Fucked the younger brother by beating him up, consoled him with his younger brother

Gaon Ki Bhai Bahan Sex, Hello friends today I am going to tell you my story. This is my true story. So I’m married. But if I don’t tell this to anyone then it will get buried in my mind and I don’t want this sex story to get buried in my mind. This story is between me and my younger brother. My cousin Ramesh, before marriage, I used to live in the village, my father used to work, so my two brothers also used to study there, I used to live with my grandmother and my grandmother said that she could not walk much, still I belong to her. Lived in the village to take care. Even I didn’t feel like it, so my younger brother Ramesh, who used to live next to my house, always used to come to my house. He used to talk sitting near me and used to tell about the whole village. I was young. So you know everyone feels the fire of your time, I also started feeling it, whenever I used to see a boy, my pussy used to itch. I used to always dream of beautiful boys, always used to sleep at night by pressing my nipples and caressing my pussy, what are you doing friends. But gradually I felt that caressing would not work because I had become too much and my body used to be on fire. Gradually I became Ramesh, I was young but I started talking to him, from love to love, I started sharing what people do, how they live, what happens after marriage, what husband and wife want, boy and girl. What does Slowly, he started coming to my words and started giving interest. One day my grandmother was very ill. So I told him that you do this work, Ramesh, sleep here today, I will tell your mother, she will not say anything. Ramesh had come to sleep at my place that day, his house was next door. The doctor had given sleeping medicine to grandmother, so she fell asleep after eating food as if she had died. Ramesh also went and woke up but to no avail, grandmother did not wake up. Today I had made a plan that today I will definitely extinguish the fire of pussy from Ramesh. Ramesh asked sister, where am I. It was raining lightly outside. It was dark all around. I thought he would be scared, so I told him that you sleep with me, he slept with me. Friends, when he slept with me, I Turned towards her and started caressing her body, my big boobs were hitting her chest, my hot breath started running, all this she was also wondering what sister would do. I was surprised when my hand fell on his cock, you felt that his cock was completely erect. I immediately grabbed his cock, he started saying leave it sister, leave it sister. But I didn’t leave my lips went on his lips and I started kissing him I started kissing him kissing his cheeks started caressing his chest. Slowly he calmed down he started getting attracted towards me he turned towards me and started sucking my lips started pressing my nipples because while pressing he became very sensual he made my lips red by sucking Pressed the teats and caused pain. So much he left me that I could not even tolerate I climbed on top of him immediately took off my clothes took off my pant took off all the clothes I took off the shirt he was wearing and I put my tits in his mouth put in He started sucking my nipple. Friends, what should I tell, I started getting mad, my pussy was wet. I started rubbing my pussy on his l**. His body got fatter. You started kissing him, he was pressing my nipples, drinking, caressing whatever was coming in his mind, he was playing with my body. After that I got down, he climbed on top of me, separated both my legs and took out his cock and put it on my pussy. My pussy was already very wet. He gave a push and the whole l** got inside my pussy. Friends were blown away, it seemed like I was having sex for the first time. I got Jannat Naseeb. My body was on fire, I was taking sobs. Sexy sound was coming out of my mouth. There was no fear, the night was enough and grandmother was about to wake up, otherwise I was not afraid of anything, today I openly wanted to surrender myself, wanted to be fucked. But my brother Ramesh was not fucking me openly. Because for the first time he was touching the body by being so close to a girl, then on the first day he would have problems, but I was already mature that I would have sex with Ramesh, I had made a plan for 2 months. . That’s why I was not afraid, I told Ramesh that quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, calm me down, calm me down, fuck me, calm me down. Friends, after that Ramesh also started beating me loudly, in the dark there was a sound of fach fach, ah ah ah ah ah was coming from my mouth. I started fingering, my lips started getting dry, strange things were happening inside, my heart rate increased, I felt like I would go crazy, and slowly water came out of my pussy, and then I calmed down, I got cold. It was over but I was going to be fucked. Suddenly he also started ah ah ah loudly and left all his material in my pussy. I became calm, my eyes were not opening, he lay on top of me. For about half an hour, both of us kept holding each other, this was my first fuck friends, after that when we both got up and talked for a while, let each other walk, till that time both of us were naked. After that he himself took out his cock again and started fucking me from behind. We both started again. This time I climbed on top of him and sat on his cock, started pushing just like that, it was fun friends. Both of us brothers and sisters kept having sex all night long. In the morning my pussy was swollen. There were marks of Ramesh’s teeth on my boobs at one or two places, it had become red. He sucked my nipple in such a way that my nipple was hurting. Friends, I still remember Chudai. Now I can’t fuck like that. Husband is not able to fuck, so I have come on non-veg story so that from where I can convince a person who fucks so that he can calm the heat of my pussy. How did you like this story of mine, you must tell. You come to read stories on non-veg story.com daily because I also come here daily to read sexy and cool sex stories.

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