Inviting four boys to the room, I made me kiss without any love and affection

I Shyama welcome all of you very much on non veg I am telling you all my cool story. I want to tell you that I am a very different woman. Seeing any young man, the only question that comes to my mind is that if he wants to eat his cock. I am a very hot lady and god knows why my hunger for sex is not quenched. I am a resident of Saharanpur and am a very infamous woman. People know me as Shyama Chhinal. I used to invite street boys to the house every day. The story of that day is still imprisoned in my mind. My husband used to work in a factory. He could not earn much. That’s why I used to quarrel with him every day. ‘You are a blot on man’s name. Every man gives 500 1000 rupees to his woman. But you can’t even give me 100 rupees everyday. Go and die somewhere by drowning!!’ In this way, I used to curse my husband every day. He used to organize his class every day. One day he got so fed up with me that he hanged himself from the fan from my own sari. After that friends, I became a chutta bull. Whenever I saw a boy from the street, I would invite him to the house and get him to kiss a lot. I remember that day many times. Guddu, the wood of my street, was passing through the road. He was looking at me. I too had not kissed for many days. I also started chasing him and I looked him in the eye and signaled to come to the house. Guddu was a very chatty boy. He used to do vagabonds all day. The whole day was looking for only pussy. When I pointed to Guddu, he became very happy. I went inside. I opened the door. Guddu comes inside. I clung to his chest. He wanted to fuck me directly. I was also in the mood to kiss him directly. There was no such thing as love between us. My pussy was getting very hot. As long as some fat lauda does not fuck my burr. Till then I do not get peace. ‘Guddu! Will you return? My pussy is very thirsty’ I said ‘Yes I will. Shyama! My dear, you know very well that I go out every day to find a pussy. That’s why I will definitely bring you back,’ said the stray Guddu. I got very chubby. Arrangements for ladoos were made for today. Because I did not get to eat Lauda for a long time. I was a very hot and chubby woman. If someday she didn’t get chutney in her bosom with a lauda, ​​then I used to feel very empty. As soon as I entered the room, Guddu, the great stray boy of my locality, started kissing me. My lips started drinking. ‘Gandu, I have not brought you to show my love. If you want to chud, then chud otherwise get lost.’ I said angrily. ‘Hey Shyama Jaan!! Unless I steal the redness of my pink lips, how will my lode feel sorry,’ said Guddu. That’s why I let him suck my cool lips. Then she put me on the bed and untied my sari. naked me. He started drinking my pussy with his mouth. Guddu kept drinking my pussy for a long time. Keep fingering my pussy. He was thrashing very loudly by putting 4 fingers together in my pussy. My ass burst due to this act of Guddu. My mother got pissed. Guddu was treating me like a scoundrel. ‘Take mortise!! Kiss me with my fingers today. Today I will fuck you so much that I will never see you like any other wood again. Today, I will fuck you so much that your lust and craving will be calmed forever,’ said the stray Guddu. He also slapped many loudly. Again putting my 4 fingers in my pussy started to beat. He was drinking the lips of my pussy with his mouth. My pussy was very beautiful. I had a big Kajri pussy. Then Guddu put a lauda in my pussy and started choking me. Ah I can’t tell you how happy I got. For how many days I was thirsty for lode. After the death of my husband, I did not have any such man who could pacify my lust. But today I was very grateful to Guddu. He was fucking me in a hurry. In my pussy, his 8-inch lauda was going all the way inside. He was taking full care of the fact that I chudu by law. To be brought deeper and deeper in my pussy and give me complete happiness by choking me. Guddu was taking full care of this matter. Actually that stray Guddu was a linseed man. His loaf was very thick and strong. He was licking me. Like a farmer hoes the earth very quickly with a spade. He digs up the ground. Just like that stray Guddu was digging my pussy. He pelted my bed for a long time and then it fell. I started gasping. I started laughing by saying ‘ha ha ha’. ‘Oi Guddu, you are very cool! Where did you teach you to kiss like this?? I asked Guddu ‘Shyama my life!! As a child, my father used to beat my ass. When I grew up, I took out the anger of the oppression on me from my sister. I started fucking my sister every night. Just since then I got this skill’ said Guddu. After sometime I was ready to kiss him again. Guddu made me a bitch and put oil in the bottom of my ass and pussy and said to rub it. He thoroughly massaged my pussy and ass. Great service to me. Then Guddu started kissing my round white butts from behind and started caressing. He started biting with his teeth. For a long time he kept playing with my backyard. Then Guddu started drinking my pussy state with his mouth. My pussy was very red, very cool, which Guddu was drinking full. Guddu started digging my pussy with the tip of his tongue. This caused a stir in my pussy. ‘Sisterfucker!! Guddu your mother’s eye!! Why are you messing around? If you want to fuck, then fuck your brother-in-law or else your mother fucks!’ I kicked him. This scared him and started thinking that I should not change my mind and I should not refuse to give him pussy. Guddu set his big lauda on my bosom. In fact, till date I have had sex with many men. But I had never seen such a big lauda, ​​nor had I eaten it. Guddu started chugging me by hopping. I aa ha ha ha ha o o and started taking hissing. It is a little more fun to eat fat gourd. Because it sucks the pussy well. The thick ladle in the walls of the pussy produces more rubbing and more friction, which gives extreme pleasure. In this way, I started having fun with the stray wood of my street. I was a bitch all this time. Guddu was fucking me. Then he suddenly started pushing with such force that I felt that the ground would slip away. In my house, the sound of the trumpet started ringing. It was the sweet noise of my kissing and deep banging. Today my house became pure with this sound. My pussy kept bursting. Then Guddu fell in my vagina. Then it has been many days since Guddu did not appear. I sent a child to his house and asked him to come to know that he has gone to Barabanki for some work and will come after 3 months. I was very disappointed to hear this because now there was no one to fuck me. It’s been 10 days. I had not eaten any boy’s loda. Now my heart started getting restless again. In the evening, when I started bringing vegetables and milk to the market, 4 strays were standing at the crossroads. I knew them. He used to stand at the crossroads all day and do vagabonds. Whatever girls passed by, they used to make lewd comments. I started looking carefully like 4 loafing woods. Because I wanted to kiss them. ‘How are you Shyama Bhabhi?? Let me know if we have some work. If you want to order vegetable milk and curd, then tell us,’ said the stray boys. I asked him to come at 7 in the evening. I knew that he would definitely come. I was well dressed. He came as soon as 7 o’clock. ‘Say sister-in-law, what’s the work?’ They all said. I removed the pallu of my sari and bowed the deep neck of my Balaus around them. ‘tell now? Will all four of you be able to do this work??” I asked rolling my eyes. All four of them understood that I was asking her to kiss. ‘Ha ha, sister-in-law, we will definitely fuck you, so let’s go inside the room. Will you kiss only in this condition?? Those four boys said. ‘Dude! I am very chubby in the room. But now I want to kiss in the open,’ I said to all the four laughs. ‘What’s the problem with that? We will fuck you openly too,’ he said. All four of them fell on top of me. Someone started pulling my saree. Someone started tearing my blouse. Then those four loafers jumped on me. Somebody untied my hair. Someone tore my saree. Someone tore my blouse. There was a boy among them. He was very long and wide, he gave his lauda in my mouth. Siraj’s Lauda was really big and huge. That’s why I started sucking his fat after beating it with pleasure. Siraj had such a big Lauda, ​​how pink and luxurious Supada was. He was not a Lukkha but Cupid. With my soft white hands, I started sucking the long stick of Siraj by thrashing it. Lauda started drinking. Whereas the other 3 boys had torn my blouse till now. My mum was drinking. Recently there was a big sofa lying on this where my chudai ceremony was going on. I wanted to kiss with indecency. Anyway, sex and lust is nothing to hide. Everyone has the right to kiss as he pleases. That’s why the wish of my big days was getting fulfilled today. Since when I was dreaming that I can kiss 4 people together. Siraj was fucking my face. While the other three were drinking my mummo. 1 boy’s body name was Atul, he was lying on the ground drinking my pussy and my ass. While Bhanu and Ajit were drinking by pressing each of my mummies in their mouths. Siraj sucked my mouth with his ladle for a long time. Then I started fucking. He was a great chudai. Siraj’s Lauda was no less than a wrestler’s Lauda. He started hitting so hard that both my smooth and smooth nipples started shaking. My Chukchi was very beautiful. How many woods used to die on me just to have a look at my succulent chests. ‘Shyama Bhabhi!! Once! Please show your chuchi once ‘My lover used to request me like this. I used to open my blouse and show it. Siraj was fucking me crazy. He was pushing hard even with my old lover Guddu. Then he also fell in my torn bosom. When Siraj was removed, Atul came and started fucking me. His waist was a bit thin. He started kissing me. Here Bhanu turned my head to the left. Bhanu was standing like my left. He turned my head to the left and threw it in my mouth ‘Randi! Siraj’s Lauda was sucking with a lot of heart. What thorns are there in our lode? Let’s go suck!’ Bhanu spoke. I also started sucking his lauda with pleasure. On the other hand, Ajit held my hand and put it on his lode and said, ‘Randi, your pussy and mouth are BG at this time, but the right hand is empty. Come on, my Lauda Fat’ said Ajit. Friends, in this way I was doing 3 things simultaneously. She was kissing Atul. Bhanu’s Lauda was drinking in her mouth and Ajit’s Lauda was beating with her right hand. Siraj was enjoying sitting from a distance. Friends, those four boys of my locality have fucked me in different ways. Siraj and Atul made me eat and drink very quickly, while Bhanu and Ajit slowly licked my pussy with love and affection with great ease. After a few days my old lover Guddu returned. ‘Why Shyama Jaan!! how are you my love??” Guddu said ‘I’m fine! Somehow it worked without me. I missed your weapon very much. When will you feed?’ I asked ‘I will serve you in the night itself’ said Guddu. At night I got dressed well after taking a bath. I wore a brand new green Banarasi saree. My lover Guddu came in the night. At first he grabbed my mummies a lot, then started flirting. Then he put it in my mouth. The same famous Lauda. Guddu started kissing me. I started sucking lauda after leaping. Guddu my old friend started caressing my milk. I started sucking after taking pleasure in it like a desi chudkkad scoundrel. Then Guddu made me completely disheartened. There was not a single cloth on my white body. When Guddu started taking my pussy, he did not stop. Suddenly I was left with a chudke. Don’t know what he used to eat, he made me drink five times one after the other and five times he spit on my mouth with big thick condensed goods. Even today people in Saharanpur consider me a widow, but no one knows that I secretly kiss my old friend Guddu in the house. How did you like my Mast Chudai Wali story, please write your comments on nonveg

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