Gave birthday fuck gift to my brother in hotel

Hello friends, my name is Rashmi, today I am going to tell you a story on non-veg story dot com. This is my first story, till now I used to come to this website only and read stories at 10:00 pm, all the stories of this website are very hot and sexy. That’s why today I brought my story for you too. I am 21 years old, I live and study in Delhi. My brother used to study in Pune earlier, now he has got a job, he had a flight from Delhi itself, so he came to me. Another reason for coming was that my birthday was on 22nd December, so he thought that he will celebrate his birthday again and 24 Depart for Toronto on date night. I was also very happy because after a long time both of us were meeting, I was busy with my studies, I am also busy with my studies. Both of us were very open-minded from the beginning, we used to talk on every subject, even we both went for a walk together, like Shimla and Goa, both of us had never done anything out of bounds, but today what I want to tell you I am going to break all the records. Brother asked me something in lieu of birthday gift that I had to give it but I was helpless and to tell the truth, I was not helpless, I also wanted the same. Now I am going to tell you my whole story. On 22nd December he wished me a good future and hugged me. As soon as I stood up from sleep, he hugged me and happy birthday friends, I sleep in short clothes at night, maybe because of this all the work got spoiled. Because my clothes were tight when I woke up, I don’t sleep wearing a bra at night, because of this my boobs were visible big, it was clearly visible from my clothes that how big my boobs are. When he hugged me, as soon as my nipples felt against his chest, his condition started deteriorating from the same time. When I wake up from sleep, at that time my lips become red and cheeks white, at that time I look more sexy, maybe because of this he was sitting on me since morning. He said, today I will give a party, I am also fine, tell me, what gift will you take, then he said, I will tell you the gift later and you will have to give what I ask for. With. During the day in preparation for your birthday, give food to your friends in the afternoon so that we brothers and sisters can celebrate the party together at night. I brought a sweater for my brother to gift and a pair of raven glasses. Made arrangements for food in him, booked a room for the night in a five star hotel and said that it is birthday, I want to celebrate it well this time. I also thought that I have got a new good job, I am going to Canada, I don’t know after how many days he will come, so I did not agree for anything that I used to believe whatever he said, I kept saying yes. At night we both reached the hotel at 8:00 pm, went to our room after having dinner, a big cake was arranged, a bouquet was also kept, a bottle of whiskey was kept. I cut the cake and fed it to my brother who also fed it to me and then hugged me. I hugged him well but his intentions were not good, he started bringing his lips towards my lips, I was feeling a little ashamed, how would someone kiss with his brother in a hotel room. Slowly he came closer to me and started kissing my lips. Friends, I was not feeling good in the beginning, but as he was sucking my lips, my lust also flared up. I got sexy too. And then she started helping slowly she took off all my clothes I was completely naked she made me lie down on the bed and started pressing my nipples started licking my lips started kissing my neck started caressing my hair Friends, when he was doing this, current was running in my whole body, I could not stop myself, I had become very hot. I thought whatever is happening let it happen, I also enjoy. I also immediately caught his cock and started sucking his dick was very thick and long. First I lied down on the bed to suck you and then my pussy, my intoxicated eyes were signaling her to come and suck me. Friends, he immediately started sucking my pussy. I started sucking her pussy by holding her hair. Now I was sighing. I had become very sexual. I said stop now, don’t be late, make me happy, this will be my birthday gift. He also immediately separated both my legs and started pushing hard by putting his dick on my pussy. But my pussy was very tight, because of this it was not going fast. He spit and tried again and this time he inserted his whole dick in my pussy. I started to refuse and I moaned out of fear. But this pain was also good for me. I was having fun and I was having a lot of pain too, he started thrusting in and out and my hair was on fire, my lust was on fire, my lips were dry, he was going to be pushed. My boobs were shaking. He was grabbing my tits. I myself was biting my lips with my teeth, I was pushing myself from below, he was pushing from above, friends, the atmosphere was wonderful, if you ever get a chance in a five star hotel, then you must go and meet your girlfriend once. Must spend the night together with your wife or with any call girl and enjoy fucking all night long. Have fun guys. He started fucking me in different ways. having had. And I was lying there with my hair open, you yourself think how the scene would be. After some time he got ready again and we both started pleasing each other friends whole night till 12:00 am of the second day till the check-out time. He kept on fucking me. We both left the hotel at 12:00 noon and went out to have dinner. Friends, this birthday will be memorable for me forever because I got such a gift in it that I was very happy and he got a return gift like God bless everyone. I will tell you another story very soon on

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