Evening turned colorful by having sex with friend’s brother Vikram

I Janhvi welcome all of you very much to non veg story.com. This is my first story on non veg. Hope you all like this story. Few days back my best friend Sushma got married. In which I had to stay with him forever and make preparations for the wedding. So I went to Sushma’s house 15 days before. Doing her make-up everyday, applying ubtan, so that my best friend looks like an angel on the wedding day. There I met her brother Vikram at Sushma’s house. Oh god!! Vikram was very cute. My heart fell on him at first sight. Her body was also very hot. Vikram used to work out in the gym every day. Overall I liked it a lot. I started giving them tea, coffee snacks, sweets in the morning and evening. By which Vikram knew that I liked him. Two days before the wedding, I went to Vikram’s room to give him coffee, then he grabbed my hand. ‘Tell the truth, Janhvi!! Why do you circle before and behind me?? Asked Vikram screaming. I got scared ‘Vikram!! I love you!! I like you very much! Please don’t be offended!!’ I started saying in the posture of sori. He suddenly started laughing very loudly. Then he hugged me. I didn’t know that he also loves me so much. we both lip lock kiss [ओंठों को ओंठो से जोड़कर चुम्बन] started doing. I could not believe that the Vikram in whom I love so much must have loved me from inside. We both kept on doing lip lok for a long time. Then we started romancing each other like Donu Laila Majnu. I was wearing a very beautiful cream color salwar suit. While the salwar was churidar, in which I was looking very sexy and chudasi. Vikram hooked his room from inside. He was about to do something with me. Maybe he was going to fuck me. But I too was not going to back down. Because I too had become a 23 year old young girl who needed a cock. Vikram made me lie down on the sofa and started licking my lips loudly. His hands started dancing here and there on my suit over my mummo. He started pressing my boobs. Because till date no boy had pressed my boobs. While pressing my milk vigorously Vikram started drinking from my lips. Due to which I became very hot and chubby. I was not understanding whether to kiss or not to kiss. Because doing all this before marriage is considered a sin. I kept thinking the same thing again and again and I could not know when Vikram removed my suit. He took off my shirt and started drinking my 2 very beautiful pomegranates. Vikram started drinking pomegranate with red circles in my mouth. ‘No Vikram!! Halt!! Do not do this!! Before marriage, a girl should not be kissed by a boy, nor should she make her drink her mother!!’ I said to Vikram ‘Janhvi!! My love !! You are talking about the time of independence. Now in the new age, girls get chutney before marriage and also give their succulent milk. My dear Janhvi!! ….today I will fuck you so much that the love of both of us will be confirmed forever and no one will be able to break it!!’ Vikram spoke and my spewing mother started drinking by pressing like a fox in her mouth. I was feeling very good. At the same time, I was also feeling scared that if my family members came to know about all this, then I would be kissed. My mother was not very big. Because I had not kissed even once. Yes! If I had kissed 8 to 10 times, my breasts would have grown bigger. Right now my milk was only 32 size. I was just a raw bud. Who had to become a flower by kissing Vikram. Vikram was drinking my cool and fresh new chicks by filling them in their mouths. And I felt so good that I could not do anything. Nor could I be able to stop him. In this thought, he filled my second nipple in his mouth and started drinking with pleasure. He was enjoying my youth and beauty to the fullest. He was sucking my look and glow like a bee and was drinking. I was feeling very good so I did not say anything to her and kept giving her my milk. After some time he also drank my second milk and opened the slogan of my churidar pajami. Vikram turned out to be very smart. The way he opened my slogan in a second, I guessed that he must have opened the slogans of many girls and they must have been fucked. Well what did I have to do? I had to eat Vikram’s cock. Vikram took off my churidar pajami. I was wearing a blue colored panty with a large light cloth. Vikram took off my panty in the second second and placed it on one side of the sofa. He had drank both my milk with pleasure. Now when he came on my very sensitive pussy, it was already getting wet. Vikram knew that I would give him a pussy. So he untied both my legs. My pussy was very clean. There was not a single hair on the bur. Vikram kept looking at my pussy for a long time. Janhvi !! My life, I have seen and killed many pussy so far, but your pussy is no less than a bird, MashaAllah. I have never seen such a beautiful pussy!’ Vikram spoke. I was very happy to hear this. Today for the first time a young boy was praising my pussy. Vikram leaned on my pussy and took out his tongue and started drinking my pussy. I started lifting my waist and ass. Because something strange was happening. Some earthquake had come in my pussy. I was wearing a big sexy girdle around my waist. Vikram used to drink my pussy again and again, then used to kiss Kardhan. Friends, then Vikram opened every bud of my pussy with his fingers and started drinking my pussy with great pleasure. Vikram started licking the hole from where I was peeing like a fox. I started filling sweet and sweet siskars. My mum started getting older and younger again and again. Sweet waves started running through my whole body. I was feeding my pussy to my best friend Sushma’s brother Vikram like a kisi chinal by spreading my legs. Yes!! How did I want to kiss you today? Vikram kept drinking my pussy for a long time. Kissing and pulling the grain of my pussy with his teeth kept pulling. I was very happy at his piercing like this. He was drinking my pussy very well. Like no pussy, no honey bottle. My whole body started tingling. Now I was so hot that I can’t get rest without kissing ‘Vikram!! Chod me my lover!!