The whole afternoon went inside and outside in his mother’s bosom

I Shiv Kumar Pathak welcome all of you very much to Non Veg Today I am narrating your very own super duper sexy story. That day I was at my clothes shop. That’s when a supplier came. He had to pay Rs 1 lakh. I had forgotten the check book at home. I started my Pulsar and reached home at 12 noon. Today, friends, it was very sunny. No one was visible everywhere. Which donkey would blacken his complexion by going out in such heat? I rang the house bell. My mother Sheela Devi did not come out. Mother ??’ I called and banged on the door. But no one came out. I called again but mother did not come out. I took out the duplicate key from the bottom of the pot on the side of the stairs and opened the door. When I went inside, my mother was not visible. I found him in the hall, the kitchen, everywhere. Mother was nowhere to be seen. Then I went to his room. My ass exploded as soon as I opened the door. My friend was kissing the security guard of our colony. This was the reason why she did not come to open the door. Mother and the security guard were so busy in sex that they could not even see me. My real mother was completely naked. There was not a single cloth on his body. The child of that security guard had opened both the legs to the mother. Gacha Gacha was feeding him. ‘Ah ah ha haha ​​and fuck harder!! Take me harder! Hit faster!!’ Mother was saying sobbing sobbing. I hid near the door on the side. Started watching his mother kissing. Once I got very angry that how a man can come and fuck my mother in the afternoon in her own house and in her own room. I got very angry thinking of this. But then when I saw my real mother kissing, my mouth watered. How beautiful, how wonderful my mother was. I slowly came to the shop with my check book. Till the night my mother’s kissing scene kept floating in my eyes. Now I knew that my mother was stuck with the security guard. I went to his house only at night. I grabbed his collar and started slapping him. Chodega?? Brother-in-law will come and fuck my mother in my own house?? How dare you look at me in the wrong way like my mother? I asked and slapped the security guard.’ Hey what stops me!! Take care of your mother!! It is the number one alternator!! She has eaten all the men of the colony. Your own mother had called me home to fuck. understood!! Beware if you tell me wrong!’ The security guard spoke. He hit me several punches in the face. Blood started pouring out of my lips. Both of us held hands for some time. Now I knew that the security guard was not wrong. Rather my mother’s tramp. When I inquired in the neighborhood, I told everyone that my young and beautiful mother is a number one vagabond. Every afternoon, she invites men from some colony to the house and then chudwati a lot. Hearing all this, my ass exploded. Mother!! What is all this?? Why did you call that security guard in the house that day? After all what were you doing with her. Son!! My pussy keeps itching a lot. When I kiss a man for 2-3 hours, I get peace for a few days. But then after 2 to 4 days my wet pussy starts itching again. That’s why he reads to kiss me again with a man !! My mother said, okay mother, it is my responsibility to remove your itching from today. From today I will take you, if you want to be kissed, mother, I will definitely fuck you!!’ I told mother. The next day my uncle and I were at my clothes shop. My father passed away 6 years ago. Maybe then my mother had become a vagabond. If father was alive then mother would not need anything. Whenever the mother wanted Lauda, ​​the father would have given it. Maybe then my mother became a mischievous woman and called the men of the colony and started quenching the thirst of her pussy. Uncle! I’ve got some urgent work, I’m going home!! I told uncle Akash son!! What is such an important task? It’s only 12 o’clock now. Now it is not even time to have lunch,’ uncle said. ‘Uncle ji, it is very important for me to go. I’m coming in just half an hour,’ I said. Started his bike and came home. My mother knew very well that her son would definitely come today. They will definitely remove the itching of their burrows. As soon as I entered the house, I caught my mother. Even today my mother Sheela Devi was a wonderful thing to fuck. Age was 40 but mother’s youth was intact. Mother looked 30. There was a lot of white chitti. I held my mother tight in my arms and I put my lips on her lips. We mother and son stood drinking each other’s lips.’Son Akash!! I knew that you would definitely come. If two does not come, I would have read to call a man again and read to kiss.’ Mother said. No mother!! Your son has arrived. You don’t need to eat any other man’s lauda!! Let’s go to our bedroom. Today I will fuck you where I said. I took my mother in my lap. and brought him to his room. That day the mother was getting her kissed from the security guard in the same room. I brought my mother and slammed her on the bed. I took off my shirt. The big chest of my broad mother was visible. There was only hair on my chest. I lay down on my real mother. I held both of his hands. I stuck my fingers in mother’s fingers. And I started drinking from my mother’s lips. Gradually, mother also started becoming chudasi and my maid’s maid. It started getting hot and hot. I was drinking from his lips. Was putting his tongue in mother’s mouth. She was also putting her tongue in my mouth. I was sucking my mother like Emraan Hashmi. She became like Sunny Leone. Slowly my hands started going to my mother’s mother. I started pressing them. I took off his blow as well. He also took off his bra. Oh dear!!! My mother was so beautiful, what a wonderful commodity. Now I understood very well why every man was crazy about my mother. After all, why did every man get ready to fuck my mother? Because my mother was such a wonderful stuff. I could not remain quiet. I also opened my mother’s sari and took it out. Now the mother had a yellow petticoat in front. I opened the petticoat slogan and threw it out. My mother did not wear tights today. Now my mother was naked. She was completely naked. I couldn’t stop myself. I put my hands on the breasts of my real mother. Uff!! How cool, how big was the milk of the mother. I started pressing their ripe mangoes with my hand. Mother started sobbing. I started pressing harder. Mother sobbed louder and louder. Then I started drinking mother’s ripe mangoes by filling my mouth. I was drinking after biting my mother’s soft breasts with my sharp teeth. Chewing with my teeth, I was drinking my mother’s cool and bright white breasts. I swear guys, this scene was very funny. I was filling my mother’s chest and drinking. I was having fun. Then I put my 3 fingers in my mother’s big bosom. My mother’s pussy was very torn. He probably had sex with many people. I began to beat my mother’s pussy with my 3 fingers very quickly. My mother became very hot and chubby. Chod son!! fuck me soon!! My pussy is itching very hard again!! Mother said I immediately put my lauda in my mother’s burrow. I started taking my mother. Just like that security guard was fucking my mother, in the same way I brought my mother to take care of my mother. My mother started to sob hot like this. I grabbed the mother with both hands and started banging loudly. With this, I was able to kill me deeply in my mother’s burrow. Friends, how wonderful it was, the mother whose secret hole was used by the men of the whole locality, I was enjoying in that hole. I was fucking them and was watching only mother’s pussy. My mother was kissed by many people till now. First of all, my father had given birth to me by choading him. Then the men of the colony had kissed the mother. I was hitting my mother and taunting her bosom. Was observing and studying it deeply. Mother’s pussy was very deep, soft and soft. Yes yes that’s it!! Just keep fucking here son!! Don’t stop!! I got very excited after hearing the words of the mother. ‘Take!! Take away!! Take it shovel!! Take! Every day I used to eat ladoos of men, eat my son’s ladoos today,’ I said and I started hitting my mother by scolding. I got so much strength that I started feeding my real mother like a machine. Mama’s big 36 size mama started moving here and there. ‘Take mortise!! take it bitch!! Take!’ I was abusing my mother in various ways and putting my lauda in her bosom, I was throwing it inside and out quickly. Mother was kissing. Son was fucking Mother was giving up. The son was hitting. Mother was getting it done. The son was peeing. Chod eat brother, where will you get mother’s soft soft pussy every day. I thought. I untied both the legs of my mother. Sitting on his pussy and started choking. This meeting was very happy. I was regretting that after a long time I came to know that my mother is Alter. I came to know this thing after a long time without eating Lauda. I looked down again. My faithful Lauda who only listens and listens to me was fucking my real mother on my orders. I pleased. On the other hand mother was shouting ‘ah ah ooi ooi’. After a while I fell. Then after wearing clothes I came to the shop. When night came, I called my mother to my room. My uncle and aunt were sleeping in their room. ‘My son this time my ass is itching very much’ Mother told her pain. I’ll treat your ass!! I said. I made the mother completely naked and made her a bitch. Wow! Mother had so many cool round chuts. I kissed. Then I saw my mother’s car. Oh dear!! What a torn ass. I put the lauda in his den and roared for 2 hours and then it fell. When I removed Lauda from mother’s bosom, her hole had become 3 inches wide. My mother’s itching had subsided. How did you like this story, do write your comments on nonveg

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