During Dussehra (Durga Puja) maternal uncle got fucked in front of mother in train

Train Sex, Lucknow Sex Story, Patna Sex Story, Train Sex Story, Hindi Sex Kahani, Sex Story, Mama Bhanji Sex, Mama Bhanji aur Bahan Sex, Sex Story in Hindi Thirsty unbridled girl of 18 years eager to fuck but did not get such a chance to calm the heat of her pussy, but I am happy that I fucked my relative and that too from maternal uncle in front of my mother in the train . Today I am going to tell you the whole story of how my pussy got hot in the train. I was going to Patna. Tickets were not available in the train. We live in Delhi. Me, mother and maternal uncle were in the train in such a three tier. Mama and Mama Mama ji had tickets but I didn’t because I was not going to go and immediately the plan was made. Took a waiting ticket and will leave after adjusting to Sochi. There was a side seat and one was lower so mother went to the lower and I and maternal uncle sat on both side sites with both legs spread. Dinner came and after eating all three food, mother slept because she was not feeling well, so I was not bothering her and maternal uncle and niece were going to adjust on the same seat. But slowly their legs started touching my thigh. , At first it seemed a little different, then I became normal and lay down, now her toe started touching near my pussy, I also started enjoying by moving and she again by pushing. Both were having fun. The train was galloping, now both of them were sleeping under the blanket, he was sitting, the curtain was on, I had put a pin on the side so that no one could see. Now the matter went further, he started caressing my feet. I also became loose and lay down comfortably, now she started feeling comfortably between my two legs by putting her feet in my pussy, the thing was getting out of my tolerance, my nipples were shaking. Started pressing I thought whatever happens will be seen and I offered it to him. Take it easy.Take it easy, as soon as he heard it, he lay down with me and started kissing my lips and pressing my nipples. I turned my ass towards him and fell asleep. He pulled down my pant and also pulled down my panty. And also took out his cock and started teasing my young man’s wide ass. I was rubbing, he too got excited. He put spit in the dick and started putting it in my pussy from behind. But it was not going right, I took off my pant and let the panties remain in the same leg. Now I was completely naked from below. She kept lying like that and put a pair on top of them, now my pussy was ready to insert cocks comfortably. Mama ji’s thick cock was throbbing, he put his cock in the middle of my pussy and started pushing. I was having pain too, but he was enjoying the pain as well, even before that I had fucked once or twice, so the seal was broken. Now Mama ji’s whole cock was in my pussy, the train was galloping, maybe Lucknow was crossing and I was fucking loudly, he was pecking his cock and I was enjoying by ah ah ah. Friends. He was pressing my nipples tightly and then sucking my neck, cheeks and lips. I was scared that my body might get a tooth mark. Round ass and bulging butts were making the sound of zhap zhap as soon as the fuck was done at a fast pace, there was a sound of arc and the sound of ah ah came out of my mouth. Friends, only then my mother woke up, perhaps she had heard my sighs. I thought she understood, I told Mama ji that mother has woken up, so she said no problem, we brother and sister had a plan to have sex today, but you came in the train and this is happening. So I Mama ji Asked whether you and mother both have sex. So he said yes, we both have been cooling each other’s body for almost ten years when the body gets hot. And we both started laughing. Friends, don’t know now when will be the fuck again. I am writing this story on non-veg story.com after coming home. Then how is the relationship of both of us, I will tell later, but yes, I had a very hot sex in the train and it is memorable.

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