my brother and his friends fucked me together

Hello friends, I am Sonali Sharma welcome to all of you. I will be 20 years old, I am from Kanpur. 15 years ago today my parents died in an accident. So my uncle kept me in his house, because he had no daughter. Today I am going to tell you about a real incident of my life. I was a very simple and cultured girl, but my brothers and their friends made me a bit bastard and shameless by making me crazy. I am very hot and sexy girl but in salwar and suit I did not look so sexy as I used to look in other clothes. Seeing my round, big and big eyes, red rosy cheeks, red red thin and juicy lips and my cool, wonderful, big and soft mammo, everyone wanted to choke me. I had a lot of love in my youth, but I did not let anyone come in my life because people often say that without a mother’s daughter, so I must have taken the wrong step. I did not want any uncle to say anything to my aunt because of me. I used to live in my uncle’s house. Only one son and aunt live in uncle’s house. My uncle’s son’s name is Suraj. He is around 19 years old. He looks very smart. Fair complexion, thin lips, small mouth and much more was inside him, which made him look very handsome. I would not have thought that my brother and his friends would all fuck me together. But maybe the sun was already on me. That’s why he himself made me kiss his friends as well. If he would have fuck himself, I would probably have kissed well, but he made me to the extent of his friends. It was a few months ago, uncle ji had gone out for some work, and aunty went to the temple. Had happened. I was alone at home, I was lying on the couch outside. I didn’t know from where the sun came and put it secretly in my clothes. After some time my body started itching, and this itching was increasing gradually. I slowly removed my clothes and started scratching my body. My hand was not reaching in some part of my body. And then knowing the sun came inside. Seeing him, I hid my body. It asked me – what happened?? So I said – “I don’t know why the body is itching”. So he said – is there any kevanch somewhere?? Listen, do one thing, apply oil on your body. My body was itching so much that I could not even apply oil, and there was no one in the house. So I said to Suraj – can you apply oil on my body without seeing me?? So he said – yes I can do it but you are not able to do it yourself?? So I said – yes I am not able to do it. Hearing this, there was a different happiness on Suraj’s face. I lay down on my stomach and covered my ass with a cloth. Suraj took oil in his hands and started applying it on my back, when he was applying oil on my back, my eyes fell on his cock, his cock was standing right away, he was applying oil to my back with light hands. Due to which I was getting a different feeling. After applying oil on my back for some time, he started moving his hand beside my back so that his hands were touching my teat. Next to my soft teat, he would repeatedly take his hands so that he could touch my teat. He used to enjoy touching my nipple while rubbing my body for a long time. In no time, I too started feeling excited and I said to Suraj – would you like to apply oil on my stomach too?? He became happy after hearing this from me. I lay straight on my back side and I covered my momma. Suraj started applying oil on my stomach, he used to apply oil from my navel to my boobs. After some time he started climbing his hands on my mother. I was very excited. As he started applying oil to my mummo with his hands, I started getting uncontrollable. I thought that I should be kissed by this, but then one thing came to my mind, this is my brother??? He slowly started applying oil to my mother too, I came to know that Sooraj’s intentions are not right. After some time he removed the cloth kept on my teat. And holding my cheeks, started applying oil in it. I told him what are you doing?? So he said I am applying oil. He was enjoying by applying oil by pressing my mother very hard. I told him – “Okay go, just leave from here now”. So he said – get it on your feet too?? I said – how bad are you, does anyone talk to your sister like this?? So he said – “When I was applying oil in your teat, why did you not say anything to me, the elder brother is telling the sister”. I said – “I understand that you are only applying oil, not that I was thinking that you wanted to touch my body and my nipple on the pretext of applying oil. If I had known, I would never have got you oiled. After some time he said – “Why do you think that your body started itching on its own?? No, I had put a watch on your clothes when you were lying down. I somehow kicked him out of the room. If he didn’t come out, he would have fucked me. Aunt and uncle came home. I told uncle – “Uncle, I want to go to Nani’s house for a few days”. So the uncle said – “Meri and your aunt have a ticket for Vaishno Devi in ​​this week. You go away after our arrival because someone has to be at home, and who will feed Suraj with food”. I thought in my mind – after the departure of uncle and aunt, I will only be alone with Suraj, then Suraj will definitely fuck me. After a few days, both uncle and aunt went to Vaishno Devi. It was the first night of uncle’s departure, Suraj told me – if you want, you can sleep in my room?? I said – no, I will stay in my room. Suraj said I am scared, I should come to your room. I said – Wherever it is, it will remain the