Despite not doing so, on Diwali, the son-in-law fucked me fiercely.

My name is Shivani, I live in Kalyan, I am 40 years old, I married my daughter in April this year, both my daughter and son-in-law live in Qatar, the story I am telling today is my chudai It is of my son-in-law, on the day of Diwali, I could not save myself in the midst of sparkling light and rangoli and handed myself over to my son-in-law, at first I did not do it, but got swept away in the river of lust And could not stop herself and started diving into the fuck. Today I am presenting you my complete story in front of you, I live alone, my husband was a bastard, he left me, because earlier also I was caught having sex with someone else, so he left me. The daughter had also run away with a boy working with her and she was left with a child, so she also married him. But what would I do in single life, I am working in a telecom company, and daughter son-in-law as you know lives outside, son-in-law came for some office work on my diwali, my son-in-law came around 2 o’clock on diwali, I liked it very much that let’s celebrate Diwali alone with my son-in-law, the evening was the time of worship, I was making Rangoli, Rakesh was coloring it, I was busy coloring, I was wearing a red suit . The throat was high, because of this my fair and fair nipples were peeping out. Then my eyes fell on Rakesh, he was looking at my nipples. Let me first look at the thought, but thought that it was the son-in-law, I started taking the scarf lying on the sofa. So Rakesh said mother, don’t take it from him, you are looking good like this. I smiled and left the scarf. Now he was looking at my nipples, he had lust in his eyes. He got up, took out a bottle of wine from his bag in the room and made a peg in two glasses from the kitchen. And stood in front of me, I said Rakesh what is this. So Rakesh said that I know you drink. Kajal has told me everything, and you see, I have brought only the one of your choice. I said okay let it be time. Rakesh started saying that it is time, today I want the evening to be colourful. I took the glass from his hands and said cheers, both of them drank. I got drunk as soon as I drank one or three pegs, the whole house was lit up, crackers were bursting outside. Suddenly Rakesh hugged me, said Happy Diwali Mom, I said Happy Diwali Rakesh, and Rakesh started caressing my back, I also started caressing his back. My nipples were heating his chest. I didn’t even know when my lips got stuck in Rakesh’s lips and started kissing each other. Rakesh said wax, your lips are more juicy than kajal. I said let’s be quiet, and then I felt ashamed and I turned back. Rakesh took me from behind in his arms and started rubbing his cock in my ass. From the front he started mashing both my nipples. I started having fun. There was a tingling in my pussy. I started feeling like taking Rakesh’s cock in my pussy. I also started rubbing my ass in Rakesh’s cock. I thought this is wrong, I cannot ruin my daughter’s life, what if she comes to know about it. What would you say? My mother is such a bastard and a scoundrel. Didn’t even leave my son-in-law, and I shrugged and parted ways. I said no Rakesh no I can’t do this, sorry and I ran to the room and closed the door from inside. I was very drunk. Rakesh was knocking on the door saying, mother, don’t be afraid, Kajal will not know. I know that you are also feeling like, don’t kill the mind. Go today, become one tonight. You will never get such an opportunity. Go open the door today, I was saying from inside no Rakesh this is wrong. I can’t cheat Kajal, Rakesh was saying mother, don’t you worry, you will never know. I can’t live without you today. Ever since I saw you, I have started feeling like fucking you, friends, my pussy was also on fire. After so many days a man’s hand touched my nipples. I also wanted to kiss, but from one side it seemed that he is my son-in-law, I cannot do this. Rakesh swore to me that mother, if you do not come out, you will see my dead face, friends, I am hearing this oath. Immediately opened the door and wrapped in Rakesh. Rakesh started sucking my lips again and I also became his slave, he was doing what he wanted. He picked me up and took me to the bedroom, and he untied his kurta pajama, started playing with my nipples on top of the suit and he started caressing my pussy from the top of the salwar. I started going crazy, current started running in my body. I untied my nada, he pulled out my salwar. I was in panty. I sat myself and removed the shirt, Rakesh opened my bra hook from behind as soon as both my big and curvy white nipples came out, he pounced on my nipples, first he sucked for about 10 minutes and then took off my panty. Going down, he started fingering my pussy. I said no, Rakesh will get nails. He immediately started licking my pussy, my pussy was very wet. He was licking the salty water of my pussy. My pussy would release water and he would drink, my hair started trembling. There was a fire in my body. My pussy was getting very wet, I spread Rakesh upwards and legs. He took out his cock and placed it on the mouth of my pussy and opened the love of the pussy, he started rubbing the upper mouth with his finger. I started going crazy. The sound of ah ah ah ah started coming out of my mouth on its own. I filled him in my arms, he inserted his fat cock which was about 9 inches in my pussy. I sighed. And then he started pushing and I also started pushing from below. He was going to lick my pussy while mashing my nipples. The smell of alcohol was coming from both of their mouths, I was filled with a lot of chuckles. He again changed positions and made me a mare. When he started putting cocks in my pussy from behind and started slapping my bum. I started getting more excited. After that, only the sound of hai hai hai oh oops ah ah auch started coming from my mouth. The sound of the impression of the whole room and the sound of firecrackers was coming from outside. I was kissing. You are reading this story on nonveg Friends, Rakesh broke down after fucking for about fifty minutes, all his semen got absorbed in my pussy, but I still had more chudwani. I said Rakesh, I want more now, he said, I am coming now, mother. He immediately went out, there was a medical shop at the same 10 minutes, from that he came with Viagra pill, and also brought food from outside, till then I was wearing a bare bedsheet. As soon as he came, he took off all his clothes again. We both ate food barefoot, and by then Rakesh was ready without Viagra and started fucking again. After about an hour, he ate Viagra and then made me chud loudly and made me a chutney. Friends, I kept enjoying Rakesh’s cocks throughout the night, I can not forget this Diwali. I have never met such sex in my life, I am very happy, now Rakesh is not with me. But yesterday I got a call that mother, you will stay with me now, I have put the application of your vij. Friends, you must have understood why he is calling me after all. But I am going crazy thinking, how will I cheat my daughter. Well whatever happens will be seen. No one’s relationship goes ahead of sex. Sex is for fun and I will enjoy it. Your friend Shivanikalyan (Mumbai)

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