Illegal relationship between mother and son in lock down, Lockdown Sex Story

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He cannot live without a pussy even for a day. When he does not get the pussy to fuck, he gets locked in the bathroom and hits his head in the wall. The same situation happened when Ruby (Raj’s wife) went to her maternal home in Lucknow and got stuck in the lock-down, my son somehow stayed for two days but he started making a ruckus from the third day saying bring Ruby or else I will die. I started getting scared that he might not do anything, so I got very scared. Explained to him that the son is locked down now, he cannot come, what can I do, you make a video call, you see him naked, you have phone sex. But he did not believe and started saying that I want a pussy, otherwise I will die, I got scared. I thought that I have to save my son, so I myself said to him, if this is the case, then only you guys, I will give you my pussy, I will give you more fun than Ruby, I will also teach you different types of poses, as long as you want. Ruby is not you can have sex with me. He agreed, I closed the doors, windows and came to the bed, she was looking at me, I gestured that she came closer to the arrival, I started sucking her lips, no mother’s love, now she has become a sexy woman who has been cocked for ten years. were not seen. He also started kissing me, both of us started locking each other’s lips. Sucking my lips, I lay down and he climbed on top of me. I was wearing a nightie, she turned it up, was in her bra and panty, she put her hand in my panty and started kissing on my nipples from the top of the bra. I immediately took off the nightie and opened the bra hook and kept the bra side. Now I started feeding him my milk, earlier milk used to come out when he used to drink but now it is not milk but hot water was definitely coming out of my pussy. He started pressing my nipples and started sucking my lips. I started biting my cheek with my teeth, I was caught in the trap of sex, my pussy was wet. He had taken off my panties, on the same day I had cleaned my jhatt, then the pussy was clean. Tight and clean like an eighteen year old girl. As soon as Raj saw my pussy, he said ah ah ah what a pussy, it is not like Ruby’s, it has spread, the goose goes inside immediately but your pussy is tight. I said yes son, don’t do anything to him for ten years, then it happens like this, enjoy the fuck of your mother, now he started licking my exemption and I started taking hiss. He started giving a lot of fun. I got excited and lowered him and climbed on him myself, first of all my big round round tight nipples started rubbing on his mouth and my relaxation started rubbing on his cock. I started grinding my teeth, he started sweating. Now a chukkad player was riding on him. I said abusingly, motherchod chod, I see me today, if your madness does not make you happy today, then I will put my ass in your ass. Raj got excited and started sucking on my lips. Now I grabbed his cock and took it in my tight pussy and sat on it, his cock slowly got absorbed in my pussy now I became wild, I started to churn, he was down, I was pushing hard ass round round Started to turn around, the bed was chugging and there was a sound of banging at every push. Then I got down, he came up, now he lifted my leg and put it on his shoulder and set his lauda on my pussy and started pelting it loudly. Raj was ah ah and was pushing loudly saying that now I will fuck Ruby and you both together I said okay fuck me but now please make me happy. He started banging loudly. My wide ass was shaking at every stroke, my nipples were shaking and current was running all over my body. I grabbed him and started pulling hard like me. He also started giving louder. Friends, even husbands did not give so much fun, they did not give loud shocks, they used to swim just by climbing up, but the son’s shock was only fun. Now I became a mare and he started choking from behind. Now he had become even more sexist. That’s what I wanted too. He started pushing harder and I also started pushing back. Suddenly he ah ah ah ah ah ah ah no no no no no he put all his stuff in my pussy and calmed down. But I could not calm down yet, my whole body was hot, teeth were grinding, my nipples had become round, the nipples were tight. The pussy was wet, the cream was coming out. But I was not satisfied. But I did not say anything because it was the first day, so I was left feeling sad. Both of us also slept together in the night, he used to finger in the ass and sometimes in the pussy, sometimes he used to drink teats and sometimes he used to suck his lips. A couple of times I also got up and took his lad in my mouth and sucked it, but I needed it tightly so didn’t do much. Woke up the next day and went to the market after having food because the medical store was open, she brought a tablet of sex power from it and fed it to her son and told to eat with milk for two times from today. On the second night as soon as I ate two tablets, she choked me so much that I myself got sweaty and satisfied. In the lock down, my life has changed, now I kiss everyday. Now is the time till the lock-down ruby ​​comes, I will kiss a lot, but when it comes, it may be a little less, but now it will be a lifelong fuck. You should visit this website daily because there is hot and sexy sex story here which will make you sensual. You yourself see such hot stories on no one else.

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