Fuck niece in the bus by sitting on her lap

Niece fucks in the bus: Niece’s uncle fucks her in the bus by making her sit on his lap. This story is about the incident of a bus going from Delhi to Azamgarh where uncle fucks his niece in the bus by sitting on his lap. Breaking the seal of the pussy by sitting on the lap. Hello to all the readers of nonveg story.com, my name is Narendra, today I am going to tell you my sex story. This is my first story on this website, I also had to share some story or the other, that’s why I fucked my niece sitting on my lap in the bus and then I am presenting my story to you. These songs are not very old, Maa to Diwali 1 day before. You will find this story very hot and sexy, you will see for yourself, while reading this story, your penis will stand erect because it is about my little niece. 1 day before Diwali I was going to the village. Do you know how much problem there is in commuting these days, didn’t get a seat in the train, so thought of going by bus. The bus was full, there was no sweet, many people were going standing, many people were going sitting, it was a very difficult journey. I had my sister-in-law with me and my niece and my little nephew. All four of us were going to the village, brother said that go to the village with sister-in-law and Rinke and Mayank. Mayank is my younger nephew and he is my niece. I reached Anand Vihar bus stand, somehow I got a seat. On which two men could sit. My sister-in-law and I sat down but my nephew and nephew’s seat was not available. Somehow the niece was made to sit in the middle, half of her bum was on my thigh and half of her bum was on sister-in-law’s thigh. The nephew was somehow sitting on the lap of my sister-in-law. Many times it happens when there is a crowded place or there is talk of selling, in such an occasion such things happen. There was a lot of trouble but had to go in some way, so the sister-in-law also had no objection that the niece had to sit on my life and neither did the niece feel that how would I, being a girl, sit on the lap of my uncle. At 12:00 in the night everyone was so tired that some people were standing, some were sleeping while sitting. It was dark inside, the bus was moving fast. Sister-in-law was also asleep, my nephew was also asleep. But I was not able to sleep, neither was my niece. The niece was not able to sit because she was not getting comfortable. I told my nephew to do one thing, you sit comfortably on my lap, there is no place in between, you sister-in-law also fell asleep. So you sit comfortably for a while. She sat comfortably on my lap and we held her belly. Slowly I put my hand up a little, then her orange-like nipples came in my hand. I wasn’t doing anything. The speed of the bus and when the brakes were applied in the bus, people go back and forth, in the same order I used to rub my nephew’s teat. Initially, my niece thought that this happens because of the bus. But slowly he also started feeling that uncle is pressing my nipples. In the meantime my cock got erect. Niece’s ass was wide, my cock was in the middle, so she started feeling it. A little bit he moved his ass here and there but I started pretending to sleep and I spread my legs a little. He had no choice but to stand still. Can’t even stand in front of the right. She kept sitting like that and I would sometimes press her nipples and sometimes caress her stomach. It was 1:00 in the night. Now even more people had fallen into a deep sleep. But my sleep and my niece’s sleep were lost. I was pretending to sleep but my niece was watching every detail. Now I started trying to control my cock, but gradually it started getting bigger and the crack in the middle of her ass started to set there. In between, I would massage my nephew’s nipples. Slowly she also started liking it, she stuck in me even more, stuck her belly in me. As I put my hand on her boobs, I put my hand on top of my hand. And started pressing slowly, I understood that I felt like kissing the girl. Now I took my mouth near her cheek from her shoulder, she forwarded her cheek and started kissing her cheek. I started rubbing her nipples well, she also started rubbing her ass wholeheartedly. After that she caught hold of my cock. I started rubbing her tits, she started caressing my cock. I unbuckled my belt, lowered my pants a little bit and let the cock out. After that I opened the nada of her salwar and put it down along with panty. Sister-in-law was sleeping next to us, we both made sure that no one was looking back and forth and sister-in-law was sleeping. The nephew spread his scarf even better. She raised the ass a little higher I set the cock on her pussy hole. Told him to sit. She started sitting slowly but the cock was not going in her pussy because her pussy was very tight and was virgin. Till date he never went inside the bed. Now she was sitting comfortably, I was pushing her from below. Her nipples were fleshy and hisses came out of her mouth. Kept taking fingers and I kept inserting cocks from below. I put my hands inside her shorts and caught her boobs and started caressing her nipples with my fingers. As soon as my finger fell on her nipple, she crossed the limits of sensuality. Now he started taking my cock inside by rotating his ass round and round, he also started jerking slowly. I give from below, they give shocks from above. Both were having fun, the bus was galloping away. It was dark everyone was sleeping and I was fucking my niece. He was rubbing her nipples, kissing her, caressing her whole body. She calmed down in about 30 minutes of sex. It was hurting her a lot because she was having sex for the first time. Friends, you also know that everything is not so easy. I quickly pushed all my goods out by pushing hard. When my cum was about to come out I removed it and took my cock out of her pussy. Now we both slept comfortably holding each other. As soon as the sister-in-law woke up, my niece sat in the same position as she was sitting in the beginning. Sister-in-law didn’t even know that her daughter got fucked by me in the night. I broke the seal of my virgin niece’s pussy in the bus. Her virginity was violated in the bus. Now everyday remembering the incident of that night, I beat my fist. Because I have come back to Delhi but till now my niece has not come, she is in the village only. Waiting when he comes to Delhi and I can fuck him again. For example, if I give it to him again in Delhi, I will also tell you what happened. I will definitely write my sex story again on this website i.e. non-veg story.com.

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