Father-in-law fucks me all day long and brother-in-law fucks me all night

Sasur Bahu ki Sex Kahani: Friends, when someone’s husband is not with him, then what happens to him, today I am going to tell the same. I am going to tell you my Chudai ki Kahani. Today I will go to non-veg story.com to narrate my ordeal in front of you guys. This sex story of mine is between me and my father-in-law and my brother-in-law, nowadays both of them have spread my pussy with their cocks. I am a resident of Jaipur, my husband is in the army, he comes only for one month in a year, my father-in-law and my brother-in-law live in the house. Friends, you also know how a woman is. It is a matter of 1 day that I was sitting and crying, you father-in-law came and started asking, what has happened to you daughter, why is she crying, tell her husband has been more, I live alone, every wife wants her husband to be with her. Share your happiness and sorrow, but it is not so with me, to whom should I tell my story, I am the only woman in the house, I do not understand anything. After all, I married because what was my purpose of getting married, the purpose of getting married was that I should be happy, live with my husband, live with my family, but I have no one to take care of me here, I live alone, living a life of suffocation am. Friends, the truth is that I am in a cool youth. My big nipples are of no use, no one was there to help me on this, my round round ass, my pussy, my bum has turned towards the barren land, no one to see, no one to find, no one to grow. How much will I enjoy my pussy just by reading stories on non-veg story.com? Friends, the truth is that I also feel like kissing. For a few days, I had started feeling that my husband should not fuck me, but the truth is that I also wanted my father-in-law to fuck me or that my brother-in-law should fuck me. Now I could not live without cocks. When my father-in-law was explaining to me, I was thinking that nothing would happen by explaining, so now I want a cock, my pussy always gets wet, friends happened at night that he started rubbing his hand on my back while explaining. When I was there, I felt that some man had said, even if my father-in-law is there, why was not there. But caressing his hand had changed a bit. As soon as I started looking at him, he started looking at me, slowly he started touching my cheek and started touching my brother, at that time there was no brother-in-law in the house because he had gone to the office, my father-in-law goes to office at night, his night duty. After that, he started touching my heart, brought him little ones closer to me, brought his vote closer to me and started kissing on my cheek. You said, I know what a young woman needs. A girl who has not been with her husband for a long time, what she wants, look, make a physical relationship with anyone, your daughter will not remember your husband. I also felt the same way when my husband doesn’t have any trust, it doesn’t come. Why should I ruin my life? Talking about the relationship with father-in-law, when he is giving me everything, then what goes wrong in kissing me. That’s why I didn’t say anything, he started kissing me and I also started kissing him. Slowly I got in a rage, laid them down and climbed on them. What did he climb on me, I also got up, took off his shirt and started kissing. Immediately I opened my blouse, opened my bra and sat on his cock. Gradually, his lauda got bigger. The middle of my ass was coming. That’s why I was feeling. Friends, what was it then, I also opened the petticoat and also threw off their clothes, they lowered me with a jerk and climbed on top of me. He started pressing my nipples and started caressing my pussy. When I raised my hand, he started licking my armpits. Ohhhh, what should I tell, even the husband had never done this with me. After that turn me over and start licking my ass, maybe no one does this. But they were neither ashamed nor hated, they were licking my ass. I have become very sexist. And said I do not need a husband if you did this to me and made me happy. So he said I am a wrestler. No one will get as thick and tall as my Lauda. And he gave it in my mouth. My breath was starting to stop because I had a big crush on him. Friends, after that he licked my whole body. I got wet. My pussy got wet. I myself started rubbing my nipples on my own. My teeth were biting. I was cutting my own lips with my own teeth. After that, he took out his fat lauda and rubbed it on my pussy for the first five minutes from top to bottom. I had gone crazy. I wanted in as soon as possible but he was tempting and smiling. Suddenly he inserted a lauda in the middle of the pussy and inserted it hard. He groaned in pain but Lauda was completely gone inside. Because the slippery in the pussy had become too much. I took a long breath and the sound of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my mouth Lick it And I shivered loudly and I started putting her cock inside and out by inserting the ass round. He turned me over and started choking, his whole cock was going up to my uterus. I was banging too hard. They were also paying. Enjoyed it in about an hour of sex. This was my first kiss in which I was satisfied. Then we both fell asleep kissing each other, woke up after about an hour and then got dressed. This cycle continued. Once upon a time Devar ji saw both of us having sex. And made a video. When father-in-law went to duty at nine o’clock in the night, he showed me the video and said that now I am sending my brother. I got scared. Guess what will happen now. He started scaring me. He also started abusing. But his eyes were on my blouse. I understand it needs a fuck. I unbuttoned my blouse and took off my bra. And now this video will send words. So he said no. And he hugged me. And started licking my pussy by laying me down. Then he started pressing my nipples badly. Lips started sucking. Then started licking. He made me whole night and I had a lot of fun too. It wasn’t that I felt bad. Now I was getting two cocks. Now father-in-law during the day and my brother-in-law kisses me throughout the night. Now everyday I also live like a queen, there is no shortage of anything. Two husbands or lovers have become in the house. Brings good good things. Yesterday I got the gold chain too. What do I want now? Everything is there and is getting. I will put my second story soon non veg story.com.

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