father lost his daughter in gambling for one night

Juye me haar gaya baap apni beti ko sex story: My father lost me, for one night and what happened to me that night I will tell you through this story. My father was also gambling, so with his friend, whom I always called uncle, he made my pussy swell by fucking me the whole night. How it happened you will know when you read my full story. My name is Deepti, I am a twenty one year old girl. My mother is not there, she has died in Corona. I had a brother who doesn’t live with us anymore, he eloped with his real aunt. It is said that an aunt or aunt is like a mother. But if the son is worthless and the mother is unruly, then such aunt runs away with a boy who is 10 years younger than her. You must have understood how my family is, how my society is, how the people of my house are. I always dreamed of becoming a very decent and gentle girl. I am good in studies too but do not have the means to study. In the world, when only that person, who is the most worshipable, cheats, then what to trust for the rest. That’s why I hated the name of the father. Coming straight to the story, don’t want to waste your time. It was the day of Diwali, everyone was busy bringing sweets, new clothes, firecrackers to their homes for worship. I should also clean my house properly so that I can worship in the evening. I do a part time job which helps me to meet my expenses and I also bring small household items from there. My father works in a small company, his salary is not much, but he drinks alcohol daily, because of this the financial condition of my house is not good. He had already finished the bonus he had received in Diwali. He said that I will come in the evening and I will bring some money, then both of us will go and bring sweets etc. from the market and celebrate Diwali. But there was no trace of his whereabouts till 9:00 in the night. After worshiping at home, I was waiting for him. That’s why father came home, he was full of alcohol. I said you have brought the money, he said no. I asked, you had said that I will bring the money in the evening and you came so late in the night, now where will you go to the market and get the goods. He said that I made a big mistake. I have lost you in gambling. I was gambling since morning, I didn’t want to gamble but my friend Rajeev kept me trapped for the whole day and till evening it became such that all my money was over. He made me drink alcohol and put you on the table. I lost you for tonight. I’m sorry I’m not a good thing of yours. I felt like abusing me a lot, but thinking what I was doing, even the people of the neighborhood would come to know, because of this I thought it better to remain silent. Rajeev uncle came to my house within half an hour. He said to me as soon as he came, you must have come to know that tonight will be with me. I said uncle, I always used to respect you like my father, but why did you do this to my father. Your daughter is also of my age, at least you should not have done this. He said, don’t talk about knowledge, business is business, gambling is gambling. Your father lost in gambling, so what should I do? You ask your father about this. When I raised my face towards my father, he was about to fall down with folded hands that I had made a mistake. I said ok when they are defeated for one night then I am ready but today is Diwali today I will not go. Somehow I declined for that day. And uncle also agreed, let’s go, today is Diwali, so I leave, I do not leave anyone like this, since last 10 years, I keep gambling with someone like this and his wife or his daughter for one night. I keep But till today there was never such a chance that I have left someone but I am leaving you today, tomorrow at 8:00 pm you come to my farm bungalow. Friends, you must have understood how my Diwali was spent. I kept thinking the whole night that if mother was alive today, all this would not have happened to me. But who can erase what the creator has written. Thinking that I will have to go, I also kept a stone on my heart and thought that whatever happens will be seen. The next day at 8:00 I had to leave. Papa didn’t come home but uncle came with his car. He said that I was feeling that you might not come, so I have come to pick you up. I said, let father come, we will talk once, after that we will go. He said, I have spoken to your father, you come with me. I accompanied him to his farm bungalow. I was feeling scared after reaching there. Because it was a big bungalow, no one was there, there were two big dogs in their house. Father’s friendship was just so that he could sleep with my mother. Otherwise such a big person would not have been father’s friend. And today even if there is friendship, then maybe he follows me, something must be going on in his mind, that’s why he has brought me to this situation today. He made me sit and asked will you eat and drink. I said no no I am not hungry I am not thirsty. Still they gave me chicken and rumali roti to eat. No matter how life makes a way to live, it has to be adopted. And I started eating your bread and chicken. He also took the chicken bread kept in his plate and started eating it too. Along with this, he also started drinking alcohol, he also asked me that you have ever drunk alcohol, I said no, I have never drunk. I said I am not so big that I will drink alcohol. The girls who are rich, who are the girls of big houses, they enjoy alcohol and liquor. I am a girl from a poor family, my father lost today by gambling and today I am sitting here with you. He said look Dipti you are misunderstanding me I have not called you here to do anything. I wanted to teach your father a lesson. I wanted that because your mother had gone to the hospital telling me that you will take care of my daughter. But your father is such a big drunkard that he will sell you anywhere. When he loses me, he will lose you anywhere else. Of course, I have brought you here after winning, but I had to do all this drama for the purpose of teaching a lesson to your father. Because he swore that from now onwards I will never drink alcohol, I will never play Juba. So you stay here with respect tonight and yes what I said that night that I don’t leave anyone I do this every 1 year that thing is wrong I am a good person I am also father of a girl and I know I wonder what is the respect of a girl. I apologize to you for calling you here and for telling you all those things, you forgive me, after today you will lack anything, then I will always stand for you. I started crying right there. They fed me with respect, later gave me coffee and opened this room for me to sleep. I slept comfortably all night. When I woke up in the morning with them, when I came to my house, my father cried and said, “Daughter, whatever happened to you.” Done, from today I will never drink alcohol, I will never gamble. I said ok papa after today you take care of me and I will take care of you too. From that day onwards my father neither drinks alcohol nor gambles, takes care of me very well and uncles also keep coming and going. Now we do not have any problem in any way. I hope you liked this story on nonvegstory.com.

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