In front of me, a boy half his age kisses

Friends, I am suffering from paralysis, I cannot speak, my lower back has become numb, I have only hands that I can move, today I have completed this story in 5 days, today I am listening to my wife. I am going to tell about this story is true, I want to lighten my heart by telling you this whole story today, friends, there is a stir in my heart, I want to calm it down, I did not know that my My wife will kiss me in front of me, friends, I can’t even do anything, I keep watching from the cot lying in front, I am 40 years old now, my wife is also 38 years old, I have no children, my wife I was to blame, but I loved my wife so much that I could not leave her and marry another, I had given her a promise that I would never see anyone else in your life, I used to think my wife was one in a million . Suddenly last year I was paralyzed and I became crippled, the situation has become such that I cannot even get up from the cot, my wife’s body and structure has become such that she looks young every day, she needed cocks everyday , she could not live even a day without sex, but since I became ill, she started yearning for cocks. Because I have heard him ah ah ah many times in the night and have seen the pussy licking loudly. She used to rub her nipples too. But I could not do anything even after seeing all that unfortunate. I was just lying there looking at me. Vicky lives in the house opposite my house. He is my elder brother’s son, studying in college. I loved Vicky very much. Because I did not have my own child, whenever I used to give it to him in the festival. Ever since I got sick, he used to do all the work of my house, do some market work etc. Slowly my wife Pooja got attracted towards him, she used to talk to Vicky with a lot of laughter when Vicky would come. Would be happy One day I saw that my wife was taking a bath in the bathroom. Then Vicky came, he called Vicky and bid to rub her back by applying soap. I thought it was about aunt and nephew. But what I saw was that after applying soap in the back, he was applying soap in Pooja’s boobs and was rubbing it. I was surprised how someone would allow a 19 year old boy to put soap in his boobs, after that he caught hold of him completely from behind, and then closed the bathroom door, I was left speechless, I was crying Was, because I swore for it that I would never leave, but today she is having sex with a boy half her age. After about twenty minutes the door opened, she came smiling, she had just tied the petticoat over the teats, the entire petticoat was wet, her nipples and nipples were clearly visible, then she went inside the room and Vicky also followed her. Gone, then the sound of ah ah ah was coming from inside and also the sound of the bed moving, after about half an hour everything became quiet, and then both of them did not leave the room, after about three hours both of them came out, both of them Had slept. After that, what should I tell friends, Vicky started spending more time here, now he started pressing the boobs in front of me too. Days passed, both of them got shaken like a new wedding couple, they both used to walk together, take bath, go to the kitchen. I could not do anything, I lay like a dead man. That power in me started running out, which I hated or got angry, I just kept watching and cursing my life, one day my current wife did a drama, she came after talking to my brother and asked me to rate. It seems, Vicky’s uncle is lying like this. It would have been great if you had sent Vicky to sleep at my place at night, how can anyone refuse in such a situation. He said yes to Vicky to sleep here. At night my wife was very well-dressed, fed me abusing me, and then both she and Vicky ate to say together, and then both on the same bed in front of me Fell asleep, I was in the hall room, there was another big yes bed in the hall room, slept on it, first took off all the clothes of my wife Vicky. And then again took his cock in his mouth and started sucking. After sucking for a while, she took off her saree and became naked. Vicky said that uncle is looking here. So she said, she is dead. Seeing it or not seeing it, nothing is going to happen. you have fun Now everyday. No one can stop you from sleeping and fucking with me, not even my husband, and then both of them got involved in each other. Sona Dhan, was speaking all this and was doing ah ah ah ah. Sometimes she would go down, sometimes Vicky would go down, sometimes she herself would rub her nipples, sometimes Vicky would massage, friends, both of them now fuck in front of me every night and I keep watching silently. Now I ask God that I wish my death would come. The wife whom I wanted more than my life, is celebrating rallies in front of me today. That too in front of me, if you want to kiss so much respect, then get it done inside the room. My heart has become water, friends. Now I can’t write more than this.

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