neighbor aunty fuck in lockdown

Corona Lockdown Real Sex Story Hello friends, how are you all must be enjoying the lockdown, well there is a lockdown in my city Ratlam, so I am also enjoying and I have come to entertain you all with my story. This story is about that my neighbor aunty has made me her sex slave. Due to the lockdown, I used to stay at home too, so I used to talk to my old lover, but what could I do, I could not go anywhere. So were the neighbors near my house. Husband Mr. Ankur Chauhan was a 42 year old banker and wife Renu was a sexy, voluptuous 36 year old housewife. He had no children and treated me like his own son. My mother and Renu aunt were very close and good friends. Similarly, once a friend of father had died, mother and father had to go. But I had to go, I had arranged the vehicle for them to go, but my problem was with food, because no hotel was open in lockdown, no home delivery, so mother told her friend and our neighbor aunt to eat, she was also ready. She used to call me at home for dinner in the morning and evening. But once the electricity in the house went out and as usual I was talking to my lover openly on the bed in the room, but that day was my bad luck or lucky Renu. Aunt came straight to my room, although she used to come to my house by ringing the bell, but due to lack of light that day, she came straight inside the room. Because my mother had given her the extra key of my house, Was so engrossed in the conversation that I didn’t hear the front door open and suddenly I heard a scream from Renu Aunty’s mouth oh my god what are you doing? I put the phone down. By doing the, and I saw Renu Aunty covering her mouth with her hands and eyes shocking. Imagine my hand shaking my 8 inch long cock, lying in the bed and Renu Aunty must have seen me staring. I quickly Pulled off his shorts and sat down wearing them. my hard cock made a tent in my shorts i tried to cover my raging cock with a pillow but renu aunty saw it all and renu aunty said she will report the matter to my mom in the evening How does he act? Thinking about this result of Renu Aunty, I sat stunned for 5 minutes. She went to her house, I went to her flat wearing my T-shirt and started apologizing to her. I hesitantly rang their doorbell and waited for Renu aunty to open the door. After 10 minutes Renu aunty opened the door and curtly asked me to come inside. I followed him to his bedroom he was sitting on the bed and said “chi chi shameless boy why have you come here?” I said aunty I am sorry please don’t tell my mom please then she looked at me in a very different way and said to me” ok, I will ask you one thing, I said, tell me, you will have to be my slave, I was very happy, at least there was a fight in Logdown, but I did not want to show it in front of him, so with a sad face I said I promise you that I will be your slave and follow all your orders, to help you with your household chores, but Renu aunty had something else in mind. Then she ordered me to take off my shorts and at first I was confused and stood like a frozen piece of ice in front of her, but soon she screamed again. I said now! Slowly I removed my shorts and my cock was shrunk in front of her then she held it in her soft hands and started rubbing it slowly with a wicked smile on her face. Now I understood what she wanted and my cock was getting hard and came into shape within a minute. Renu aunty was looking like a fairy, her black gown wrapped the face of a black star and her sexy lacy string panty. Her long straight black hair, beautiful bobs, 40 inch hips and fish shaped eyes completely intoxicated me and I was trembling with excitement. She went ahead and licked the prepuce on my cock and she stood up and asked me to take off my clothes. I took off her clothes and my T-shirt in a moment then she asked me to lie down on the floor, and said you Close my eyes and now I started thinking about her next time what will she do with me next I heard and after a minute she heard the sound of going out of the room. Her soft pussy dripping with white sticky fluid and her thick soft thighs, then Renu aunty came near me and we started kissing each other’s lips and came on the bed kissing. I put my finger in Renu aunty’s pussy, Renu Sensual sobs came out- Ummh… ahh… hi… yah… ce.. I started fingering her pussy while sucking lips. After a while I started licking Renu’s pussy like a dog. Renu was saying ‘ahh.. ooohhh..’. Then she started saying- licking auhhhh.. eat pussy.. ahh..I also licked my pussy for so long for the first time. Well now I have got addicted to licking pussy I stopped licking Renu’s pussy I said – Renu aunty love cock too a little! As soon as I said this, Renu took my cock in her mouth and started sucking cocks. Wow.. What was the fun of sucking cock, I started fucking Renu’s mouth. In no time, I signaled Renu to remove the penis from her mouth. Renu removed the cock. Then Renu said – You lie down, now it is my turn. I lay down. Renu climbed on top of me and holding the cock started sitting on the cock by leaning on her pussy. My heart’s desire was being fulfilled that at least I got a fuck in the lockdown. Within a few moments, my entire cock was in Renu’s pussy, I also started jerking from below. Renu was also shaking with enthusiasm and was saying ‘aaaah..’. After a while I changed the pose and asked Renu to take a turn. Renu turned to one side and I started fucking Renu by putting cock from behind. There was a lot of fight between pussy and cock, Renu was in full fun of fuck, she was saying ‘Aaaah..’- Mohit fuck like this. Put the whole dick and put inside..after some time of fucking Renu started ejaculating, she raised her whole ass towards me. Even a little material of my cock was not allowed to come out. My cock also shrank and came out. I started sucking Renu’s lips. Then Renu Aunty said – Mohit, now he will love me like this everyday, I said – Renu Aunty, I promise you that my cock will be lucky for your cud everyday. Then we started preparing each other for the second time and now I make him dive in the ocean of his fuck every day. How did you like this sexy Hindi story of mine.. Must tell, please mail.[email protected] com

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