Daughter-in-law came for oil massage and father-in-law fucked her

Yes, I got fucked by my father-in-law last night, if a religious daughter-in-law and beloved daughter-in-law of father-in-law is reading the story here, then it is very good. Never trust an old man. The relationship has gone, he will fuck to take oil as I got fucked. It is a different matter that I also liked my father-in-law’s cock, but there is always a stain in the relationship. My point is different sisters but you never fuck. This is my first story on NonvegStory.com, I am writing a story on this website because I also come and read sex stories here, so it is my duty to write my own story too. My name is Sarita. I am 22 years old, I live in village. I am very hot and sexy. My figure is awesome. I am the queen of beauty, I am sexy, my gait is amazing. Seeing the bulge of the ass, many people would be fisting during the day. My tits are very tight. I have a round butt. I wear 34 size bra. If I got married in the landlord family then there is no shortage of anything. If there is a deficiency, then the mental condition of the husband is not good, then I make sex relations only occasionally with the husband. So he does feel like getting fucked. So how did the sex relationship with the father-in-law last night, now I am telling the same to all of you cocks and pussy guys. Today your cock will be erect and if this girl is a woman then the pussy will definitely get wet and the nipples will become big and tight and you will be filled with enthusiasm. This is my promise. I am the youngest among daughters-in-law. I live in a sister-in-law city. My husband father-in-law and mother-in-law who is sick live in the village. So last night my husband went to his sister’s place, he is going to come three to four times. Last night I went to apply oil on my father-in-law’s feet. It is my custom here to press the feet of the father-in-law. I don’t know how many daughters-in-law would have got fucked in the act of pressing her feet. So last night around 10 o’clock I went to his room and he was waiting for me. He said that I thought you must have slept that’s why you did not come today to apply oil. I didn’t say, Babuji, how will I sleep without pressing your feet. He said you are my best daughter in law. And he opened his box after picking it up and put a bundle of 500 rupees in my hand and said, make jewellery. I was speechless. Became happy. He said daughter-in-law, you keep making me happy, I will keep making you happy. And started smiling, I also shook my head and said yes Babuji, whatever is needed, I will ask from you. He said does my son love you or not? I said what will he love me, his mind does not remain calm. They don’t even talk for many days. He said that I can understand when a husband cannot keep his wife happy and does not love her, how difficult it is for a woman. And I used to love so much that she used to run away and like to sleep alone at night. Was. you understand don’t you? He said I said yes Babuji. That is, the meaning of saying of the old man was that I am your mother-in-law, that is, he used to tear his wife’s ass and pussy by fucking with his cock. That’s why she was afraid to sleep with me. I said she was lucky, where do you get it. While talking all this, she was pressing his feet with oil. Only then I saw that a tent of his dhoti was being made. His cock was getting erect. The blouse I wore yesterday was of sexy type, half cut and neck wide, armpit hair was visible and both the breasts from the front, anyone’s mind would get upset. Perhaps my father-in-law could not resist seeing this and his cock started to erect. The size of the cock was very big, it did not seem that it was an old man’s cock, even a young man failed in front of that cock. He said, daughter-in-law, if there is more shortage of money, then tell me, I felt that the old man will also spend and my respect in the house will also increase. When I become a wife instead of the daughter-in-law of an old man, then there are only advantages. The old lady lives in her room. And my husband stays outside maximum time. That’s why father-in-law asked me for a kiss. I said no no, all this will not be fine. Hey no one will know anything. I said no no relationship is also a thing. You are so much older than me, you are like my father. He said I will keep you happy. I know your husband is not able to do anything to you. You have to stay here, where will you go back to your maternal home, your step mother will not let you live. I said then don’t discuss with anyone what is going on between you and me. He said, I am mad, what will people say, your defamation will be less and mine will be more. That’s why this relationship will remain between both of us. I sat close to him, he hugged me and started kissing me. Started moving his hands from the top of my sexy blouse. I was silent, he was teasing my body. He made me lie down. Took off my clothes. When he opened my bra, his mouth was left open and he immediately started drinking my boobs by grabbing them with his hands. Sometimes he rubs his nose and sometimes he bites his teeth. Started playing with my white body. Slowly I also started getting intoxicated. And while sucking his lips caressing his chest hair, went down and caught hold of his cock and started sucking. Ohhhhhhhh father-in-law’s cock is thick long. Ohhhhhhhhh when my pussy got hot and water started coming out then I could not tolerate it. I caught father-in-law’s cock and put it on my pussy and sat down. The whole cock entered my pussy. Ohhhhhhhhh now I was jumping and sitting. Father-in-law was rubbing both my tits and pushing the whole cock inside out inside out ohhhhh it was fun. I also wanted to fuck because my lust flared up, my husband was not able to fuck, he used to leave me hot, but today father-in-law’s old fat long dick started to please me. Now I came down, he separated my both legs. Cock set on pussy and rammed hard. Ohhhh fun, fun, father-in-law’s cock made me happy today. He was pushing hard while pressing my nipples while drinking my nipples. I was also getting fucked, they were fucking me. Then friends, they fucked me for about two hours in the night, I fell twice, but they ate the medicine and kept on pounding hard. Slept with them at night. Woke up in the morning, once again he fucked me. During the day, mother-in-law comes out on the verandah, so it was not possible to fuck during the day. Throughout the day he just kept pressing her tits and kissing her whenever she was here and there. Tonight I will be fucked again and today I will have sex in different positions. I am going to write another story on non-veg story dot com till then thank you very much.

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