Husband got me fucked by many for son

My name is Kavita, today I am going to tell you a story, today I am putting my husband’s act in front of you, today I will feel a little lighter when I tell you my whole story, today I want Let people also know that sometimes a husband is God and sometimes he is not less than a pimp. Everyone ruined my respect, made me like a prostitute by fucking me, today I am writing my story in front of you daughter-in-law. I had a love marriage, and there was a lot of betrayal in this love, he was not the same boy as I wanted, he was a number one bastard and a slacker, I got trapped on his beauty, and ruined myself, I used to do it too What else would she complain to? I broke up with my parents and got married, after that my parents stopped talking to me, after marriage we both came to Delhi and started living in Palam in a small rented house, as my husband was, I slowly I shielded you, because there was no one else in my life, now there was no solution, slowly life started passing in the condition of poverty, he used to do a small job, two daughters were born in two consecutive years, and Then I was not able to conceive, my husband started drinking alcohol, his semen did not come out or very less, he could not even satisfy me, I wanted to fuck, but he could not even fuck me. , I was still young and beautiful, fair body long, butt round, big eyes big eyes, my figure was such that it could attract anyone’s mind, but it was of no use because my husband was not enjoying me, but I never even thought of having sex with a non-man. But one day, in the evening, he brought one of his friends, and said Kavita, meet him, he is my friend Kaushal, Kaushal is like my brother, it works for me a lot When I told him my point, he said I can help, I said what help, then he said look, it is necessary to have a son, that’s why I have brought him, he will not make a relationship every day, just give him once, he A boy will be given to both of us, I became enraged, how could I have sex with a non-man, I understood how much my husband is a bastard, does anyone hand over his wife to a non-man like this? I started crying thinking this. And she started saying that no one in this world will have a husband like you, it is the duty of a husband to protect his wife, but today you auctioned me, and started crying, then he got angry and started abusing me and said that Get out of the house, I will not keep you, and started hitting me. I used to be very scared, because I had no one else in this world, now I had to accept it. After two or three hours I got ready, he took me to the room on the terrace, the children were asleep in the lower room, then my husband gave me five hundred rupees and told me to go to the booty parlor in the morning, and then both He took out a bottle of wine from his bag and both of them started drinking. Take it, now consider him as your husband, he is not less than me, he has everything, car, house, money, I can’t even fuck you and he will fuck you like an Englishman fucks in blue film, And you must be having a boy. I was very scared, slowly they both got very drunk, and then closed the door, my husband from outside, and went to smoke cigarette, now I was in the room and Kaushal and I was there, he started taking off my clothes, And one by one threw off all the clothes, I became naked now he broke down on me like a beast, he started rubbing my tits, sucking lips, fingering my ass and pussy, and ah ah ah ah ohh ohh sister-in-law, what’s the matter, how hot are you, ohhh it was fun, he started moaning and then made me lie down, climbed up first caressed me, kissed and pressed her tits, then put both my legs on his shoulder, and Keeping the land in the middle of my pussy, started pounding hard, she moaned in pain. Because his land was very thick and long, he was pushing hard, my anklet used to ring on his every push, and the sound of ah ah ah used to come out of my mouth, now I also started enjoying and I too Started fucking, I also lifted my ass and started fucking, now I also started saying fuck me a lot, tear my pussy, tear my ass, mash my tits, I want to fuck a lot, make me happy today, then she He also started saying whore, today I will fuck you all night, today I will make you happy, today I will show you heaven, and I will also give you a son, said you are with this bastard, if you stay with me then she will do it, I also started saying that I am yours. , Now you fuck me every day, fuck me as much as you want, take me wherever your land wants to go, I will not stop. And started fucking hard. Then my husband came and knocked on the door, then Kaushal said, sister, stay outside now, my husband said, no problem brother, take as much time as you want, and he started fucking me again. He fucks me for about an hour and then fell down exhausted, and he fell asleep, I opened the door, my husband came and said Shavash poem, and I started holding him slowly, and then all three fell asleep, like this everyday now Kaushal started fucking me, it lasted for about 6 months, even then I did not get a boy, then he vacated the house, then my husband again brought a friend from his factory and got him fucked for about three months, then his boss I had become like a prostitute, now I started enjoying sex, those people would give money, give respect and also fuck, but still the dream of a boy is still in the husband’s mind. Yes, but I don’t mind.

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