Gupta uncle took me hostage and tore my wife’s belly in front of me and ate a lot of it

Yes friends, although this is a sad incident, but I want to lighten your heart by telling it to you people. I am a resident of Akash Ghaziabad. My wife’s name is Kajal. I am telling this sad story of mine on Friends, Chodkar Gupta uncle lives 4 houses away from my house. We used to call him Guptaji Guptaji. He had 2 sons who had settled in America. His wife was already dead. I used to get sidetracked by him a lot. There was no one to take care of Gupta uncle. That’s why I used to pack it in a tiffin and take it to him in the morning and evening. He used to consider me as his manas son or muh bola son. The neighbors next to him did not talk much to him. Because you must have known that in the metropolis, the neighbors rarely used to interact with their neighbors. That’s why Gupta uncle was completely dependent on me. When I served him continuously for 5 years in this way, he happily decided to transfer his house worth 20 lakhs to me. Akash son!! One day let’s go to the court. I will give my house in your name!! No one knows when I will die!! He spoke. When I told this thing to my wife Kajal after coming home, she was not happy. By taking a house worth 20 lakhs on rent, we could easily make it 20-30 thousand. I became very happy. The day I took leave from my office, Gupta uncle fell ill. Neither I could take him to the court, nor could I get the house in my name. My wife Kajal was very greedy. Every night he whispers in my ears that somehow I should get the house in my name. We were planning when suddenly Gupta uncle got some skin disease. It was necessary to have a man with him. So I asked my wife Kajal to go to his house and serve Gupta uncle. Now my young and beautiful wife would go to Gupta uncle’s house at 10 in the morning. Bathing them, giving them medicine. Cooked food for them, applied medicine on their skin where there was a wound. Overall friends, my young wife started serving Gupta uncle by becoming a midwife. My wife Kajal was just 23 years old. His figure was 32, 28, 34. It was only 2 years since my marriage. I could not even fuck my 23 year old wife tightly. Because my office from 9 am to 9 pm used to take my whole time. I had no idea about this, but Gupta uncle’s eyes were on my young wife’s beauty and her youth. When Kajal would take him for a bath, his fair-haired sister Gupta would touch Uncle’s body. Gupta uncle’s cock would have been erect immediately. Kajal used to serve him considering him as her father, but Gupta uncle, who was 58-60 years old, thought somewhere in his mind that Akash’s woman is very powerful. If it warms my bed once then what to say. At least my old age should improve. Friends, I did not know the nefarious intentions of Gupta uncle. Because I also considered him as my father. My wife Kajal also used to cook food in his house, when she used to wipe herself while sitting in her house, Gupta uncle would see her fair fair mother and he would think again and again that ‘I wish someday Akash’s woman would get to eat. I will give all my money, house and house in his name. He used to stare at Kajal. Kajal was slightly suspicious of him. Listen sky!! I don’t like the intentions of uncle Gupta. He stares at me with tears in his eyes. Don’t know what you keep thinking!! Kajal told me. I didn’t pay any special attention to his talk. Then one day when I went to meet Gupta uncle, he started talking very different things. ‘Oh sky! Your woman is very beautiful! From where did you find such a gem, brother?? When I saw your woman, I could not take my eyes off. Really the above must have made him in great leisure! Gupta uncle spoke. I laughed at his point. I didn’t mind his words. But Gupta uncle’s intention on my wife was worse. Next Sunday both Kajal and I reached his house in the evening. Now his health was feeling fine. My wife Kajal was very greedy and greedy. She used to repeatedly say that no matter how much service Gupta uncle is taught to her, she will do it and will get his house worth 20 lakhs done in my name. Kajal had made a similar plan. That’s why I reached Khushi Khushi Gupta uncle’s house that day with him. Kajal was wearing a very beautiful purple saree. Both the bulges of her strained milk were peeking out from her tight blouse. Kajal had put on a lot of make-up. Her white fair cheeks and her full body looked very attractive. On the way, when I was bringing him sitting on the bike, every young man was looking at him with tears in his eyes. Really my wife Kajal was looking amazing. Her pink lips were sweet with honey. Lots of bright red lipstick was applied on her lips with kajal. She was looking amazing. As soon as I rang the bell of Gupta uncle’s house, he came out. Hey sky son!! You came!! He hugged me. Come come !! please come inside !! He spoke. We Mian Bibi went inside. Talked for some time. Then Gupta uncle brought cold drinks for both of us. Drink son!! He spoke. Me and Kajal both picked up the bottle of Coca-Cola and started drinking it. It was very tasty. After some time I started feeling slight tingling. I started to faint. After some time I fell asleep and collapsed on the sofa. My