Fucked his sister while trying to fuck his wife

Sister Sex Story, Biwi ko Chodne ke Chakkar me Bahan ko Choda Sex Story : Today I am going to tell you a story which is very hot and sexy. This is my first sex story on nonveg story.com. I read stories on this website daily, so from where I have brought forward for you too. I fucked my sister while trying to fuck my wife, that’s my true story. Today I will tell all that through this story, how all this happened, why it happened and then what happened later. I have been married for only 6 months. And sister got married just 2 months before my wedding. The guests live in Saudi Arabia. And my sister lives alone in her in-laws house. My sister’s husband went to Saudi Arabia only after 1 month of marriage. You my sister was alone in her in-laws house for 6 months, because of this she has come to her home. Mom and father talked to the guest that the guest does not answer there, so I bring the poem here, you will come after 4 months, then you will take it, feeling a little lonely there, if you stay there, then there will be no problem. It doesn’t happen, the guest agreed for 20 and he said okay you will take it, I will bring it when I come. So my sister came to my house, me, my wife, my mother and father. My sister is very lovely, she is loved by everyone, everyone loves her a lot. You yourself have never been scolded at home, after marriage her respect has increased even more. They do what they want, they get what they ask for. When she came home, she came to my room, put her bag etc. and started resting on my bed. I thought this is all normal, she will go to another room even in the evening. Neither his parents said anything to him nor my wife Rashmi. I thought today has come, because of this I feel like sleeping on my bed, so I also came to the other room at night. Read non-veg story.com stories and fell asleep fisting. She didn’t go again the next day, I called Rashmi and asked outside that Rashmi, will sister sleep in her room even today? Rashmi, tell me how should I ask, you ask her. Friend, all the work got spoiled, I refrained from asking, but it seems that even today it seems that I have not slept even though it is 10:00 in the night. On the second day also we went to our other room and went to sleep, watched movies, read stories and then fell asleep after dropping our belongings. It’s a matter of third day, my mind was starting to deteriorate because today if a newbie has a wife in someone’s house and if she is not found to fuck, then it is useless, at least some way will have to be found. I told Rashmi that look, everyday I am missing you a lot, I stay awake all night and am running my work. Rashmi said why it is getting very hot. When I say fuck me, you say that father is here at night. See how you are getting upset when it is your turn, the heat inside is awakening. I said ok man but do one thing when she goes to the bathroom, I will fuck you quickly in 5 minutes while standing. I did the same when my sister went to the bathroom, my wife Rashmi was cooking in the kitchen at that time, I ran away and lifted the saree from behind, opened the panty and bent it a little, put the cock in the middle of the ass and took it to the pussy hole. And started pushing harder. Further, while mashing her tits, I started fucking hard. About five minutes later, there was a sound of opening of the bathroom and immediately he took out his cock and put it inside the tracksuit and came out of the kitchen. Going to the other room, closed the door and threw all the goods out with a fist. Within a short while Rashmi came to my room and said what happened Raja and she started gesturing with her eyes. I said man, don’t spoil your mind. And she left from there laughing. Gone. When she again went to the terrace to pick up the clothes, I also followed her and said, Rashmi ji, he always wants to fuck you in front of everyone. Please friend, please give me tonight, my cock always remains erect these days. So Rashmi said come again in the room tonight. When your sister falls asleep, you immediately fuck me. I said yes man, this is correct. Then how would you know if the room would be dark. Told him where will you sleep, I will sleep next. I said okay, then you don’t sleep wearing panty, I will put up the nightie and fuck immediately and leave the room soon. He would have fucked outside too, but there is no other place for mummy on the verandah and papa on the terrace. And you were also refusing to come to the other room. Rashmi was saying that I will not go in the other room, people will say that this woman is in the mood to fuck a lot. So it’s okay, get the work done today, then in a day or two she will go to another room herself, now a new one has come, that’s why she is sleeping here. Now it would be a matter that today I was going to fuck my wife in her room. It was around 1:00 in the night. I open the door of Rashmi’s room with Holi watching a police movie. And then closed the door of the room and went inside. Nothing was visible inside, I didn’t even take the mobile phone so that I could turn on a little light and see. But I remembered that Rashmi had said that I will sleep next. When I put my hand on Rashmi, my hand fell on her ass. She straightened up as soon as I touched her. I understood that it is Rashmi, she also knows that I have come. I opened both the hooks of her nightie and started pressing the nipples from the top of the bra. Then I put the nightie up and checked that the panty was not worn. I separated both the legs. Sitting in the middle, took out the cock and put the cock on the pussy hole and inserted it forcefully inside. While fucking quickly, he immediately thrust his cock in and put all his goods inside her pussy. And came back to his room after closing the door and slept comfortably. Today I got a little peace because for three-four days I was running my work only by fisting. Went for a walk in the morning, came back at 8:00, you didn’t come at night. I said that I had come, she said otherwise, you must have been dreaming, you had not come. I wondered if I was not really dreaming. Now I started thinking that I had gone, it was not a dream, it is true. Did I fuck my sister by mistake? Rashmi said you have become rude. You fuck me in my dreams. And saying this she went to take bath. I was thinking that I had fucked Rashmi. Then my sister came and came there and said. Why did you secretly love me at night and went back? I said were you? So she said so what but it was a lot of fun. Oh man, I made a mistake. So my sister said, but I didn’t make any mistake, I knew that you are there, but I also know that you love me and that you wanted me, but I got married and you kept shaking hands. Ohhhhhhhhh I never thought like this for my sister but today I came to know that my sister wanted to fuck me. My sister said tonight you will come to the same gold. Rashmi said today my period has come so don’t come to my room today. Now you wait for five days. I thought, okay sister, today she herself is coming to fuck me. At night when Rashmi fell asleep, my sister came to my room and then I undressed her by closing the door and then fucked her a lot. Her big round round tits and ass and chut pella till four in the morning. Fucked a lot, since that day my sister is sleeping in the other room after not sleeping with Rashmi and I am with Rashmi. But after fucking Rashmi in the middle of the night, I go to my sister’s room and then fuck her too. My sister is very happy with this fuck.

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