Papa ji, your son is Naamard, he said that I am not, then what did I do that night, know my sex story

Old Man Sex, Sasur Bahu ki Sex Kahani, Father in law and daughter in law sex story in Hindi : Nameless husband can never satisfy in sex nor can he give happiness to child. This is not my story, this is the bitter truth of my life. Today I am revealing this truth to you in front of you. My child who has just been born is my father-in-law’s child. Sometimes what goes wrong is a forced action. You can’t call someone good or bad, that’s the situation, there is a compulsion to do wrong. Today you yourself try to understand whether it is my fault or that of my father-in-law or my unnamed husband. I am putting my whole story in front of you. But friends, I want to make one thing more clear to you that I am not harassed, believe that father-in-law made an offer, but if I accept that offer, then it is not their fault only. But yes, by playing with someone’s feelings, you can fuck anyone, the same thing has happened to me too. Let us know your full story. My name is Mona, I am twenty five years old. I am very hot and beautiful. I am educated My father is from a rich family, my father has two marriages, I am the daughter of another. I am the only daughter. My father got me married to his friend’s son. In my in-laws’ house, my husband is the only son, I have a daughter, that is, my sister-in-law, she has settled in America with her husband. My in-laws are very rich. They have a cement factory and a sugar mill. There is a blanket manufacturing factory in Panipat. You yourself guess how I am from home and how is my in-laws. I have been an expensive and rambunctious girl from the beginning. I love to enjoy. When I came to the in-laws’ house, I was not stopped by anything, I started living here too. But one thing that was lacking was my husband. My husband was not able to give happiness to the husband. He was not able to fuck me, it was because of his car accident. Because of this all the trouble was there. His brain was also not working much. But no one will be able to catch him as his behavior is. I also got stuck in this that the boy is rich, I will have more fun. But what fun without a cock. He had never taken off my clothes till today. I myself went naked in front of him but his cock could not stand. I took his cock in my mouth and rubbed it in my nipples but nothing was being achieved. I slept naked giving him my milk. Dance naked but it doesn’t matter. One day I told him when you can’t fuck me then why did you marry me. So he said that you will be the mistress of 15 thousand crores later. If you want, you can divorce me and kiss someone else or you have sex with my father. It will be there and no one will even know anything. If this thing of his got set in my mind, it is true that he is mad. He can’t fuck, father-in-law can fuck. I become a mother now, the old man will die later, it is a madman. So I too will become the mistress of such a huge empire. Ohhhh that’s right. The next day my husband had to go to Velor for treatment. I also have a big house in the house which is built in 400 meters. The servant lives in the servant’s room below, Papa ji means my father-in-law lives on the first floor, I live upstairs. I drank two pegs earlier in the night, it was about eleven o’clock. Then when I got drunk, I went to my father-in-law’s room. He was also drinking alcohol and was running a tab, with a sneak peek, he was reading a sex story in his tab on nonveg I understand that old man also enjoys reading sex stories and is a fan of this website. I understood then it must have read the story of the daughter-in-law. As soon as I saw you said what are you doing here? I said: I have come to talk to you today. I can’t give you a grandson. Father-in-law: Why? Me: Your son can’t fuck me, he is naamard. Father-in-law: So I’ll give it, son. I was both happy and sad to hear this. It will be a matter of happiness and sadness that I am stuck with a man of the age of a father, but my future was good for the future, so I accepted his point. Then I invited him to my room. Coming back to my room, I changed my clothes in a red colored nightie which I had bought on honeymoon but to no avail. Got a chance to inaugurate today. I was not wearing anything inside, it was a satin type nightie, so the organs inside were visible. Opened the hair from above and applied kajal. He turned hot red and applied an intoxicating perfume on his body. My fair body was glowing. It seemed that today is my honeymoon. Then my father-in-law came inside, he closed the door. And opening my nightie, he was looking at my body. Father-in-law, my age is still not hot and strong, but the thing is still young. He took off my nightie and took off his night gown. He lit a candle in the room and switched off the tube light. Ohhhhhh the feel was honeydew. He took out a bundle of two thousand i.e. 2 lakhs and put it on my hand and said, take a diamond ring. I became happy He started groping my body and sucking my lips. Ohhhhhhhhhhh for the first time a man touched my body. I went to the garden. My limbs started twitching. My father-in-law was slowly pressing my boobs and sucking my lips. I took out my tongue and gave it to my father-in-law’s mouth, he started sucking my tongue. He became giddy, he said that you are amazingly sexy. Ohhhhh made me happy today. Ohhhhhh it was fun. I sat down, grabbed his cock and took it in my mouth, he was standing, I was sitting. His penis was very thick and long. I took it in my mouth and started sucking like ice cream. He picked me up and laid me on the bed. He stood down, pulled both my legs and brought them like himself, then separated both the legs, caressed my thighs and applied the tongue. Then by turning his hand on my pussy. Started licking He sat down, my pussy was on the bed in front of him, he was licking from below and I was lying on the bed, pressing my nipples, grinding my lips under the teeth. There was tingling in my whole body. Started taking limbs. Water started coming out of my pussy. I wanted to kiss as soon as possible. I said, now give your cock in my thirsty pussy. He also did the same, stood up, put both my legs on his shoulder and put his cock on my pussy, pressed the nipples with both hands and thrust his cock into my pussy. Ohhh, it was fun, he started turning inside out, I started having fun. He fucked me that night for two hours. I asked later, how can you fuck like this at this age. He said that I eat Shilajit. And I also use a tablet for sex. I asked do you have a relationship with anyone else, they now have three girls of eighteen years old, whom I give one lakh salary in return, I kiss. I understand that the old man is very bastard, but what should I take. From that day onwards, I started fucking twice, got pregnant within three months. Then she became the mother of a son. My husband is also happy: I am also happy father-in-law’s both fingers in ghee. Life is getting boring. Its name is life. Eat, drink, have fun and kiss your father-in-law, this is my routine nowadays. I got a BMW car as a gift when I gave birth to a boy. You tell yourself what is my fault and whose fault is it. what am i doing wrong? Or having fun You too will be forced to think.

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