Drink Tau’s girl’s pink lips and tossed her thin waist and took her ass

Hello friends, I am Ansh welcome all of you to Non Veg Story. I am a big fan of non veg stories and not a day goes by when I don’t read sexy stories here. Friends, I have decided to tell my story to you guys today. I live in a joint family. My uncle and uncle also live with me. Tau ji’s girl Mahima is very beautiful and sexy. This is from last year. Mahima used to study with me in Baba Ambedkar College. Along with me, Tau ji had to write his name. Mahima used to be my sister in the relationship but it was my wealth. I believed that why should some boy from outside buy the goods of my house. I should get the goods of my house to eat. Mahima and I were of the same age. We were both 21 years old now. I had beaten him before anyone could beat him. Secretly in the house, I used to suppress her milk and used to drink her soft soft lips. Mahima’s milks were quite big and beautiful. His figure was 34 27 32. All right, it was glory. But friends, my cock was fluttering in my underwear for the last several weeks. My long 9 inch cock wanted to hit Mahima’s pussy tightly. But friends, I was not able to get time here for a few days. Because Mahima’s father and mother who seem to be my tau and tai always lived in the house, so there was no time to hit Mahima. One day Tau ji went out for a while. Maybe went to the bank. Taiji was also taken with him. I immediately entered his house. As soon as I entered, I held Mahima tightly in my arms. The smell of his body was going into my nose. A 21 year old young girl was standing in front of me. “Oh Ansh!! I love you !! How much did you miss?? Mahima spoke and started kissing me like Laila here and there. “Jaan !! How are you?? I love you too much!!” I said. We both started kissing each other like crazy as soon as Tau and Tai left. I began to caress the back of a young girl like Mahima with both hands. She also started stroking my back. We started kissing and licking each other like Laila Majnu. After some time I started drinking the soft pink lips of my uncle’s girl Mahiya. My hands went to his boobs. There were neither too many big milks nor too many small ones. I grabbed his shoulder and started pressing his milk. Mahima was wearing a cream colored salwar suit. As soon as I removed the dupatta, I saw the milk of its tight and compact size, then the cock became tan in the sky. Uffffff!! What round chest did my sister have? I took out Mahima’s dupatta and put it aside and started pressing her milk. He closed his eyes. I started to enjoy the pleasure of heaven. I started touching her milk on top of her salwar suit. Mahima’s breath was drawn and she got tensed. He too had a lot of fun. I kept touching and touching his cool body for a long time while standing. She kept enjoying. “Brother!! It’s a big day, I haven’t kissed. Is there any chance today??? Month said. I started laughing. “Sister!! I am too crazy to take your pussy. What do you know about my heart? I also have a lot of desire to fuck you.” I said with glory and told the condition of my heart. Why don’t you fuck me today???’ Mahima said with great innocence. But tell me where Tau ji and Tai ji have been told and when will they come?? Holding my sister Mahima’s hand, I said. “Papa Mummy has gone to open a joint account. If there is more crowd in the bank then oh people will take 2 and a half hours to come easily !! Mahima said. Friends, this time was enough to kill her pussy. I closed the door from inside. Mahima took me to her room. She went to bed and lay down. I lay down on my side. I took him again in my arms and we both started drinking on each other’s lips. Friends, she was so hot that she took off her suit without saying anything and then she opened her bra by holding back both of her growing hands. oh god!! My sister had such beautiful boobs. I started caressing his milk like a crazy person. I was lucky to get smooth milk. As I started pressing Mahima’s milk, it started filling with hot sighs. ah come oh oh oh aaah started to do. I started feeling more excited. I started pressing his milk harder. Is it like a rubber ball with milk? Then I started drinking Mahima’s milk with pleasure. His breasts were as big as the chest of a cow. Very beautiful and very tasty. I started drinking Mahima’s milk filling my mouth. She had dark black circles on the top of her nipples which seemed very sexy to me. I was licking those dark dark circles with my tongue. Here Mahima became very hot. When he opened his salwar, I could not even see. Mahima started caressing her pussy from the top of her panty. And started rubbing and rubbing hard. I could not even see all this. I was BC in his cool boobs. “Sister!! When you took your pussy last time, your boobs were very big, but today the size seems a little less???’ I asked “…… yes brother!! You haven’t even pressed my milk since so many months. That’s why my breasts have shrunk a bit!!” Mahima said. “…… no problem sister. Today I will also fuck you and I will also press my cool milk!” I said. After that, friend, I started pressing the milk of my uncle’s young and cock-thirsty girl with great fun. As hard as I press her boobs, Mahima would quickly caress her fingers on her pussy. After some time, her panties had become wet from the fragrant water inside her pussy. But I was BC in drinking the milk of glory. Guys, then I took off my clothes and took off my underwear too. My cock, which was 9 inches earlier, had grown more and became 10 inches. I wanted to fuck Mahima but not in a hurry. In a very loving and romantic way. That’s why friends, today I was not in a mood to make any haste. I used to drink Mahima’s milk for a long time. Played with her tight nipples. Then I put my erect and hard cock on Mahima’s boobs and started pouring the cock in the milk. Mahima was getting a