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Mother Sex Story : My Landavat Namaskar to all the cock holders and Namaskar while fingering in the pussy of the Mallikas. I am telling my story to all of you through nonvegstory.com. I am sure that after reading my sexy and sensual story all the boys’ cocks will stand erect and pink pussy of all the chutwalis will definitely leave their juice. My name is Arpit. I live on Kursi Road, Lucknow. I have my brother, sister and mother in my house. I am doing polytechnic right now and my mother runs a grocery shop. She is very young and beautiful and she sits in the shop nicely dressed in a saree, with make-up and lipstick on her lips. Due to this the shop runs a lot and we get good profit. Mummy’s age is 33 but she looks like a 16 year old maid. Her eyes are so beautiful that whenever a man comes to the shop to buy goods, he starts giving line to his mother. While talking, he buys more goods and we get good profit. Apart from this, my mother has trapped many men of the society and gets them fucked by taking money. Her figure is of 36 30 40. I don’t have a father, but despite this, my mother does makeup like a beautiful woman. I know very well that my mother regularly fucks Sharma ji and Tiwari ji of the neighbors. Both those men are sad and their wives are dead. That’s why they have hypnotized the mother and give 1 to 2 thousand rupees for every fuck. Friends, one day was Sunday. I was sitting at the shop. At 8 in the evening, when it got a little dark, Sharmi ji came. “Son Arpit!! Where is your mother???” Till he started asking, mother went and opened the door on the other side. At that time I did not know about the relationship between the two. Mother made me sit on the shop and took her inside the room. 1 hour passed. Then 2 hours passed. Now it was 10 o’clock in the night. It was time to close the shop. I got a bit worried and started thinking what my mother was doing with uncle. I got up and started going to his bedroom. As soon as I opened the door a little, my mother was shocked to see what she saw. My beautiful body mother was made a bitch on the bed. “Ohh maa….ohh maa…Sharma!! Sisterfucker!! Well fuck my ass…. U U U U U…… Aaaa” my mother was speaking. After that Sharma uncle quickly started licking her ass with his 10” cock. Now I understood why my mother does so much makeup when my father is not around. She keeps getting fucked by new men every day. Friends, slowly this started happening everyday. After a few days it was mother’s birthday. This time the neighbor Tiwari ji came. “How are you Pushpa (my mother’s name)?? Today you are looking in bloom like a rose. Tiwari started saying that he was in the police and was a very domineering man. All the men of the society were afraid of him. “Just Tiwari ji!! Your blessings are there” Mummy said. He was staring at Mummy as if he would fuck today and now. Mummy was also looking in the mood to fuck today. Tiwari ji had brought a full 5 kg cake for mummy and Pushpa was written on it. Then mom cut the cake. Tiwari ji picked up a big piece and fed it to his mother. Today she was looking very cool. Her 36” big juicy boobs were visible in saree blouse. The program has started. Many people came to the party. Taking advantage of the crowd of guests, Tiwari ji started pressing my mother’s boobs over her blouse. No one could see, but I had seen. Then all the guests started eating food. Meanwhile, the mother suddenly disappeared. Friends, it did not take me much time to understand that she would be in a room with Tiwari ji. My suspicion turned out to be correct. In a room on the ground floor, mother was celebrating Rangraliya with Tiwari. She was holding his 12” cock with her hand but quickly taking it in her mouth and sucking it. “Ohhhhh…ohhhhh…Tiwari!! Your cock is very big!!” Mummy was speaking. Then after some time, Tiwari ji stood up and raised one leg and fucked the mother. Quickly jerked and dropped the goods in the pussy. Then both of them quickly fixed their clothes and returned to the party among the guests. Seeing all this, a very strong feeling of jealousy arose in me. My father is not there. But here my mother enjoys eating fat cocks of other men everyday. Now I will also fuck this prostitute, I thought at that time. The birthday party got over at 12 midnight. All the guests left. My brothers and sisters were small, so they had gone to sleep in the room. Friends, it was my season now. My heart was telling me to enjoy and drink my mother’s white body. At that time I was 21 years old. Now I was also craving for pussy. My penis was also 9” now and looked very sexy standing up. I took off my shirt pant one by one. Then I also took off my briefs. Then started going to mother’s room. When he went inside, she was changing clothes. I held her hand. Mummy ji was standing in front of me in red colored blouse and petticoat. He was shocked to see me completely naked. “Hey son Arpit!! Why did you take off your clothes??? What is all this??” Mummy started saying and started looking at my big 9” cock. “Look mummy!! No need to do more drama!! I know everything you fuck, I said and held his hand. Then stuck them to the chest. In the beginning, she kept pretending to be a married woman. But then agreed. I locked the door of the room from inside. Now mother also hugged me and started loving me. Friends, their big breasts in tight blouses could have killed someone. I started putting my hand on my real mother’s milk and started pressing it lightly. “Oh dedicated son!! You press so cool!! Ahhhhhh…Aye..Aye. .Ai… do it and press my milk!!” She started saying I held her in my strong arms and she clung to me like she used to clung to Sharma ji and Gupta ji. I put my lips on his lips. Then sucked my real mother a lot. She also got hot. I raised his face by placing my hand on his chin. Mummy was looking like a new bride to me with round face, big eyes, full cheeks. Friends, there is no fault of mine in this because it is such a material that good men can slip away. Kept sucking them for 10 minutes. Then separated “Mummy! To be honest, I wanted to fuck you for many years!!” I said “Ai..Ai. .ai… u u u u u… son!! I wanted to fuck you too!!” Mummy said, after that I started sucking her lips while standing again. I got rid of Mummy’s dark