Do you know when women get excited for sex?

In today’s time, women are also not less than men in anything. Nor do they have any problem in putting forth their point of view openly. But still there are some things that women do not want to share with anyone. Then even if he is their partner, and that thing is sex. Even today women do not talk about what they want from their partner while having sex, or at what time they feel like having sex. And even when she is having sex with her partner, she does not express her desire. In such a situation, men are also seen that they do not know when their partner wants to have a relationship with them and when not. And for this reason, many times people are not able to enjoy their sex life to the fullest. For a woman, sex is not only a physical relationship, but at this time she feels her partner closest to her. And it helps them to get emotionally closer to their partner. So in such a situation, the male partner should also try to know the mind of his partner, so that he can find out what his female partner wants. If you do not know the mind of your partner, then due to this somewhere women are not able to enjoy sex life so much. In such a situation, you must know that when a woman gets excited for sex, and what she desires from you during sex. So that both can enjoy sex together to the fullest. When do women get excited for sex:- Not only men but women also love to enjoy sex life. But many times she is not able to express her desire towards sex. So, today we are going to tell you about when women have the most feelings about sex, and when women are most excited to have sex, which will help you to improve your sex life. During and after periods: Menstruation is a time when most women abstain from sex. But during this time, due to the hormonal changes happening in the body of the woman, the mind of the woman is very excited to have sex. Many women make relationships even during this time, but some women do not. In such a situation, after the end of periods, for five to seven days, the woman’s mind remains very eager for sex. Along with this, the fertility of women is also high in these days and this time is also good for the pregnancy of a woman. And many times she also gives signals to her partner, such as coming close to him, molesting etc. After drinking:- If a woman consumes alcohol, then after drinking she remains excited for sex, in this case your partner should understand this because if the woman is interested in sex then the pleasure of sex is doubled. goes. And both of you get a lot of fun of sex and it helps to reach the peak, which also improves your sex life. After watching porn movies: – Women feel like having sex after watching porn movies. , Because at this time the hormone changes in the woman’s body begin, she is inclined to have sex exactly as she is looking. She also wants to have sex in the same way, if you also show porn to your partner, then their mind is ready to have sex. Tampers with the organs due to which they get excited. Like kissing on the lips of a woman, kissing behind the ears, kissing below the knees, molesting on the stomach, shoulders, etc. These are such parts of a woman that if tampered with, even if the woman does not feel like having sex, the woman gets ready to have sex. Which helps both of you to enjoy your sex life. Women make these gestures to understand that they are interested in sex:- Many times women do not tell you verbally but they do some such gestures that make you understand. It is necessary that your partner is feeling like having sex. Do you want to know what those gestures are? If your partner is lying with you and she is trying to take you in her arms again and again, it means that she wants to have sex. Even if the woman folds her paws by placing her feet on your feet, she still wants to have sex. If a woman comes close to you by touching your head with your hand on your chest, then this is also a gesture from her. If your partner starts breathing fast after coming near you, it also means that she is getting eager to have sex. If your partner tries to coordinate with you, then it also means inviting you for sex. If your partner comes close to you and kisses you lovingly, then you should understand that today she has fallen in love with you again. So after reading this article, men should understand that when their female partner wants to have sex with them. And she is getting eager for sex. Because if both man and woman understand each other’s desires while having sex. So doing this helps them to get closer to each other and also doubles the fun of their sex life. But this happens only when both you and your partner fulfill each other’s desires while having sex.

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