True story of friend’s sister Babli ki chudai

Hello friends, my love to you, today I have brought a very sexy story for you, I am a huge fan of nonveg, because all the stories here are very cool, so I also thought why not Today I should also present my true story to my friends, this story is about my friend’s sister Babli, how I fucked Babli in her in-laws’ house, how she was walking naked in the morning after leaving overnight. I will explain completely, now I come straight to the story, my name is Kaushal, I have a friend Ravish, both of us are very good friends, we have a friendship since childhood, Ravish has four sisters, the youngest of them is Babli , I also call the other three didi, and Babli calls me brother, what should I tell friends, I think I betrayed my friend, but with Babli I did what she wanted, so where am I wrong? Tell me, I made Babli happy, she also wanted me to chud and the time and situation became such that I also gave my LND to Babli. It was only fifteen days since Babli’s marriage, after marriage she went to her in-laws’ house, only after 10 days of marriage, the girl has to go to her in-laws’ house, Ruksad (bring the girl), so Ravish’s mother said son Kaushal. You only go to bring Babli, because Ravish has an exam, he will not be able to go, and it is necessary to bring Babli, so I said yes, the second day I had to go to a small town in Jharkhand to bring Babli for. I reached Babli’s in-laws at around 3 o’clock in the day, there was a lot of care, Babli also looked very happy, Babli’s husband took me for a walk around 6 o’clock in the evening, I met many of his friends, how the evening was cut, did not know, When I came back Babli was wearing a red sari, she was looking very beautiful, she was looking very cool in lacquer bangles and a light veil in her hand, mutton curry and rice was made for dinner, in the evening itself a big Had brought a bottle of liquor, started drinking on the terrace at night, both me and Babli’s husband went on saying peg and mutton on peg, the matter started getting disturbed, you know when two men are drinking then the matter is far away Till it happens, he kept on talking about himself, and kept drinking slowly, in this way he drank a lot, I was conscious but he slowly became in a state of unconsciousness, and he rolled over, only then the bubbly on the roof She came, and after seeing the whole thing, she understood, then she said that now she will sleep in the same night, because I cannot bring her down. So I said Babli, I have also drank too much with them, I am also unable to stand, I cannot sleep on the terrace, I have been forbidden by the doctor to sleep in Osh. So Babli said, let me support, and she held my hand, and I started to stagger, but I was not able to walk properly, then she put my hand on her shoulder and we both walk together. Went down the stairs with great difficulty, both of us were walking close by, Babli’s teats were adjoining my hand, but she was considering it as normal but my cock was standing because my eyes were always bubbly I wanted to fuck Babli, but I didn’t dare, but today she was walking so close to me, I made an excuse to drink more and put my head on Babli’s shoulder, whatever Did not speak and then reached my sleeping room, there was no one else in the house, Babli’s father-in-law had gone out somewhere, he would come the next day, Babli’s husband was lying unconscious on the terrace, he had no chance of getting up till morning Babli started making me sleep comfortably on the bed as she bowed down, her pallu fell down, and the throat of the blouse was cut more, due to which both her nipples started to come out very big, I was blessed to see and, i bub He took Lee’s hand. Babli said what are you doing, I said don’t say anything today, I loved you Babli, I wanted to make you my own but it could not happen and you became someone else’s, I could never muster up the courage because everyone People used to understand that you and I have a brother-sister relationship, but I wanted to make you my wife, Babli said but this is wrong now. The truth is that I also loved you very much, but I could not tell you my heart, so I said Babli, for today only we become husband and wife of each other, Babli got up and left , I thought maybe Babli got angry and left because of this. Ask the truth friends, my ass has exploded, thought what would happen now? Then Babli came back, he had a box of vermilion in his hand, I said what is this, so Babli said, fill my demand today, I want to be yours for today, I did the same, took a pinch of vermilion and filled Babli’s demands . He started kissing Babli in his arms and slowly took off his clothes one by one, what can I tell friends, fair body, big butt, thick ass, I was looking amazing, I started drinking directly by taking his boob in the mouth, and ass began to caress. Then I put him on the bed and sitting between both the legs I started licking his pussy. She started making sounds of ah ah ah oops oops. I put my finger again and started looking, started taking bubbly sobs, and outside the bar she started licking her lips with her tongue. I went up a bit and kept the Lnd in the middle of both the mistakes and started lowering it. In the middle of his soft mistake, my LND started squeaking. Then Babli became very sensual and said, don’t torture me now, my pussy has become very wet, I put my cock on Babli’s pussy and separated the legs, and put the cock in the crack of the pussy. Felt, Babli started to feel pain, that quote is very thick, your LND is very thick, I again spit in Lund and then set it on the crack of the pussy and then started to enter and started mashing Babli’s teat with my hand. She was now ready to kiss, I gave shocks and the cock got inside Babli’s pussy, now my friends have fulfilled my wish, Babli started to fuck, sometimes from top to bottom, sometimes she made a mare from the bottom and sometimes sat on the cock. Of. Throughout the night I kept on fucking Babli, she also gave full support, she did not refuse for anything, cooperated a lot and started saying. I had been wanting to chud from your penis for a long time, which my dream has come true today, after getting it all night, she went out of my room early in the morning, so that no one doubts. Friends, this story is true, and it has been only 8 days since it happened, I hope you will like this story of mine.

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