Honeymoon celebrated overnight with boyfriend

Hello friends, I welcome all of you very much to Nonveg Story dot com. I have been its regular reader for the last many years and not a single night goes by when I do not read its sexy stories. Today I was telling you my story. Hope you like it very much. My name is Nishita. I am just 18 years old. I am very hot, young and sexy girl. Seeing me, boys’ cocks make me tense up. All the boys line up hanging their cocks just behind my juicy pussy. From childhood till today, I have shown my pussy to many boys. I love sucking cocks. Boys also love to suck my juicy pussy. He also cannot live without licking my pussy. I find my nipples to be the cutest part of my body. Whenever someone touches it, my body catches fire. I get very hot. My breathing starts increasing. Friends, now I am going to tell about my fuck how my boyfriend fucked me. I am a medium family girl. My father’s name is Ramdev. He runs his own medical store. They want to make me a doctor after being educated. They don’t know that even without education, I can cure many people everyday. I have only one brother. He is older than me. He is married. Her in-laws house is nearby. Stays glued to the phone with sister-in-law the whole day. He goes to meet whenever he wants. Satisfied with his fucking needs, Khushi happily comes back home. I am studying in inter now. But seeing me children, old and young all get defeated. I look 24 years old. My figure is 34 28 36. The teats are wonderful. Whoever sees it starts drooling for a drink. The nipples of both my mothers always remain standing with their mouths raised. Till now I have made my pussy a flower from the bud by kissing many boys. Both the petals of my pussy are very open and swollen. It seems to be full of goods. Everyone’s cock can fit in the padded pussy. My pussy has eaten a very big cock. Me too when I go to college. I make a lot of preparations. I keep my lips decorated by applying lip balm on my lips. Friends, for the first time when I was studying in 10th, then only then I got fucked. You would not even have seen such a heartless fuck. I was 18 years old at that time. But I got trapped by a 19 year old cool fat strong guy. His name was Nakul. He was studying in intermediate. He was two years older than me. At that time the blood of my youth was boiling. Pussy was also eager to fuck. I was not going to stay either. The first was the first boyfriend. The blessing I got by seeing his cock. He is working till today. Oh my god, thinking about that painful day gives me goosebumps even today. My mom starts blooming. Friends, earlier I did not go to school properly dressed. Still, I looked like a tremendous amount. My nipples had developed a lot. From that time I had to wear a bra. At the very first glance of seeing me, Nakula fell in love with me. Like love, sex also has no age. Nakula believed that whoever he gets should be fucked. I too got caught in the same trap. Slowly he started teasing me. But really friends, I did not know at that time. Seeing him being punished, my body used to get on fire. I used to get distracted too. Sometimes I was forced to put my finger in my pussy on the seat itself. I used to go to the school toilet and masturbate. Sometimes he also used to come to give company. All the time both of us used to think about sex. He was a boy from a very big family. He wanted to take me to a separate room several times but I refused. Gradually this matter escalated. Friends, my class and his class were face to face. We both used to warm each other by sitting on the window. But this was not going to last for long. Summer vacations were about to happen. Now both of us became even more impatient. Finally the day has come when my thirst for fuck was about to be quenched. He wanted to take me to his house. He told me a day before. Nakul- “Tomorrow my house is empty. There’s no fear. Everyone in the house will go out. Then we will talk a lot at home” Me- “Okay, but if someone comes to know, I will be killed” Nakul- “If there is no one then how will anyone know” both of us could not sleep whole night. I kept talking to Nakul on the phone the whole night. Now both of us were waiting for the morning. It’s morning. I spoke to my mother. Today is my friend’s birthday. I’m going there He has called in the night. Saying this, I took out my bicycle. Nakul’s house was 4 km away from my house. I have reached He hurriedly put the bicycle inside the gate. I quickly took it inside and breathed a sigh of relief. His heart was thumping. I clung to it and listened to the beats. His cock was getting erect. He took me inside and made me sit on the sofa. We both started talking looking at each other. I was looking like a small child in front of his body. His cock was saluting me. For the first time I was sitting alone with some boy. He slowly slipped and clung to me. Nakul- “I was worried for so many days. To talk like that.” I- “I wanted to too. That’s why I have come before that by giving time of 9 o’clock” Nakul- “How old will you be” Me- “I am 18 years old now. Why do you think?” Nakul – “No one can say that you are 18 years old. Your stuff is all looking