lot of fun from this. “Do brother!! Fuck my chutchi more with your long cock !! Mahima said. I started pouring my cock in Mahima’s milk louder and louder. He started piercing her breasts. I was enjoying it a lot too. Then I put my cock in the very white cleavage of glory and with both hands, holding both of her bouncing milk towards the middle, hold tightly. My 10-inch thick cucumber-like cock was caught between its soft soft milk and was chugging. Then I grabbed both of her boobs and started fucking Mahima. Uffffff!! I can’t tell you guys, how much fun I had. I was having breast sex with my uncle’s girl at this time. I started banging Mahima’s boobs loudly. He was also enjoying a lot. Slowly I increased my speed. And Huch Huch Huch began to bang his sister’s boobs loudly. I was sitting on Mahima’s stomach at this time. My weight was suppressing her slim sexy stomach, but she was also enjoying it to the fullest. I kissed Mahima’s boobs for a long time. then that same slut[ रंडी] Like he started sticking out his tongue. Friends, Mahima was pointing her tongue towards my cock. It didn’t take me long to understand that she wants to suck my cock. “Le Choos Le Chhinal!!!” I abused him and put a cock in his mouth. The month started sucking like a thirsty person taking my cock in the mouth. I started playing with his bare heady and sexy body. My hands began to touch and caress his thin flat stomach. My fingers started going into his deep-pitched navel and started playing with him. Then my hands went on his smooth thighs and started caressing him. Mahima’s eyes were closed. She seemed 100% slut to me. Because friends, the way she was sucking my cock tightly, she can do any slut. I was very pleased with his work. She was playing and sucking with my lad. Ji was doing it so hard that I should put the cock in his mouth so that it could pass through his skull. I slap some on his face in chudas. His mouth and cheeks turned red. Glory again grabbed my cock with his straight hand and began to beat it up and down. His delicate little hands looked so adorable on my big cucumber-like cock. She was looking like a child to me at this time. I fell in love with him more. I forcefully pulled my hand back from his hand. Because I wanted to drink on his lips. I lay completely straight on my uncle’s daughter and put my tongue in Mahima’s mouth. He also put his saliva-soaked tongue in my mouth. We both started drinking each other’s tongue. I don’t know what it is called in English, but drinking and sucking each other’s tongue like this was very sexy. We both started feeling very hot from it. I knew right now Mahima wants my fat cock and suck. So I licked his lips and put my cock in Mahima’s mouth again and grabbed his head and started licking his mouth. Mahima started getting her mouth licked like a professional whore. She couldn’t even breathe. His mouth was bloated, like how many laddoos have been put in my mouth with my cock. I really enjoyed seeing his condition, friends. His face was completely wet with the water of my cock. Then I opened both the legs of the month. He was still wearing his panties. But after doing new scandals for so long, his panty was completely drenched with the goods of his pussy. I took off his panties and started licking like a dog. Then I put the wet panty of glory in his mouth, so that his voice does not come out while kissing. I leaned on Mahima’s beautiful red bosom and began to drink her bosom with my tongue. Her pussy was flowing. Her pussy was in bad shape. I kept drinking the pussy of my uncle’s girl Mahima for some time, then I started working. Friends, I put my long 10 inch cucumber-like cock in Mahima’s bosom. She got upset. I started kissing Mahima. Friends, because of the loving actions we were doing for so long, his burr had already become quite smooth. That’s why I didn’t have to work hard. My Lauda was sliding comfortably into the hole of glory. Everything was happening on its own. It seemed as if some ground-oil pump was quickly going inside and extracting oil. I had to work very hard. Everything was happening on its own. “Brother!! And fuck harder!!” Mahima said. So I took hold of both her shoulders and started taking her vigorously. Now my cock very quickly oil started coming out of his pussy. Mahima’s milk began to sway upwards in the air. In this way, she was looking very sexy, very big chip. I got very excited seeing him. I started banging so hard that the whole bed started making a chuckle. The whole house of glory reverberated with the melodious sounds of Chat Chat Pat Pat. These were the sweet voices of his kiss. It was the sweet sound of her brother’s cock going into the juicy pussy of glory. I didn’t stop for a moment and kept banging loudly. After sometime I left my nectar in his burrow. We both wrapped up like Romeo and Juliet. It took a lot of strength to churn and pluck the goods. That’s why I was half. My uncle’s chudasi girl Mahima had hugged me and was kissing my chest with her lips. It was all very romantic. After some time we both had a season again. I wanted to take his ass. I put some pillow under Mahima’s ass. This brought his ass up. I started touching my ass. Mahima refused. “Brother!! Kill the pussy as much as you want. But please don’t kick ass!!” Mahima refused and started freeing my hand. “Hut!! Hut!! Sisterfucker !! The fun of kicking ass is not there anywhere else!! I said and pulled Mahima’s hand away. I started fingering his ass. He was in pain. She was not crying. After sometime I gave my lauda in his ass. She sobbed. I started kicking the ass of my uncle’s girl. Uffff!! What kind of ass was flowing? I was having a lot of fun. For 40 minutes I kept taking his ass comfortably, then fell in it. You are reading this story only and only on non veg story.com.

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