Karwa Chauth Sex Story in Hindi

New hot story in Hindi, Karwachauth Sex Story, Karwa Chauth Sex, Wife husband sex, Wife Sister Sex, Sali Sex, Karwachauth sex kahani Hindi, Karwachauth ki chudai kahani, My name is Jyoti, I got married only last year. I was fasting for Karva Chauth at my maternal house. Because my mother was admitted in the hospital. I have a younger sister whose name is Neetu. This is my first Karva Chauth fast. I observed this fast for the long life of my husband and for peace in the family. Fasted throughout the day and went to the well decorated Summer Beauty Parlour. So that my husband likes it and today again everything happened in my honeymoon, everything was fine, the moon came out, I quickly saw the husband’s face, he gave me water and the fast ended. For this day, I cleaned my private part hair properly so that tonight is the night of memories. I wanted to please my husband in sex, so I bought new bra and panties as well prepared as possible. In new style. After having dinner, we both went to sleep, my sister started watching TV in the other room. My husband loves me very much, bring me a gift even for today. He was saying since morning that today I will not leave you, today do not stop me, let me do as I want today. Today don’t say that I won’t give back, don’t say this today, don’t do like this, today give me a free hand and I spent a lot of money on myself to make the night beautiful so that I can make the night colorful. I was looking beautiful, as soon as the door was closed, the husband fell on me, started kissing my fair cheeks and caressing my long hair. He opened my sarees as lovingly as he opened me on the first night. Now I had come on petticoat and blouse, his eyes were very murderous, he was staring at me from bottom to top, it seemed that he would eat us today and lick them. And it happened that he immediately opened the blouse. Opened the hook of the bra, both my nipples came out, both my nipples are as tight as cricket’s hair. Started pressing, started drinking the nipple. I was sighing I was very sensual I lay down on the bed he removed my petticoat, took off my panty also and then started licking my pussy. My lips were red red, it was well decorated, it seemed that it was just a honeymoon. After that he made me very hot, I also left no stone unturned, sucked his cock a lot, made him very hot, and then what was it friends, he started fucking me. The sound of ah ah was coming out of my room. Mother was on the top floor, but my sister was next to my room, but regardless of anyone, I started getting fucked. I was very tired of being fucked a lot by making me a mare, sometimes from below, sometimes from above. And then both collapsed in a short time. Both kept lying down and I was feeling light sleep. Then my husband went out and said, I am just coming from the bathroom. My eyes were closed and I fell asleep. At around 2 in the night, when I heard a sound of screaming, my husband was not on the bed. I put a dupatta over my boobs, put on my petticoat and went to the verandah. So the sound of ah ah was coming from my sister’s room. When she peeped, she was shocked. My husband is downstairs and she was jumping up and getting fucked. Her long hair was disheveled, her round round teats were jerking and shaking. Her bum was shaking, she was looking amazing. Friends, today I saw Sunny Leone in person. It was looking like that. I didn’t get angry, I thought why not both the sisters enjoy it together. And then I threw off my dupatta, opened the petticoat and went inside. They both got upset. I say relax. My husband said, may God give everyone a wife like you and my sister also said yes, sister, such a sister is only lucky for the hair. And I started drinking my sister’s teats. I started rubbing my tits in her ass. When my husband was fucking my sister, I was licking my husband by putting my pussy on his mouth. Both of us sisters were licking each other’s nipples. My husband was kissing below and my sister was on cock and I was on her mouth. It was a wonderful thing. Friends, to tell the truth, it is called Karwachauth. Fucked me too, fucked my sister too and how did my husband get pussy and boob, what else do you want? Had a lot of fun on the day of Karwachauth. I hope that you too would have made your wife’s pussy a boas if she too would have observed the fast of Karvachoth. Today all women look like angels of beauty and at night her pussy and ass become a mess of boobs. I will keep posting such stories on non-veg story dot com.

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