wife took only 1-2 sips from Kajal. That’s why she didn’t faint completely like me. Gupta uncle stood up. He started laughing while spreading a crooked smile. They gave both of us a cold drink laced with drugs. Now I know. Come on Kajal daughter go to the room! He spoke and sat down near Kajal. He put his hands on both her shoulders. Uncle !! this you?? What are you doing?? Said my wife Kajal in a broken voice. She was scared of Gupta uncle and was backing away from him. I had regained consciousness a bit. My eyes were opening, but I could not move my body even if I wanted to. Even my hand was not raising. But friends, I had seen Gupta uncle moving towards his young and beautiful wife. I was not able to protest, but I knew that maybe he wants to do something like this with my young and beautiful wife. Yes Kajal daughter!! I want to have your looks and beauty!! I am very thirsty for this beauty of yours. Today I will be drinking the juice of your beauty! Gupta uncle spoke and he caught hold of Kajal’s sleeveless fair and beautiful shoulders. No! uncle! No !! Kajal said. Kajal was not in her senses. Because Dust Gupta uncle had probably given us some very powerful drug. Kajal’s eyes were half closed, half open. Gupta uncle started playing with her body. Started kissing her cheeks with wrong intentions. He started kissing Kajal’s fair and smooth cheeks. Kajal was not able to do anything even after wishing. Because the medicine had dissolved in his blood. I was watching all the miracles of Gupta uncle. I wanted to pick up a heavy brick and hit him on the head. But friends, I was watching all their actions. Gupta uncle removed the purple color pallu of my young wife Kajal. Both her beautiful breasts were visible from her blouse. Gupta uncle moved his tongue on his lips and put his hands on Kajal’s breast, then started looking at me. There was anger in my eyes. But I was helpless. Now I understood his plan that he would fuck my wife in front of me. My jawans will strip my wife in front of me. In front of me, I will put my fat cock in my wife’s bosom and hit her pussy. Friends, I understood the whole plan of evil Gupta uncle. Then he increased like kajal and started pressing her breasts from her blouse itself. Kajal was helpless. Couldn’t do anything Then they made her lie on the sofa in front of me. Took off his shirt. Opened all the buttons of Kajal’s blouse one by one. I started crying. Then in one stroke removed her bra too. Kajal had a little sense. She was not doing it. Uncle Gupta started taking Kajal’s big juicy breasts in his hands. But both the pigeons of Kajal were so big that even Gupta uncle’s hands became small. He started pressing her breast while caressing it round and round, then started drinking. Kajal was unconscious, could not defend herself. But was not doing it. Gupta uncle lay down on my wife and started drinking lots of milk from her. Then they removed all of it. Then removed her petticoat, then her panty too. I was sitting on the other sofa. My body was numb, but I could see and understand everything. Gupta uncle brought his mobile and took 10-20 photos of my naked wife. I got very angry. Then he started drinking Kajal’s pussy. He recorded that too in his mobile. Kajal had not made jhantas for many days, because I could not fuck her for many days. The office work was so much that I did not get time to love. Gupta uncle was drinking my wife’s pussy after caressing her big black skirt. The biggest thing is that they were also recording everything in the room. I was just crying. Uncle Gupta was drinking my wife’s cool pussy, opening the long lips of the pussy with his finger. Kajal’s clitoris[ चूत के दाने] He was caressing her with his finger and licking her tongue and drinking her pussy. My blood was boiling. I could not do anything. Then Gupta uncle opened both the legs of Kajal. By applying his cock, he started fucking my wife in front of me. Tears fell from my eyes. Gupta uncle was looking very happy. The woman whom he was chasing for the last 2 months, today he was finally successful in hunting her. They were pushing my wife in front of me. Kajal ‘No uncle! No uncle! She was saying lightly. His thick dick was tearing my wife’s pussy very well. Both her pussy lips were opened by his thick cock. They were eating Kajal’s mother while drinking it. His cock was coming inside and out very comfortably in Kajal’s pussy. I don’t know how Kajal must be feeling. But Gupta uncle’s eyes were filled with lust and only lust. He would sit and fuck my wife, then lay down on her and fuck her. He fucked my wife very well. Then after some time he fell into Kajal’s pussy. He took it out. I myself saw Kajal’s pussy with watery eyes, it was full of Gupta uncle’s goods. They looted my wife’s everything and recorded it. They tied my hands and legs with a rope. I regained consciousness after 3 hours. Gupta uncle threatened that if I report to the police, he will put the video of my wife’s sex on the internet. Friends, today it is 6 months, every night he licks my young wife’s pussy in front of me. I am helpless I am not able to do anything. You were reading this story on

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