Got hugged by tying Rakhi on the last Rakhi but brother did not fuck

Raksha Bandhan Sex Story : Sister’s kiss on Rakhi – Relationships get wired, sometimes when there is a fire in the body. No matter what is the fault of anyone, but the relationship is always in disrepute. Today I am going to tell you my sex story on nonveg How did my brother fuck me in the last Rakshabandhan? Rakhi’s gift is not a cock, but what do I do, I also got carried away and chuckled. Despite not wanting, I liked the gift of cock and I was kissed by my brother throughout the day. Now I come straight to the story. Friends, my name is Sheetal, I am from Agra. I have a mother, father and a younger brother in my house who lives in Delhi. I always used to come to Agra but he did not come. I told my parents that I come to Delhi and tie rakhi. So those people also did not mind and when I called my brother and said that I am coming tomorrow morning a day before to tie rakhi, then he too became happy. Said come, sister will have fun one day. I thought that something in Rakhi will make my sister spin. I too became happy thinking that I will go to the market and go to the mall, and after taking the bus at 4 o’clock in the morning, I left for Delhi and reached my brother’s room at 9 o’clock. He lives in Mayur Vihar. When she arrived at nine o’clock, she woke up and immediately took a bath, I also took a bath, brought rasgulla from Agarwal Sweet next door and then tied the rakhi and fed it with rasgulla. In return I was given 1000 rupees. and hugged. But friends made this mistake, hugging him and kissing him lightly, I embraced him as a sister and kissed with love. But everything turned upside down. When my big big and tight nipples hit his chest that he got furious and worked like a fire in ghee. He went mad, took me in his arms and started stroking my back. Started feeling the hook of my bra and putting my mouth on my neck started feeling the fragrance of my body. His cock will slowly stand up. It was feeling above my thighs. He lived alone, the room was closed, me and he was just no one else. Friends, what should I tell that he was doing what he was doing, but I too started flowing. I also liked to caress him, his warm hot breath hitting my ear. I lost my temper as soon as he kissed my cheek. And I closed my eyes and I caught hold of it myself. Now both of them were breathing hot. And on my lips went towards his lips and I got to know and I got the lip locked. I was breathing slowly and my heartbeat was getting faster. And both of them were locked and were kissing each other’s lips blindly. Sometimes his lip inside my mouth sometimes my lip inside his mouth. Sometimes I would gently press with my teeth and sometimes he would. Slowly both of our tongues started going into each other’s mouth and we were sucking in each other’s tongue as if it was ice cream of ice. Ohhh, what can I tell friends, there was a fire all over my body. I was helpless and uncontrollable. He made me sit on the bed but I lay down and started stroking my hair, my lips were drying. The eyes had turned red. Heart was beating. He took off his vest and started sucking my lips again, now his hand was on my boobs. He slowly started caressing my boobs but I wanted him to press the boobs not from above but from inside. I immediately sat down and took off my T-shirt. Looking at my bra, he was astonished as to what he had found. I took off my bra again. Big nipples were in front of him. I got hot so my nipples also got tight. He looked carefully at my boobs first and then started rubbing the nipple with his finger. It felt like a current ran through my whole body. I got drunk. Now I grabbed him and started sucking his lips in a wild way. Now I took off all my clothes and that too became naked. When he put his hand on my pussy, his hiss came out. he got mad. My pussy had become wet, he went near my pussy and started licking. I separated both my legs, he was licking his tongue on my pussy. Tell me guys, how did I feel? For the first time I felt that sex is so much fun whether it is with my real sister or with my brother. Today I myself was having sex with my real brother. His fat cock was in agony. was saluting. I was tired of touching myself. He immediately put the cock in my hand. Supra was looking inside and out. was feeling After that it didn’t go away and I took it in my mouth. She was touching his supada with her tongue as if I am a serpent. Friends were enjoying it, then I took his cock in my mouth and started licking it by taking it in my mouth by shaking it. In between, maybe some semen was coming out of it, so sometimes it seemed salty. He was gnashing his teeth and sighing ah ah ah suuuu suuu ohffff owu. I was sucking silently, that strange strange sound was coming out of my mouth. Now it was time to kiss. I beckoned to give it now. I lay down and he came on his knees and put his fat cock on top of my pussy and rubbed first from top to bottom. And then after feeling the hole, he entered my pussy. The pain intensified. He started caressing my nipples and stopped, blood was coming out of the pussy. My lips were dry. Then he pushed gently and now I felt that the whole cock went inside rubbing the wall of my pussy. It hurt me for two to three minutes then I started feeling better. Now he was pushing hard while mashing my boobs. I put both my feet on his shoulder. The whole city would be shaken as he pushed hard. I was filled with lust now. was having fun The ass was twirling and licking it by taking its cicadas. Then he went down and I came up and took his thick cock in my pussy and would sit and then it would be up, so that the whole lady would be inside my pussy and I would have liked it very much. Friends, he fucks me all day and I also chudi. Choda me thrice in the night too but I was happy. My Rakshabandhan had become memorable. This time I’ll tell you again. Because it was promised on the same day that we both were sisters keeping the relationship of brother intact. Will kiss only on the day of Rakhi, not the whole year. And the same thing happened, this time I will tell you again what happened, how was my Rakhi with me.

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