Devar Bada Rangeela Chode Me In Different Ways

Hi ! I am saying right friends, my brother-in-law is very colorful, I am having fun, life is going very well, I pray to God that my husband should not know about this. I got the inspiration to write my story from nonveg, I am a regular visitor of this website, I also come to this website and I like the story of other women, this is the only website on which women also share their sex experience. Writes, today I am telling you my story, my name is Honey, I am a very beautiful woman of 28 years, people stare at me, my figure is very good, my figure size is 34-32-34 Yes, I have a habit, I always wear designer bras and panties, I also do yoga to maintain my figure, so that I look young. Contrary to this, my husband, does not pay attention to his body at all, Chandni There is a shop in the square, it does not seem at all that the person is of new youth, just everything that is given by the ancestors, he takes care of him. But my brother-in-law is very colorful, goes to the gym, goes to movies, keeps new mobiles, chats on the internet throughout the day, I was very impressed with my brother-in-law, I wanted a husband like this, but luck has something else It was accepted that because of this I got such a husband, well my husband will die, I have trapped my brother-in-law. Now I come to the story. I am very chubby nature, since I was young, I have been cuddling with someone or the other till date, I was happy before marriage that I would go to the in-laws’ house and have a lot of fun with my husband. There will be no bondage, there will be no time when the cock will be inserted in his pussy, but it has turned upside down, the bastard would come from the shop at night, and even after coming, he kept on looking at the account and book, and in the morning, he used to call on the phone, the goods came. Gaya, it had spoiled my mind, I was taking a bath in the bathroom one day, forgot to put the door, there was a brother-in-law in the house, he suddenly came in, I was naked in the bathroom, I shaved my pussy after taking off all the clothes I was shaving, he saw me shaving my pussy, I was speechless, I did not even think that he would come, he was standing looking at me and I said, “What a thing, sister-in-law”. I calmed down a bit and said, let’s go out now, so brother-in-law said no sister-in-law please don’t send out, so I said what to do, then said I will shave yours…. I said will you… he said I will shave your pussy, I felt that I would not get a better opportunity than this, to impress my brother-in-law, I said okay, shave should not be done anywhere on my pussy, he sat down and asked me Started to clean the hair of the pussy, he had just gone mad, his cock was tanned, only the cicadas were coming out of his mouth, my condition had also deteriorated, my body was on fire, my lust I was furious, I was getting mad now I was too eager to take cock, but brother-in-law was a big bastard, he said now I will clean the armpit hair too and I raised my hand above that clean my armpit hair started doing it, after that the game started, friends / started pressing my nipples, grabbed me from behind and opened my clothes, his fat cock was rubbing on my ass, sometimes he presses the nipple, sometimes he puts a finger in my navel Putting a finger in the pussy, I got upset, my pussy was wet, I turned back and grabbed his cock and sat down, I started sucking his cock, I felt like I was thirsty for the cock since birth, I was getting sucked, my brother-in-law I started to put his cock inside out in my mouth, and started abusing, was saying that you are a scoundrel, since when have I been wishing you have got a chance to fuck today, my sweetheart, today I will tear your pussy, today There is no brother, he has gone to Surat. After that my brother-in-law picked me up in the lap and brought me to the bedroom and separated my legs and started licking my pussy, only ah aah aah aah aaah was coming out of my mouth, after that he He put his cock on my pussy and in one to two strokes he gave a thick black cock in my pussy, after that what to tell friends, he put Kamasutra movie in the laptop, and he started fucking me in different poses, sometimes sitting Sometimes by standing, sometimes from behind, sometimes from the front, sometimes from behind was putting cock in the pussy, sometimes lifting one leg, sometimes lifting it in the lap of power in the wall, sometimes it was happening in the position of 69, it seemed That some yoga class is going on, I am very much satisfied, she was completely satisfied, till today I had kissed so well today, now I want my husband not to come home, I am kissing a lot and I am very happy with this life, a B he fucks in different ways every day by showing CD, I would say the same thing, my brother-in-law wears me in different ways.

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