My husband can’t fuck, I came to know when neighbor fucked me

My name is Honey, yes I am really like Honey, I am sweet, I am not saying that I am very sweet, this name was given to me by my neighbor’s brother yesterday, last night was very It was a beautiful night, I fucked a lot, for the first time I felt that it was a lot of fun to fuck, since so many days I was just wasting my time with my husband, someone told the truth until my friend Do not take anything to the bottom, the information about it remains incomplete, but yesterday my interest in sex has increased even more, but now I will try to calm the fire of my burning lust whenever my husband goes out. I am 24 years old, I live in Gorakhpur, I have studied from Kanpur, I am married to Kaushal, who is studying with me, I have done love marriage. The family members were not ready, that’s why we both came to Delhi to start a new life, husband Dev got a job and we both started living happily, life was going very well, I used to like fucking very much, I used to fuck my husband everyday, my husband used to fuck me after watching B grade movie in laptop, then he started fucking after watching English movie, I realized that all men’s penis is bigger than my husband’s penis . But she was afraid to say that her husband might feel bad. Whenever my husband used to fuck me, whenever I was at the peak, then my husband used to say drop me, now I am about to drop, and I want to get satisfaction. Already he used to lie on top of me exhausted, I could not get satisfied and used to sleep by keeping the pillow under the thigh, because whenever he used to fuck me, he did not talk anything after that, he just slept unconsciously. used to go. I used to get very angry, I thought that my husband has a problem that this is what happens. A very handsome man used to live in front of me, his name was Jatin, he was very smart, Jatin was married, his wife was pregnant, so he She had gone to her maternal home, she was alone, one day my husband had gone out of Delhi, and at night around 9 o’clock I got a call that mail me a document, it is very urgent, I searched here and there but any cyber cafe nearby I was roaming here and there and his phone was ringing again and again, after that he started getting angry and said, Sister, today you have been asked to do a task, you are not able to do it, sister-in-law. So you ruined my life, I am repenting after marrying you, before marriage you used to say, I am this, I am that, I fell in your trap and I myself hit my foot with an axe.And that phone Cut it off, I started crying, then Jatin saw me upset and asked what happened bhabhi, aapke husband nahi hai ghar pe kya, so I said no, he has gone out, he asked me to mail this document but I have no Sai Bar cafe was not found because of this he is angry, so Jatin said come, I will do it, I have everything here, I went to his house with Jatin, then I mailed him. I was very sad, Jatin was consoling me, but I broke down and started crying, thinking for whom I had left everything at home to my parents, but today he humiliated me, this was just coming in my mind, And Kapas Kapas started crying, Jatin came in front of me and he started to shut me up, and I didn’t know when I started crying hugging him, I came to know when Jatin’s hand was feeling my big on the back, my boobs his sign I felt that Jatin’s cock was erect and touching my thigh, I thought for a minute, why not take advantage of this today, today I can judge my husband That he really is not able to give me the pleasure of the body, either I am a bit more sensual. He fell on the bed with arms folded, he Ray climbed up, and started rubbing my tits, he took off my pant and my t-shirt too, I was in bra and panty, then he got up and came out to check and I closed the door, somewhere No, as soon as he came, he took off my panty and separated my legs and started inserting his finger in my pussy, he was saying, what are you, sister-in-law, I said, today you are not sister-in-law, but say honey, then he said honey, your pussy. How sweet it is to be and he used to put his finger in the pussy and then used to lick the finger, it seemed like he was licking the juice of Rasgulla..then he started licking my pussy with his tongue, he came in the position of sixty nine. Went and I started sucking his cock in my mouth and he was licking my pussy with his tongue, both of them were licking each other together, this process lasted for about 30 minutes, in which I fell twice, But his cock was getting even thicker, about 9 inches long, his cock was going till my throat. You are reading this story on, Jatin was also licking my pussy and putting his finger in my ass, my wide ass was also in motion, to make him spit, then what was that, he was completely naked, Jatin’s cock was standing like a cobra and was saluting. I was surprised my husband’s cock was half of it. He made me lie down put the leg on his shoulder and put the cock in the middle of the pussy and looked into my eyes and smiled and gave one push. 6 inches and in the last he put the whole cock in my pussy, I was feeling pain and had a new feeling, for the first time the cock went so far that I was getting satisfaction, my body was shivering, even more body The nipple was also erect, Rome Rome was standing and his strong body was rubbing on my body, the sound of Fach Fach was coming from the pussy and in every stroke, my mouth was nothing but Aaah Aaah Uffff Uffff Uffff It was not coming out, tell me my dear friends, what was the feeling, I was very fucked and satisfied, after that I realized that my husband is not fucking me properly, I have a friend, that too non-veg Story Dot Had posted a story on com because even her husband could not fuck, many people’s offer came from this website, and till date she has been fucked by 8 people, which is non-veg’s re Gular is a visitor, she first decides which hotel to meet and then she goes to fuck during the day, many people come to Delhi just to fuck my friend, she fucks for fun, someone fucks her It is not a business, she is very rich and beautiful, she does not want money, only love, if I also find a good person who can keep everything private, then I am also ready to fuck in a hotel, but everything Please keep secret, it is a question of my life. love you dear,

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