Divyang husband got his brother-in-law kissed in honeymoon, know my story

First Night Sex Story, Jija ji Chudai, Suhagrat Sex, Desi Sex, Sex Story : My name is Rakhi I am nineteen years old. Friends, if you are beautiful then you can get good boyfriend. People will always be ready to take you on a bluff. Will want to fuck you. But the matter of marriage will be like, you will get it according to your status, if I am poor then I will go to the house of the poor. And if the family is not right and remains scattered, then your life will also be scattered. Today I am going to tell my story on nonveg story.com. How my family members got me married with a Divyang. My father had already passed away. Me and my two younger sisters at home. There was always a need for rotis because mother made us grow up somehow by running a small shop. Now after growing up, she started thinking about marriage. Then there is no cost for marriage, we have no status, no one is going to help. I had become sad from life, only day and night, I discussed this when I would get married. An expert told my mother about a boy that the house is very nice. There is no shortage of anything, there is a lot of money. Cars have their own business, respectable people. But the boy is handicapped and is a victim of polio. Mom liked everything. She thought that I would never have any problem. But my sister and some of my friends started saying that the boy is everything. What will you do with the wealth? But there was no way for me. I also felt that I have two younger sisters than me, if I stay strong then I will be able to help these people too and I will be able to support the mother who becomes lonely. And if you get married just after seeing the boy, then he himself will be engaged in bragging, nothing will keep talking about becoming big. I do not even want a boy who is poor or struggling. I have given my mother yes for marriage. And then I got married on 2nd January 2020. Friends, the marriage took place with a lot of pomp, I got all that I could not even imagine in my dreams. Twenty tola gold expensive saris. All those things that were always far away from my reach. I was very happy my mother and my sisters too. My in-laws also gave a lot of money to my mother for marriage because they knew they were lacking. He wanted to do his marriage well, so there was no shortage, so he spent openly on both sides. My doli came to her in-laws’ house. The whole house was full of guests. I got a lot of rings, money, jewelry, my face was visible. It was evening, my two sisters-in-law prepared the rooms for the honeymoon. And decorated me and took me to the room. I sat on my bed on rose petals, waiting for my drink. He came around ten o’clock. He was intoxicated. As soon as he came in, his sister-in-law closed the door of the room, he sat down. He took my hand in his hand. And came closer and kissed my forehead. I was sitting with my eyes down, he removed my veil, he opened the pin of the sari and I was sitting, the nipples were visible from the top of the blouse, he was looking at the same suddenly his hand fell on my blouse And with a light he began to caress my nipples. Slowly I lay down, she started asking me for a kiss. I lightly gave a kiss on his cheek. He kept his crutches aside because he walks only with the help of crutches. He opened my blouse and opened the hook of the bra. Two big nipples came out on my mangled body. He was surprised to see that he started praising me, how beautiful you are. He started kissing my lips. He started filling me in his arms. I also took him in my arms and started kissing, he opened the nada of the petticoat and also took off my panty. Sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes up and down. Sometimes pressing the nipples, sometimes taking it in the mouth, sometimes licking the pussy, sometimes licking the pussy. I kept doing this for about an hour, then I had erupted three times without kissing. What do I say? I also hinted that now let’s start but he did not start and lay down next to me. When I said what happened, he said that it just happened. I said nothing has happened yet and you are saying it is done. So he started saying I can’t do you anything more than this. Just like my feet are dry, so my cock was dry too. My cock can’t stand. Excuse me But I will give you a good life. And I will give you such a life in which there will be no restriction, you can live according to your own accord, even if you want, you can have sex relations with anyone. But I can understand your feeling, even if you want, you can live your life even today. My brother-in-law will help you. I have already talked to him. Friends, I was a little surprised to hear this from their mouth, but there was no problem, I had no other option than this. My whole life was looking after the honeymoon and today if I go out like this, I will keep thinking for the rest of my life. Nothing happened that day. Such is his personality that anyone will accept him as a husband. To be honest, I was thinking that especially I would have found such a boy. But I didn’t even have access here, so I couldn’t even imagine. But today I felt as if I was married to him. Now I was happy, let’s husband is not capable but brother-in-law is capable of them and when my husband was speaking, then what to think in such a situation. can be accessed from my room through the middle door in the next room. Then my husband sent him a message on WhatsApp, he came inside from the middle room. And husband Dev went to that room and he closed the door. Now me and brother-in-law who is called Kumar ji everyone. Kumar ji sat down on the bed and I was already sitting the same clothes were busy because they had opened earlier. But somehow she was wearing it. He came and said if you say then then only you will make a relationship with you. And I say live life and enjoy yourself too. There is so much wealth but there is not one thing, I will give it to you. I said now there is no option. I can’t go back to my house for a while. Do what you think is right. She touches my lips with her finger and says be happy and keep your husband happy. They want your love, not the body. Then I cried and hugged her, she kept caressing me and as I fell silent, she kissed my lips and closed my eyes. He kept on kissing and opening my clothes. I lay down, he took off all his clothes. He took off all his clothes and took me in his arms. My vermilion had spread my kajal. He was playing with my body. I was also trembling at the touch of his fingers. I was pressing my lips. My pussy was wet. I wanted to kiss because it was hot twice in one night. I was thirsty at first, but this time I should have gone hard. I grabbed his cock and rubbed it in my pussy. Said they have already left by teasing. Now you put out my fire, the fire they have set in my body. And I was sobbing and my fingers were being sobbed. She was getting mad when she herself used to press her nipples and sometimes she would finger in her pussy. Friends, now he put his lauda on my pussy and held me tightly and entered hard. I was waiting for this time, I should stay in a red sari for years, my husband should wear vermilion and kajal scattered on me. But not the husband but someone else was fucking. Friends, now I started pushing from below. I began to caress his chest. He started sucking on my lips. Started putting cocks in the pussy. I tied them with my feet, they were tied to my feet in the middle and were pushing hard. I was having my hiccups. Was getting fucked was taking organs. All the parts of my body were opened, the fire of lust had flared up. The mouth was kept open, the throat was happy, the lips had become red. Eyes were closing, the whole body was tingling. I was holding my ass and kissing it. For about an hour, both of us were also intoxicated with sex and suddenly there was a storm in my body and I caught them, they also started coming and coming and both of them at once Calm down My pussy was full of semen. Both had calmed down. Couldn’t even move now. We both slept separately with our eyes closed. After about half an hour, both of them got up wearing their clothes, they then went to another room, I started waiting for my husband. Friends, this is my true story. I am also going to write another story on non-veg story.com, you must read it.

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