Fucked sister in the car on the middle of the road and made her happy

My sister Rani who had just stepped on the threshold of youth but forced me to fuck in her sexy acts and finally I took off her heat by side of my car on the middle of the road with her. The pain was so much from him that the pussy had burst. Even my cock was not going comfortably, yet I tore his pussy and kept it. That day was also such that anyone would catch him and fuck him, I also did the same. Today I am going to tell you my full story on nonveg story.com. I hope you will enjoy the story of chudai because this is my real sex story. First let me tell you about myself and my sister, then you will enjoy it even more. My name is Hemant I am 22 years old I am also studying in college and my sister is younger than me whose name is Rupali. Rupali is very hot and sexy girl. The star of Tik Tok has millions of fans on his Facebook. He is a very handsome fair and styled boy, he has also got admission in the college. If anyone sees his body, he cannot live without fisting, it is very sexy. He wears one style of clothes, he likes western dress very much. She always likes to wear shots. The bulge of his ass and the necklace of his nipples are tremendous, friends, anyone can go crazy seeing him. Sometimes it happens that relationships also get tarnished because it is a matter of time. People are not able to control themselves and they become those who do not even want to, the same thing happened to me friends. I had celebrated Rangreliyan with my own sister in my own car, she needed more than me. I am saying this because nowadays his gait has changed somewhat. Boyfriend’s affair was going on more and more phone calls were coming Someone else is trying to use the thing. You know friends, any brother gets angry when he sees his sister being reprimanded. I have a friend Mukesh, he was after my sister, so my friend was probably doing friendship because he wanted to take my sister. Why let this happen, that’s why I also made a plan, if my sister is happy, then maybe the goods of the house will remain in the house, what will happen after marriage will be seen. After marriage, a license is made, so before marriage, if someone plays a virgin girl, then it is not a good thing, because of this I started befriending her little by little, I started talking to her that she Don’t hit your face outside. It was 1 day, it was his last day of school. In school, everyone gets dressed up and wears sexy clothes, because when it is the last day, they show their body, show their body even if the teacher says something. On the last day my sister wore a black colored short and the skirt at the bottom, the skirt was too short. Inside she was wearing red tights, a red color bra strip was visible from her shoulder. There was a 6-inch space left between the skirt and the top, so that her belly and belly were visible. It was also clearly visible to her when she walked, her butts were playing. The top was quite open from above, due to which both her nipples were visible a little. I had to take him to school and bring him, my parents had said that. Because in such a dress no one can walk on the road, everyone will be there, everyone will see and also my sister Rupali is very beautiful. That’s why I also felt that I do not want to be left alone, because of this I myself took her to school and waited outside it was 1:00 am The navel of the stomach was visible, the nervous body was visible, it seemed that the flower was feeding. I went crazy seeing me, I felt that today I have to go beyond the limit. Sitting him in the car, the glass of my car is completely black. Nothing is visible from outside, I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, I sat him in the car and started going home from the highway road, he also asked why brother is going from here, it is far from here, I said that keep sitting You are looking so beautiful today that’s why I want you to take a walk on the highway. Sitting Rupali, he left the highway road. There he put his car under a tree, why the car was coming, it was going very fast, so there was no point in stopping anyone. Let the song AC Chala Di play and I said placing my hand on my sister’s thigh. Today you are looking very sexy, you are looking as if you are a hoor ki angel, today Katrina Kaif has failed in front of you, today you are looking like a hot and sexy babe. Today I am in love with you Rupali, today I feel like hugging you. I know that you are also looking for something these days, as I see, you keep on reading non-veg story daily and read the sex story of siblings with more passion, I checked in your mobile then I came to know that you too I am a fan of non-veg story.com, so why don’t the goods of the house stay in the house, I want to have fun with you today, such an opportunity will not come, today your school is also over, from today you are going to live a new life, then out of the house You will go to college and you will have many great friends, but every friend will only want to have you. Nowadays love is not a thing, nowadays sex is the only thing that attracts a boy to a girl. I want you to have fun with me today, I am not saying forcefully, I am asking you if you want then it is okay otherwise it is fine. I am not forcing you, if you want, you can refuse. My sister started staring at me and I was keeping my hand on her thigh. He put his hand on my hand, I started caressing his thighs, he moved a little, I moved forward a little and the lips of both of them met on each other’s lips. I grabbed Rupali’s hair, Rupali grabbed my hair, both of us pulled each other towards us and locked the lip. Friends, within two to three minutes, both of us became so wild that we could not say that it seemed that a blue film was going on. I took my seat back and made her sit on my lap, facing me, she sat on my lap, my cock became fat, went under her ass, she went crazy and became even more wild she immediately up Opened the top that I was wearing, it did not take me 1 minute to open the hook of the bra, I opened it immediately. Now she has started rubbing her ass on my cock. I was going through the lips, I was being brought to bear the bum of her ass, was being pulled towards me, she was rubbing the hole with the hole. I immediately lowered my paint and took out the land. She grabbed my thick land as soon as she saw it and took it in her mouth while shaking, now she sat down near the staring. I took the seat back, now she started sucking my cock. What should I tell friends, what fun was it, his hot pink had become hot, his hair was scattered. I did it on her and started drinking her teats, started pressing her nipple, her armpits i.e. I started licking the armpits, it was clear that maybe today she had cleaned the armpit hair. Now I took him to the back seat and made him lie down. Turned over the skirt and started smelling the panty, what was the fragrance. Friends, have you ever felt the scent of pussy, when a girl’s paint smells of light urine and the smell of pussy comes, then it is fun to try it, friends, sometimes you too. I could not bear it, I immediately took off the panty and started licking her pussy, hot hot water was coming out of her pussy. He spread both his legs, I was going to sit in the middle and want his pussy. I could not bear it, I immediately took out my cock and started pushing it by putting it in the middle of the pussy, but till today it was probably never false because it was sealed pack. Nothing was visible inside, a small hole the size of a pea. I spit in my cock, such a pussy had fallen before him and pushed him in the middle, he started moaning. She was in a lot of pain, because of this she was getting distracted and started moaning. I kissed her nipples or kissed the lips, rubbed the nipple and again holding my cock and pushing it in the middle of her pussy. He said that if you push slowly, then the pussy will burst. Don’t you worry, I won’t force it. I slowly started inserting him inside his pussy. By doing slowly, I put my whole cock in his pussy. Now she took a sigh of relief and started twirling her bum slowly and started hitting the hole from below. From top to bottom I push from top to bottom. Now what was the fun I should tell, I was looking for such an opportunity for a long time and even today I got a chance, today I was fucking a girl whose pussy was still sealed pack. The whole cock was going inside and out, both of us were having fun. Were making a sexy voice. My sister was drenched in sweat. Her hair was scattered, her lips had turned red, her nipples had become big and round, her nipples had turned pink and I was rubbing my cock in her pussy. Within 15 to 20 minutes she fell two to three times. She said that now I am in a lot of pain, now I will not be able to bear it, so that’s all for today. I started penetrating loudly and I also put all my semen in his pussy. We both put on our clothes properly, I kissed my sister and said thank you. And started the car and left for home. The first pussy of any person is memorable, it is not forgotten throughout life, maybe I will never be able to forget nor will Rupali be able to forget. Now both of us are happy, we take care of each other, now she also does not kick outside too much, does not want to make boyfriend because what we want is now being found at home, both of us are happy. I am going to write the second story soon on nonveg story.com, thank you very much to all of you friends for till then.

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