Father-in-law took illegal advantage of husband’s impotence

Hello friends, I am Resham, Resham Khan, today I am telling you a story, which is a bitter truth of my life, I myself am not able to understand whether this relationship is right or wrong, I think everyday, but Till today I have not been able to conclude whether I have done right or wrong, sometimes I feel happy that my house is settled and sometimes I think that I could not be loyal to my husband, sometimes I am happy and sometimes I am disappointed. Yes, but today I am going to tell you my whole thing, now I tell you the whole thing, I am a resident of Uttar Pradesh, I do not think it appropriate to tell you the name of my village here, my husband Works in Delhi, it’s been two years since I got married, but after marriage, my husband used to live far away from me, I used to try to trap him in the web of my beauty, but everything goes in vain, I like my beauty Always pays attention, and keeps my body beautiful, but he does not look at me, even the people in the neighborhood used to stare at me, whenever I went to the market, people used to look at my boobs because my boobs and my butt make people jealous. It was enough for me, I wear 34 size bra. When my husband used to sleep with me, I used to sleep with my leg on top of him, and put his hand on my nipple. Tried to have sex but failed, even I put my nipple in her mouth after taking off my bra, even then she could not stand it, then I started quenching the thirst of my pussy with my finger, But when I put my finger in my pussy and became more restless, because I became very sensual, my cheeks were red, my lips were pink, my boobs were erect, my nipples were erect, it was like a flower. My youth is in full bloom and within the next few minutes I wither away. Now I used to like the men of the street, I used to look at everyone with murderous eyes, my husband used to go to work in the morning and I used to stare at everyone all day long, I used to get jealous of the woman whom I used to see happy, I was saving my fortune, but there was no choice, apart from both of us, my father-in-law also lived in my house, his intention was not right towards me and the woman living in the neighborhood, he always used to stare with lustful eyes. Used to live, his eyes were always on my waist and my boobs, many times I felt him bumping into me, he also felt me ‚Äč‚Äčtouching my boobs with his elbow while walking in the house. It was a matter of one day, my husband had gone somewhere at night, only me and my father-in-law were in the house, it was around 11 o’clock in the night, I was wearing a nightie, and dirty dirty thoughts started coming in my mind. Thinking about the man, I started putting my finger in my pussy, my nightie was raised up, I kept on putting my finger in my pussy, then my father-in-law came there, that too from behind, I could not see him. He was standing there watching everything for a long time and the sound of Aaah Aaah Aaah was coming out of my mouth, I was about to ejaculate, then I started inserting my finger faster, then the next moment she became calm and kept lying in the same position. My pussy was watery, now I was rubbing my nipples with my hands, then there was a sound and my father-in-law lay down behind me. Then he took his cock out of his pajama and started inserting it in my pussy from behind, my pussy was very tight, because of this I was not going, I was silent, I could not understand what to do, I was thinking about my relationship. Because of this, I felt that I should refuse, then I felt that instead of kissing outside, I should fuck in the house, then my father-in-law pushed me hard and the cock entered inside my pussy, the old man’s cock was very thick. And it was long, I started having slight pain, but kept lying quietly, and he started pushing from behind, I felt very good, then I started thrusting again, now I became very sexy, I was on fire Started burning, I straightened up and brought father-in-law over the pull, then I spread my legs and started rubbing his mouth in my pussy, he also started licking my pussy, even then I was not satisfied, pull Lee up and put his cock on my pussy, he also pushed and the whole cock started going in and out of my pussy again, I also started enjoying the first fuck, and started motivating to fuck more. But that old body was not enough for a crazy hungry lioness, I wanted more and more jerks, now I started getting angry, because he was not able to satisfy me, only louder and louder from my mouth The sound was coming out, you are reading this story on nonvegstory.com, then after some time my father-in-law fell but I was not satisfied. Now my father-in-law has started fucking me, I also enjoy everyday, but I am not able to satisfy, I am happy that something is happening otherwise, I also want sex, that’s why I want sex. Father-in-law is also taking illegal advantage, because my husband is not capable of that, if there is any one of you who can satisfy me, then comment below, you just do not write email id and message phone number,

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