same. I went to sleep in my room. I locked my room because if the sun came somewhere, I would not sing without leaving it. Somehow it happened at night, last morning, I hurriedly finished my work and went to take a bath. In my house the toilet and bathroom are connected and the middle wall is not completely touched by the ceiling, so that anyone can peep from the toilet to the bathroom and from the bathroom to the toilet. While I was taking a bath, Suraj secretly made a video of me. When I came out, she told me – today I will make a deal with you. I asked whom would you deal with?? So he said – ” of the video of you taking a bath”. So I said when was it made?? So he said today. I told Suraj – delete that video of mine. He said – If you kiss me once, then I will delete this video and if you do not agree, then I will put it on YOUTUBE, the whole world will see. He said that if you want, only kiss me or else the whole world should watch your video. I was forced to obey him. It was night that two of his friends came for beer. Seeing his friends, I understood that today all these people are going to fuck me in turn. Suraj and his friends were sitting in the room, Suraj told me bier do hum ko. I was taking out beer from the bottle placed in front of him, so Suraj pulled my suit hard. My suit got torn and my nipples started looking stuck in the bra, I covered my nipples with my hands, then the sun removed my hands and took off my bra too. Now my big, round and smooth mamma was hanging. Seeing whom the cock of Suraj and his friends stood up. Then Suraj grabbed my momma with his hands and pulled me towards him. He told his friends take touch. Look how soft and cool my sister’s nipple is. Suraj’s two friends grabbed each of my teats and started pressing it. I was feeling a little good too but I was making a face like I am very angry. Suraj grabbed me by the side and started kissing me and both his friends were engaged in mashing my cheeks. My enthusiasm started increasing, I also grabbed Suraj and started sucking on his lips. What time it was me and Suraj were drinking each other’s lips and his friends were busy pressing my cheeks. After sometime, Suraj’s friends took turns drinking my lips. I was enjoying it too. After drinking my lips for a long time, Suraj put me on the bed. And took off all my clothes. I was lying on the bed completely bare, Suraj and his two friends surrounded me. Suraj started drinking my chicks and one of his friends started drinking on my lips and a friend started licking my whole body. I was going crazy. My body was not in my control. Suraj started caressing his hands on my pussy while drinking my big and cool chutneys. My body trembled. A friend of Suraj took out his fat cock and put it in my mouth and I started sucking his cock. In this, a friend started putting his fingers in my pussy. I was in bad shape, I started getting chubby. He was constantly being fingered in my pussy and I could not even scream due to the cock in my mouth. After some time, Suraj started fingering my pussy, he used to shake the grain of my pussy again and again with his fingers, due to which I would get upset. He was enjoying doing this. And I was enjoying it too but at the same time it was also painful. In turn, Suraj and his friends sucked my own cock and removed the water of my pussy by finger in my pussy. After fingering my pussy, Suraj made me lie on my side and to play my pussy, he started rubbing his cock in the grain of my pussy. And to kill my ass from behind, a friend of Suraj put some oil in his cock and also in my ass. Suraj was going to kiss me in front and his friend was going to kick my ass from behind. Both of them started licking me, from front the sun was fucking my pussy very fast and behind his friend was engaged in kicking my ass. And one of his friends was mashing my momma a lot. I…” aaaaaahhhhh….EEEEEE… ohhhhhh…….ai..mummy…..mummy…mummy….cc cc.. ha ha….oooo….oooo….oooo …oh…unhoo, unhoo…” she was shouting. Both my ass and pussy were getting torn at the same time. Suraj’s hard cock was pricking my pussy and his friend’s cock in my ass, but at the same time this fuck was also having a lot of fun. For a long time, both of them chuda my pussy continuously, then after some time the sun started drinking and mashing my nipples. Now both of his friends were constantly kissing me. He was constantly beating my pussy and ass and I was chugging my ass and waist with great fun while mashing my pussy. Now those people’s goods were about to come out while constantly licking me. Suraj and his three friends grabbed their cocks and started fisting towards my mouth. After some time, the words coming out of his cock started falling on my mouth. Because of them my whole mouth became sticky and white in colour. Those people forcefully got their goods licked from me. Because of my compulsion, I had to do whatever those people said. For two consecutive hours Suraj and his friends kissed me in turn. After the sex was over, those people again drank my pussy for a long time and made my teat very big by mashing it. Sooraj did not delete my video even after the fuck was over. And till the time uncle and aunt were not there, Suraj gave me a lot of fuck. Twice a day he would fuck me alone and at night those three friends would tear my pussy together. I had never done such a fuck in my life. But it is not even fun to be kissed by a man.

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