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papa ji sex story, virgin sex story, sex stories in hindi, lucknow sex story, ghaziabad sex story, delhi ki chudai story friends my name is gunnu. Today I am going to tell you my sex story on You will love this hot story of my fuck. How papa ji did my first fuck and drank my pussy juice, I also enjoyed all night long. I am sharing all those experiences in front of you. I am eighteen years old. I live in Ghaziabad which is near Delhi. I have two sisters and my mother in my house. Sister is married in Lucknow. She lives in her in-laws house only. My mother is a teacher, she teaches in a school. You would know that the elections that have just happened in Delhi were also on duty, so she had gone out for two days for the elections. I was alone at home. My sister’s father-in-law, whom I also call papaji. He had come to Delhi for some work. So he stayed at my place in the night. At night, I changed my clothes and went to sleep, then Gunnu’s son sat near me and started talking. I also sat with him. He started telling the story of his youth on his own bed. Then slowly he started telling what he did in his youth. Then came to sex, with how many had he had sex in his youth before marriage, he started telling. Then he started telling why we should have sex before marriage and what are its benefits. Slowly he started looking at me with argumentative eyes and started running his hand on my thigh. I said father what are you doing? So he said why are you not feeling well. So I said no, it looks good. I said something in front of this that he said have fun, such a chance will never come, you are also alone, today I will tell you how I fuck you and how you will please your husband when you get married. Engaged. When he removed the quilt, I saw his dick was standing in the tent, I was shocked to see the fat dick of the old man. Friends, he grabbed my hair and pulled me towards him and took my lips to his lips and started sucking. When my pink lips fell on his lips, he got agitated. He immediately opened his pajama’s nada and put down the beer inside. Friends, his son had started saluting. He immediately grabbed my hair and took it near his cock and holding the cock with his hand gave it in my mouth and started pushing slowly from below. My pussy started getting wet. Now he took off my t-shirt, the camisole he was wearing, he also took off and started pressing my tits. I was licking his dick, he was taking sobs. Friends, you are reading this story on After that he again brought me closer and started drinking my boobs, I also started feeding my boobs on hold. He slammed me and climbed up and started rubbing his dick on my boobs. Then took off my pants, took off my panty too. He went between my legs, first he put his finger in my pussy, when his finger got water from his pussy, he started licking my finger. It seemed that he was getting a lot of taste. I asked father how is he feeling, he said salty. Then he started licking his tongue. I started licking her pussy by holding her hair. I started enjoying my sobs started coming out. Now he took out his dick and put it on my pussy but it was hurting a lot. He then spit on his cock and started inserting his dick in my thin little pussy. After trying three or four times, he buried his entire dick in the pussy. I was moaning in pain. I was fucking I was enjoying the pain. I started having a lot of fun. Friends, they fucked all night. I broke my seal for the first time. Lots of fun My first fuck was fun. I am going to write you another story soon on this website. You visit non-veg daily.

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