Fucked sister after feeding her a drug pill

Nind ki Goli Khilakar Bahan ki Chudai, Bhai Bahan Sex Story in Hindi: You must have read many sex stories of brother and sister. But the story I am going to tell you today is different. I am fucking my sister continuously for two months. They don’t even know and I sleep every day after fucking them. This is my first story on nonvegstory.com. In this story, I will tell you how I fed drugs to my sister and I fucked her. I am writing here what happened on the first day. My name is Tony, my sister’s name is Payal. My Payal didi got married just 6 months ago. My brother-in-law lives in Canada, so didi is still living in India. She will move to Canada in March till then she is staying with her parents and me. My sister’s age is now 23 years, very beautiful girl. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall, has a very thin waist, and wears a bra of 34. Her eyes look very beautiful, she has long hair. Lives in a lot of style. He also has a Facebook channel. Where he shows his dance. When Tik Tok was there, she used to make and upload very good dance videos, she had many followers. If you see my sister, you will also feel that I wish she could become my wife or else sleep with me for one night. It would have been fun if she had gone. My sister is amazingly beautiful, anyone would be shocked to see her. That’s why I slipped too. When I tried to impress her, she didn’t get it, then I finally gave her a pill and fucked her and satiated the hunger of my body. Now I come straight to the story. My friend Rajeev he fucks his elder sister daily. He shares everything with me. Actually his sister is divorced so it is understandable that when a woman is divorced then she can comfortably give sex to any boy or any man. But the one who has a husband or a boyfriend, she does not give anyone to have sex quickly. I felt that I tried to impress many girls but she could not. Never saw me in this way, she always scolded me. When I used to do some wrong-doing in front of them, they would always scold me and drive me away. I tried to touch her nipples several times. But he looked at me crossly and then scolded me. One day he scolded me in front of Rajiv. Nowadays you have become very ill-mannered and talk nonsense. I am watching you, one day I will tell my parents how rudely you behave with me and behave like this with me. Rajeev also heard all these things. At that time we both went out of the house and sitting on the bridge I told Rajeev that brother tell me some plan, I want to fuck my sister like you are fucking your sister. Because my cock is not under control nowadays. And the lady in the house doesn’t let me fuck her. Rajeev told me an idea. That when your parents go to Haridwar for two-three days because my home is Haridwar and we all live in Delhi. That day you can fuck your sister. I have sleeping pills you feed your sister in any way at night she will be intoxicated. After that you fuck your sister. I also liked her visit. And for one day, as parents left for Haridwar, we called Rajeev, today both parents are going to Haridwar, if you have it, give it. Rajeev immediately came on his bike and gave me the pill. Went to his home saying all the best. After having dinner, when didi took out milk for herself to drink. So I put a sleeping pill in his milk. After that I started talking with my sister with great love and respect and started drinking milk sitting there, we both finished it in 10-15 minutes. Tej is feeling sleepy, I am going to sleep. We both sleep separately in the two rooms on the roof. Didi went to her room, I came to my room. Didi went to her room and slept. I went to his room after half an hour. Tried to forget Didi Didi I was checking that he should not get up anywhere. But she didn’t get up. Even when I shook him, he did not make any movement. I pinched her but still she didn’t do anything. Now I put my hand on her boobs and started pressing ohhhhhhh it was fun to press big sexy tight boobs. I unhooked the hook of her nightie and somehow pulled her out of the bra and started pressing her boobs and nipples. She remained calm. I kissed her on the lips, then started kissing her lips hard. Now my cock was erect and started fluttering to get out. I opened my pant and took out my cock. And sitting near sister’s legs, raised the nightie and then took off the panty. Separated both legs separately and applied Vaseline to his cock and then started inserting cocks into her pussy. But her pussy was very tight. Perhaps even brother-in-law did not fuck much. Then I put both her legs on my shoulder and then putting the cock in front of the pussy hole, I pushed hard, the whole cock entered the pussy. Now forcefully started putting the cock inside the pussy. It was fun when I inserted the cock in the pussy while mashing the tits. I started fucking quickly and soon I got excited and spilled my semen out. Because I didn’t want to take any risk. If the semen was left in the pussy, she could have become pregnant too. That’s why I took out the semen. Then I licked her pussy fiercely and also licked her ass. Pressed the boobs, kissed, looked at each and every part carefully and then made her wear all the clothes as she was wearing. Even in the night, I called Rajeev that the work was done. He called me Weldon. And then from that day onwards, I take sex only once in fifteen days. I am going to write my second sex story of my sister very soon.

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