red lipstick by sucking it. Then while standing, placing his hand on the blouse, started pressing it hard. That aaaaahhhhh….eeeeeeee….ohhhhh….ai. .Ai..Ai….. started doing it. While standing, she started opening her blouse. Then took off the bra too. I saw the beautiful body of my mother. The gori was smooth like cream from inside. She looked like a heroine and had 36” big tits like models only. Forgetting everything, forgetting the dignity of relationships and relationships, I became crazy and obsessed and grabbed mummy and hugged her. Then the fire of lust lit up in the bodies of both of us. We both started kissing each other quickly everywhere. My real mother had become my girlfriend today. I was kissing on his cheek, neck, milk. She was also kissing my full chest. Then I pressed him to the chest while standing. Her 36” very beautiful white smooth tits were rolling on my chest and was giving me a wonderful tickling feeling. Both my hands were waving up and down on mummy’s smooth back. Ohhh what a nice smooth back guys. “Come on mummy!! Suck your milk while walking on the bed” I said “Come on son!! Then we both went to bed. I came over him and started kissing his neck. Then with both hands he started pressing her 36” full nipples. “Offered sucking son!! Suck them!! ….. c c c c.. ha ha ha ….. she started saying, I pressed both the boobs with my hands and started sucking them in my mouth. I remembered my childhood when I used to drink their milk everyday. Today again all that fun started. I was sucking my mother’s milk by taking it in my mouth. He was taking juice by moving his mouth. Had made the condition of mother bad. He constantly…..Ooooo….Ooo. .Om…Om…Unhuu Unhuu..” was being spoken. Friends, my mom’s nipples were very tight, so it was more fun to rub them with hands and to suck them in the mouth. In this way we mother and son were going to fuck each other now. Her milk was white in general but there were big black balls around the nipples which made her more sexy material. I pressed and sucked both her nipples.” “Ahhhhh….the king of my cocks!! E E E.. C C C and fuck..my little pussy son!!” Mummy said like a prostitute, now I started moving my hand on her stomach. Then started kissing with love. went down In front was the beautiful navel of the mother in which she was wearing a ring. I was shocked to see the ring. “Mummy where did this ring come from??” Kissing him, I asked, “Son, do you remember a few days ago, Tiwari ji took me for a ride in his car. That’s why he went to a parlor and got me a ring in the navel and went to his other’s house and had sex. Then put his tongue in the navel and started licking it. Then took off her petticoat. Her panty was soaked with pussy juice. I removed that too. Mummy opened both the legs. I finally got a chance to see the pussy I was born with. Really friends, my mother’s pussy was very beautiful even today. I started licking quickly. She started saying “Hoooooo hoooooo hoooooo….oo-oo…oo si si si… ha ha.. o ho ho…”. I was also licking with my tongue in lust. Mummy’s pussy lips were very big and were blooming towards the lotus flower. I started licking his lotus flower with my tongue. He was getting great pleasure by doing this. “Oh dedicated son!! You suck pussy very well!! ….. uh…uh…uh….” She started saying that I was licking mother’s bosom quickly without stopping. He was drinking its juice by touching his mouth. Slowly the juice started coming out more and more from inside. I licked it all. Then I quickly raised my 9” cock with my fist and inserted it in her bosom. Then quickly started playing their game.”“Fuck like you want, give me muscle, tear my pussy please zzzz, son” Mummy started saying. I got very intoxicated after listening to her passionate sexy talk and I quickly started holding her beautiful waist and thrusting her in her pussy. Friends, even though I was 21 years old, my dick had become so big that I could fuck my 33 year old mother. I was being pushed and pushed by looking at their burrow. Mummy was making sexy sounds of “Aau….Aau….hmmmmm ahhhhhh…cc c c c..ha ha ha..” as if she had eaten some hot chillies. Pushing into her padded pussy was a pleasure of its own. She was lying completely naked in front of me on the bed. She had raised both her legs herself like a flag and was enjoying getting her pussy fucked by me. In such a situation, both of us were getting ultimate happiness. “Fuck son!! Aur Chod Mujhe Ai….. Ai…. Ai…” She was saying that I was also fulfilling her every wish. Then my body became weak while pushing. Then I left my goods in the pussy and ejaculated giving a sound of ah ah. Then the mother made me lay on her and clung to me as if both of us are husband and wife, not mother and son. “Wow son!! You have given me fun” said mother, after that we both again started kissing on the lips. After some time, when I opened my eyes, I saw that my mother was sitting and taking my cock in her mouth, she was sucking it like an ice cream. Suck well mommy!” After I said that she started sucking my 9” cock very quickly. I was enjoying a lot. Anyway friends, getting cocks sucked from the mouth of any woman has its own pleasure. She was holding my cock with her hand and giving it a quick fist and was preparing it for the second time. A few minutes later my cock was erect once again. “Son!! My ass is very itchy. Kill my ass quickly Arpit son!!” She started saying, then she herself became a mare. The demon of sex overpowered me once again. I started licking her ass with my mouth. He was enjoying them by touching his tongue. Then slowly started inserting cock’s supara on the ass. It was a tight ass, friends. After that he started having fun ass fuck. Mummy started sobbing making sexy sounds of “……ai…ai….ai…..isssss…….uhhhhh…..ohhhhhhh….” I was kicking his ass with my hand on his 40” butt. She was made a mare like a straight cow. I fucked my real mother’s ass a lot, then holding cocks on her chubby butts, started masturbating. And then threw away the goods. Now my mother does not fuck with the neighbors Sharma ji and Tiwari ji. Every night she gets both her holes licked by me. How did you like the story, do tell me and all friends keep reading non-veg story dot com for new stories. Also share your story.

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