Fucked sister in the field in the new year

Today I am going to tell the story of my sister. How did I kiss my sister in the field. I am telling you that whole story. Didn’t want to fuck but the situation had become such that I myself had to fuck my sister. Now I come to the story. My sister’s name is Firdosh, my name is Salim. I am from Uttar Pradesh. My sister who is eighteen years old. She takes a lot of interest in boys. Ever since she was young, she has kept the lives of our family members unharmed. Sometimes with a boy, sometimes with someone. Even in my relative there will be hardly anyone who would not have torn my sister’s pussy. That is, my sister is a number one chukkad. And the heat of the pussy does not cool. That’s why she traps a new guy every time. And then meets her outside the house. This happened on January 1st. On January 1, i.e. on the new year, he set up with his new lover, Deepak, and called to meet him in the field. I came to know about this from the WhatsApp chat of his mobile. Now she had gone to the bathroom when I checked her phone. She had called to meet Deepak at around six in the evening. I thought that today I will catch my sister red handed and then this splintering of her will go away. She left the house only at 5.30 pm. And told Abbu and Ammi in the house that I am going to my friend’s place, it is her birthday. Ammi Abbu also asked to leave. They thought that if the girl has a birthday, there is no problem and if she has a friend, then there is no problem. But I knew what was the matter and it has to be said. She is going to cool the heat of her pussy. I also went after her. When I reached the place indicated by him, there was no one. When it was getting dark, nothing was clearly visible. I thought I had gone somewhere else. Then from the paddy field ah ah ah and louder and louder and louder. The sound was starting to come. This voice was of my sister. I immediately ran closer and saw my sister lying down, opening her salwar and putting it on the bund and spreading both legs in the field, and that boy was opening his pants and loudly He was pushing and licking his nipples. As soon as I got closer, he ran away. I ran after him but he left. When I came back my sister was wearing panty and the salwar was kept on it. I immediately grabbed his hair and said why Ray Chhinar enjoys a lot. Who didn’t fuck you? How did you turn out to be such a bastard, you are openly trying to get a scoundrel. Why does the heat of your chute never subside with someone else? When you have been kissing everyone, then your ass and pussy have been killed by your brother. So my sister said yes I am a scoundrel, yes I am a chukkad. Yes I want a cock. Yes I’m hot as a fuck. Don’t fuck me You calm my heat. After that took out his cock and put it on the pussy and entered it hard. My sister’s pussy was already wet, soon the cock went inside. I immediately grabbed his nipples and started mashing. Started pushing hard. My whole cock was going in his pussy. My sister also got excited, she took off the sweater, took off her shirt and opened the bra. Legs spread properly. Now she was completely naked. I started sucking on him. Sometimes lips sometimes boobs. Started rubbing the nipple with two fingers. She got even more excited. He picked up the ass and started swirling it round. And started saying louder and louder. Hit my pussy and loudly ah ah ah ah ah ah ohhh ohhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh very cool. And I started banging harder. For about half an hour, when she calmed down a lot, then I put my goods in her pussy. After that she calmed down. After that day I am now fucking my sister daily. I am happy he is also happy. Ghar ka maal ghar mein. Farm chudai, sister brother sex story, village sex story, chudai stories in hindi

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