mistakes made during sex

Mistakes made during sex can spoil your partner’s mood during sex Mistakes made during sex Do not make these mistakes during sex Can spoil your partner’s mood during sex Sex, intercourse, physical relationship is such a time when two bodies become one life, they do not mean anything to anyone else. They just remain lost in the touch of each other’s body. And during this, both of them giving full support to each other to fulfill each other’s desires makes this special moment more fun, whether it is the feeling given on the organs during foreplay or moving the penis in the vagina. , Trying new positions during sex, or getting lost in partner’s arms while kissing lips. But this moment is also made special by the partners and sometimes due to the common mistakes made during sex, you can also spoil its fun. So come, today we are going to tell you some similar mistakes which are usually done, but should not be done during sex. Not increasing excitement If you want to enjoy it to the fullest during sex, then it is most important that you first excite your partner. If you only come, take off your clothes, move your penis and think of ending the work, then your partner does not like it at all, and this is the biggest mistake made during sex. Not showing interest in partner Showing interest in your partner, complimenting them, touching their parts, wrapping them tightly in your arms, it makes sex more fun. But if you do not do this at all while having sex with your partner, then you yourself are making the mistake of spoiling your sex life. Lying down comfortably Sex Tips For real pleasure during intercourse, both the partners should pull each other with full enthusiasm to make the sex more sexy. But if you only lie down during sex, then you make a big mistake, due to this the enjoyment of sex life may decrease, that is why you should openly support your partner while having sex and make sex more sexy. Speeding up If you want to enjoy sex to the fullest, then you should take it slowly, comfortably, so that you can enjoy these special moments with your partner on the bed for a longer time, but if you speed it up or only to finish it If you think about it, then due to this the fun of your sex life can be reduced a bit. Not taking care of the partner’s wishes The real fun of making a relationship comes only when both the partners try to fulfill each other’s wishes during sex. But if you do not take care of your partner’s wishes during sex, then you make a big mistake, and if the enjoyment of your sex life decreases, then you yourself are responsible for it. Talking here and there during sex When you come physically close to your partner, this is a moment in which both of you can only talk about things related to yourself and how to make sex more fun. Needed But if you talk about this then you make a big mistake, because due to this your partner’s mood gets spoiled and romance in sex life also starts decreasing. Pick up the phone If you are romancing with your partner and the phone suddenly comes in between and you pick up the phone. So you make this big mistake because not only it can make your partner angry but later he may not be ready for sex. Falling asleep If you fall asleep immediately during or after sex, then your partner may also be angry with you because of this. You should not make such a mistake, but even after having sex, you should enjoy this moment by lying in your partner’s arms for five to ten minutes, so that both of you can help in maintaining the interest towards sex forever. Leaving sex in the middle Mistakes made during sex Due to early tiredness of a woman or a man or those men whose semen comes out very quickly, they leave sex in the middle. Which is wrong because it can make your partner angry, and if you are troubled by the lack of sexual ability, then you should treat this problem. So that you can enjoy your sex life freely. Not satisfying the partner The real pleasure of sex comes only when you reach extreme pleasure during sex, but if you only free yourself without taking care of your partner and do not take care of their satisfaction . So this act of yours spoils your mood, and this mistake of yours causes disinterest in your partner’s sex life. So these are some mistakes that people often make during sex, due to which its effect is seen on their sex life. That’s why if you always want to keep your sex life young and want to maintain romance in it, then you should refrain from such mistakes during sex, and you yourself need a reason to enjoy sex and your partner should also do it.

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