Part 2

Friends, you must have read my previous story, but sorry I had left that story incomplete, today I am telling that story in front of you, if you have not read then please read the first part I have below He slid and took off the sari. Then also opened the petticoat, wearing a wonderful panty which was membranous, ohhhh my hair stood up, felt like an electric current inside, I put my nose on top of his panty and started enjoying the fragrance of his pussy, She was shaking, she was trying to grab my hair, I tried to take off her panty, she blushed, I said hey, what are you shying about, she will be able to get back to normal slowly. And I put my hand in her panty, she chirped. Ah ah ah ah ah my cock was tired, my breathing started moving fast, friends, what should I tell friends, my land was throbbing, my whole body was starting, for the first time it seemed that I am in heaven, Sulekha is also strange The voice was coming out of my mouth, before that I was only choking the slings, sister-in-law, she used to say only this, Hey Lele, what are you doing, haven’t you seen the bad? Hurry up, I was bored after hearing all this, but today intoxication was different. I was playing with every part of my body of reconciliation. I took off his panties. Then Sulekha put her hand on her pussy, she was not allowing him to see. I just tried to remove the eagerness in some way but she did not remove her hand. She fell on her stomach. But friends, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I became even more sensual, what was the shape, from back to toe, wide ass, round round bum, back thin on the wide waist, thighs tight, I lowered my tongue from top to bottom and started licking. His whole body was trembling. What to tell friends, now it was happening outside my tolerance and I reversed it, and took hold of both of his hands, and spread his legs by intertwining his legs, and he started kissing his lips slowly. separated and started rubbing his pussy around my cock. Oops, this is what I wanted. I put my cock on his pussy at the same time and pushed hard, friends, when my cock went into his pussy, I did not know, my fat eight inch cock went inside his pussy and I know Not just running, Sulekha was saying from above and louder and louder and louder, I was surprised. The new bride is saying more and louder and louder and louder. My mind got spoiled, I immediately took out my cock and saw his pussy with my finger, then when I opened both the lips of the pussy, there was a hole. I said sister, you are kissed. Your pussy’s door is open. For this my hand will be gone. Sister you spoiled my life. You are kissed. Tell sister who fucks you, when your friend was already there, why waste my life. Where is your friend? She said scared and trembling, Kunal……. My cousin… is one year older than mine. We both have sex relationship for four years. Friends, I felt that I should leave my sisterhood now. Then I thought that this sister-in-law has ruined my life, so why should I consider it my wife, why not consider it as a randi. I told you to call your friend. She said now, I said yes now or else I will leave you now. I said to call my brother-in-law from the back door. No one will see, he called Kunal scared and said, save me Kunal. I was ruined. In about 10 minutes, Kunal came from the back door and knocked on the door of the back room, I opened it, Kunal was full after drinking alcohol. He was not even able to stand, he was saying that I have married his goods. I am his enemy, and he said, giving a bottle of whiskey in his hand. Take it, today I have also drank a lot. And I said taking the bottle in his hand, don’t worry, your goods are still yours. And I drank the whole bottle in one go, he sat on the bed, Sulekha was crying. I said oh sister-in-law Kunal, take it as a honeymoon, consider Sulekha to be your wife, hugged Sulekha Kunal, said I love you Kunal, and Kunal started drinking her boobs, and slowly climbed on top of Sulekha and pressed her nipples. He started kissing her lips. After that, Kunal took off all the clothes and then put his cock in Sulekha’s pussy, and started banging loudly. I started making videos of both of them from my mobile phone. Both of them were chudwa and chud by lifting their ass a lot and I was happy in making the video and was also caressing my cock with one hand. He fell asleep after tearing his ass. Friends, now I consider my wife as a randi, not a wife, how did you like my story, please rate. And thank you all very much for reading my story on Non-Veg Story.

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