…warm your bed with me today!! Color up your evening!! My friend!! Fuck me today!!’ I started requesting sex from my lover Vikram in various ways. He took off all his clothes. He took off his jeans T-shirt. Then he also removed the wear inside himself. Uffff!! Friends, his cock was very cool. Vikram had a very cute cock. My mouth watered as soon as I saw Vikram’s cock. ‘Life !! Give me your cock!!’ I openly told Vikram. I left all the shame ‘Le pee le chinal!! Taste the cock before marriage!’ Vikram said that he sat down on the sofa with his legs open. I went on his lap and bowed down and started drinking his beautiful cock. I was completely out of control. Vikram’s Lauda was so cute and sexy that I could not stop myself. I started whipping his thick 8-inch cock back and forth with my hand and started sucking it in my mouth. This made Vikram very angry. His cock and 2 bullets started stirring. When I was drinking his cock by shaking my head vigorously, then he put his hand on my head and started pushing my head like a loon inside, which made me enjoy more and more. I was able to suck his cock deeper now. Cock sucking continued for a long time. Then suddenly Vikram’s laude left the goods in my mouth. I was acting like a chubby bitch. I drank all Vikram’s goods and did not let a single drop go to waste. He again made me lie straight on the couch. Opening both my legs, my pussy started drinking again. I was still a virgin. Didn’t kiss any boy even once. This was my first time. Vikram kept drinking my pussy with great passion for a long time. When I looked down, his cock had stood up again. After a long wait, the moment came when Vikram was about to fuck me. I was about to kiss. Vikram put his tough cock at the door of my pussy. And hit hard. The seal of my pussy was broken. Vikram hit another push again and his cock got completely engulfed in my pussy. I started crying. Because friends were in great pain. Vikram smiled on the occasion of breaking the seal of my pussy. Janhvi !! Don’t cry my life! Now the seal of your pussy is broken. In just a few minutes, you will have a lot of fun and kiss!’ Vikram spoke and loudly started pushing deep into my pussy. Right now I was in a lot of pain. But I kept chugging with bravery. I grabbed my Saiyan Vikram tightly with both hands and started kissing him. Vikram started pushing deeper and deeper into my pussy. I started kissing with pleasure. After sometime my pain was completely over and I lifted my legs and waist and started kissing. I am ooooooooo am aaaaa ha ha ha mother mother oh mother oh mother! She started kissing. I was traveling to heaven at this time. My friends used to tell me tales of their sex. Now at least I could tell them the tales of my sex. I am thrashing me hard. My pussy was very tight because I was kissing for the first time. But still Sushma’s brother Vikram’s cock had managed to make its way into my pussy. Vikram’s Lauda was giving a lot of intoxicating rub to my pussy. He fucks me for half an hour, but friends, you will be surprised to know that he did not blow. My pussy was still thirsty for Vikram’s goods. Took it out of my pussy with Vikram. ‘Come on Janhvi!! Be Dougie!! Vikram spoke. I immediately became a bitch. Vikram slid the cock from behind in my stuffed pussy. There was a twitch between my two legs. Vikram, my lover started fucking me. He passed both my thighs so that the pussy does not open too much and Vikram has to work harder in sex. He did exactly the same. Friends, now more and more sweet and sweet rub is starting to feel in my pussy. He had joined my two legs together and the intimidation was fucking me. I did not know that there is so much pleasure in sex from behind. Vikram kept pushing me from behind for a long time. How did he keep slapping my chubby white butts hard with his hands. In this way, for a long time, he kept on torturing me and harassing me. Then he fell in my hot pussy. ‘Ohhhhh Janhvi!! You have a wonderful pussy!!’ Vikram spoke. I became happy. After how many days today, who praised my pussy? Friends, I had a kiss only once but it seemed that this has just begun and a very long way to go on this path. After a while we both were ready for another hot sex session. Vikram made me sit on his lauda and started fucking. I grabbed him by the shoulder. Vikram’s shoulders were very solid and strong. He was a young boy with a gymnastic body. It was Vikram who taught me how to get chuckled while sitting. I jumped on his loin and started kissing him. This was a completely new experience. I didn’t even think that girls can get kissed even in sittings. It was a lot of fun in this way too. Vikram was caressing and pressing my mummy hanging like a round mango. My nipples were tight and erect. My waist also started dancing now. I started playing on Vikram’s lode like a flexible stomach. For a long time, both of us kept fighting Laila Majnu Ishq. Then Vikram started pushing hard from below. I lay on it and started kissing while lying down. For a long time, he kissed me on my bare and smooth back by caressing me lovingly. After a long time he fell in my pussy. I saw the time He choked me for an entire hour, then it was a thunderstorm. I stayed at her house for 15 days till my best friend Sushma got married and kept kissing her brother Vikram for 15 days and enjoying his long looda. After Sushma’s departure, she went to her in-laws’ house. I started packing my bags to come home. Then my lover Vikram came again in my room. Closing the door, he again hit my pussy and chuda 3 times. Then I returned home with his phone number. Even today my love for him continues. You are reading this story on Non Veg Story.com.

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