Mouth said brother, fuck me all night in the train

Hindi Train Sex Story I am forty years old, my name is Rambha, I do not have a husband, he has become a martyr. I live in Bardhaman, and my mother and my brother live in Delhi, I live in Asansol with one of my sons and one daughter, today I am going to tell you the true story of one of my chudai, this is my true story. Yes, today I will tell you how a friend, brother, I was fucked in the train all night. Sunil, who is my mother’s neighbor, is very much better than my mother, both of them have a good acquaintance, Sunil calls my mother an aunt and my Mother believes like a son, that is, the relationship is more than herself even though it is not her own, my mother was calling me to her for a long time, that Rambha come for a few days, your mind will also be relaxed. But I was not able to make a plan, I was also wanting to go. But suddenly my mother’s call came that Rambha, Sunil has gone to Kolkata, he is coming back the day before, so you also come along. I also thought that it is fine, and I have also agreed. A day before the call was received, Sunil’s sister, you should be ready, come to the station around 10:30, I have also got your ticket made, so b Arriving in 1 second in AC, I reached on time. He met me at the gate, he was standing, I was happy, and as soon as the train stopped, he saluted me, and I also boarded the train. The side was up and the lower berth, we both sat on the lower berth, at around 9 o’clock in the night, both of us had dinner and then started talking, being on the same bed, both of us were feet close to each other. sat down, but Sunil was caressing my thigh with his leg, at first it didn’t feel right, then slowly I started feeling better, now I lowered my ankle, both my chicks were coming out of the blouse because of the blouse Throat was bigger than that, my nipple is bigger and rounder and very sexy, like a 22 year old girl, I am 38 years old, you are reading this story on nonveg, after that game It started! Sunil said Didi you are very hot, no one can say that you are thirty eight years old. Your body is so fit as if there is a girl, and she is also molested, I said yes, I maintain it, because I am the tree on which no one is throwing stones, and I started laughing, she asked what is this stone pelting The phrase is Didi, so I said that my body has been untouched for 10 years, since my husband……. Since then no one has touched till today, now he started licking his tongue and staring at my cheeks, I understood that today my thirst of ten years is going to be quenched, I gave a sexy smile, and come closer to him Gone and she also grabbed me with a shivering hand and put her lips on my lips, then what was the fire in my body and body, I also died and handed myself over, then what was it that I felt like mashing my chicks , the train was running at its own speed, people were sleeping with blankets and curtains, and both of us were quenching each other’s thirst, first he sucked me a lot, then I took off my blouse and then bra too , I lay on the berth, he climbed up, first he drank a lot of my nipples, licked the lips, fingered the pussy, fingered the ass, fingered my navel, then put his lauda in my mouth, I too Sucked with pleasure, and then both touched and licked each other’s private part a lot, then Sunil spread my legs, put his mouth in my pussy and started licking my pussy. I had left the water two or three times, and he was licking the water of my pussy, then he put his fat cock on my pussy and pelted it hard, I died, took out such a sound and then he started moving back and forth. I was doing hi hi hi hi hi, he was drinking loudly, sometimes drinking the teat, sometimes pressing, sometimes sucking the lips and pushing the cock hard, he fucks me for about three minutes, then both of us Fell, he was lying on me for a while, then he made me sleep in his lap and caressed the chicks, after about an hour he again started fucking me, after ten years I was kissing, it seemed that I am kissing for the first time, he kept on fucking all night, my train reached Delhi at eight in the morning, I was not able to walk, my pussy was very swollen, but it made me happy, then what was it, even in Delhi I have kissed him twice, if I ever run away with him, I have become addicted to his cock, now I feel that there is no life without sex, friends, I hope you will like my story, I I will soon take my second story on non-veg story dot, till then a lot of love

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