My husband’s name is Jitendra. We both had a love marriage and he brought me to Delhi since then we have been living in Delhi only. How many memories, how many troubles, all I remember is the difficult days I spent in Delhi. My husband showed me such dreams, such dreams, seeing and hearing which I became mad after him and I married him. She rejected her parents for her husband. Even today my parents do not talk to me. I trusted my husband but he broke this trust with me. God forbid anyone gets such a husband as I have got. Now he wants to eat my earnings. And is also eating. I have two children who study in school. And my husband works in a small company, which even my house is not able to run properly. I am very beautiful to look at, very hot. But it is of no use to my husband. For example, if a poor man gets a diamond, then that diamond is of no use to the poor man, it would have been better if he had got 10 kg of flour instead. The same condition is with my husband, I am beautiful, hot and sexy, but he cannot tolerate me. Coming straight to the story, don’t want to waste much of your time. My husband has four friends and all four of them befriended him because I am beautiful. My husband thinks he deserves more and that’s why he has all these friends. Many people have the same misconception as my husband. My husband took a lot of money from all four of them who ran my house. After Corona disease, she was in even more trouble. The condition of the house was not good, my husband took money from that group and ran the house. But those people do not give anything to anyone for free or even give it on loan; When those people started demanding money from my husband, my husband had no money. They mortgaged me. He came to talk to me that he is asking for money and if we do not give, he will insult us. He was saying all four. That you give your wife to me, I will not take interest for fucking. And I said yes to him, you have to save my respect. I abused and told my husband that are you saving your honor or auctioning mine. There was a lot of fighting throughout the day, it was 8:00 in the night, while fighting, both my children had gone to their grandmother’s house. I don’t talk to my parents but I do talk to my children. At 9:00 pm someone knocked on the door of my house, I said to my husband, see who it is. When he opened the door he was on all fours. Came inside the house stood in front of me my husband was also standing there. I asked why you guys have come here, all four said that sister-in-law, I have come to love you, this man has taken ₹ 500000, till date he has not given even a single interest. That’s why we have done one night deal in lieu of interest. I already knew this. Looking at my husband, I said to him, you have sold me. you made me a whore He stood silently and I kept asking. Seeing the fight between both of us, all four of them started leaving from there and said that within 2 days give me 500000 otherwise no one will be worse than me. My husband was standing there. I said what do you say, my husband said, it is a matter of one night. I said ok and I belong to the blouse, she started opening it and lowered her hem. Standing naked, all four of them saw me and came and sat there on the sofa. I went to the room one followed behind he took off all his clothes started rubbing my tits fingered my ass licked my pussy. Then he had his thick cock of about 9 inches, he inserted it in my pussy, till date such a thick cock had never entered my pussy. I was in extreme pain, but what could I do, I kept lying quietly and he kept fucking me. Playing with my tits, licking my lips, fingering my hair, thrusting hard. I used to shake when his entire cock went inside my pussy. In 20 minutes of separation he got loose and he went outside. I kept getting naked in the same way, the other one also played a lot with my body and went away after fucking me. My husband was sitting outside on the sofa watching all this spectacle and those guys were coming in one by one and fucking me. When the last one came i.e. the fourth man, I thought I am mad, am I behind this man, in memory of my husband, I have been sold and auctioned. And instead of interest, he is making me fuck. So I said to that fourth man that if you have to take it from tomorrow then bring ₹ 20000 and fuck me all night. He said ok. But he went away that day after fucking me. From the second day onwards I find a man every single day, I fuck every night. You earn ₹ 20000 a day, my husband sleeps in another room and I earn money by having sex with new men in my room everyday. What is the use of becoming Sati Savitri when my husband has made me a prostitute. Now my husband doesn’t say anything to me and if he says something, I will break his mouth. Because now I live for myself, earn money for myself. When a husband makes his wife a prostitute, how should that wife also respect that husband, now you tell me. That’s why I live for myself and not for my husband. Now I am happy, that’s why I will tell you that you should never marry anyone by getting carried away by emotions and by being misled. Today I have become a prostitute only for my husband. I hope you would have liked my story on non-veg I will soon second story also on this web. thanks for posting till then

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