big” Me- “What is my fault in this. When the stuff got bigger”Nakul-“I was attracted to you on seeing you”Me-“Why what had I seen that I became attracted”Nakul-“To be honest, your big boobs attract everyone towards you”me I was feeling ashamed while talking all these things. I bowed my head. Put my head on your cock. His cock was hitting on my head. I said- “Nakul yaar, I feel something in my head.” Nakul- “Nothing. That’s mine, that’s that.” He was too shy to say. I also said – “This item of yours is also looking big” Nakul – “I have been able to do this with a lot of hard work. But haven’t been able to inaugurate anyone yet.” Me- “I didn’t understand anything. What do you want to say” Nakul – “I haven’t had sex yet” Me – “means you are still completely unmarried like me” Nakul – “yes but if you want today we can inaugurate” Me- “No, I don’t want to do it if something happens” Neither Baba nor I want to. And I will not let my semen fall in your pussy” Me- “How will you know” Nakul- “When the semen is about to fall. So as you guys come to know. I also get to know” It seemed from Nakul’s words. I can’t wait to tear my pussy. He looked at me for a while. After that he put his hand on my nipples. I did not say anything. His courage was increasing. He had got the green signal just like the train. He picked me up. After that holding my head from behind and sticking it with his lips. It seemed that he too had seen a lot of blue film like me. Biting my lips with his lips, he started sucking. Enjoying sucking my soft pink lips. I was also supporting her. I was having fun too. My breathing started getting faster. As soon as he took my most lovely parts lovely lovely boobs in his hand and started pressing them. My mouth started sobbing “..ahhhhhhh sceeeeee….aaaaa….aha…ha ha ha”. Electricity ran through my whole body. Now I started getting impatient to fuck. The itching of the pussy started increasing. He kissed my nipples to drink. Started lowering his lip. Slowly he reached up to my boobs while kissing. I was wearing red colored leggy and red colored round frock that day. My body looks very beautiful in red clothes. He rubbed my nipples for some time from above my frock. After that he took me out and put me in the bra. Looking at the bra, his cock started getting erect. The terrifying sight of his cock started appearing from the top of her lover. He freed my nipples. Started drinking it. Started drinking white like milk nipples. I muttered “……Aye…Aye….Aye……Aye….Issssss…….Uhhhhh….Ohhhhh….” His voice started coming out with hot breaths. I also started pressing his cock by holding it. Ui mummy had touched such a big cock for the first time. He stopped drinking my nipples. After that he took out his cock and gave it in my hand. His cock was looking bigger than 12 inches. I was very afraid. I caressed his cock for some time and enjoyed sucking it a lot. He also removed my now my leggy. Seeing me in panties, his cock was pointing up and down to get ready to fuck. He removed that too and made me naked. Picked me up and took me to my room. Slammed me on the bed with great enthusiasm. Spread both the legs and saw my pussy. He put his mouth to drink the juice of the swollen pussy. Enjoyed licking my pussy like a dog. He was making me even more hot by rubbing his cock. I pressed the sheet loudly “U U U U U…… Aaaa Aaaaa… C C C C….. Oo-oo…oo….” Was making a sound. To calm my yearning, he started trying to insert his cock into my pussy. His thick cock was not entering my pussy at all. Forcefully applying oil, he inserted his cock and tore my pussy. “……Mummy …Mummy ….. C C C C .. Ha ha ha ….. ooo ooo…. Oh , Oom… Oom… Unhu Unhu..” She started shouting. Not listening to the voice, he mercilessly started inserting the whole cock in my pussy. Almost his entire cock entered my pussy. I started panting more and more. Tears started flowing from my eyes. Due to this fuck of her, I also started killing her. He held my hands. But he kept inserting his whole cock in my pussy. Slowly taking out his cock, he started fucking me. My seal was broken when I hit my fist. Such a thick cock was making a stir by entering my pussy. The condition of my pussy is getting better now. His pain slowly started to subside. He left my hand and started fucking very hard. His cock was continuously tearing my pussy. I was having fun now. Now my voice started changing. I also raised my pussy and started fucking with the sound of “….um um um um…. Seeing me doing this, the speed of his sex increased even more. He put the speed of the car on full. His cock was coming out after entering my pussy. He picked me up and started fucking me in a strange style. Today he was fucking me by applying all the sex positions. Sometimes he was fucking my one leg and sometimes both legs. I am also “Hoooooo hoooooo hoooooo….Oo-ooo…oo c c c c… ha ha ha.. oh ho ho….” Was fucking with sweet voice. He asked to fuck my ass. I refused. Had to stay together for the whole day today. Then after some time she agreed to fuck ass. He bent me down and put his cock in my pussy from behind and started fucking very hard. Holding my waist, they were doing my work quickly. I loudly “U U U U U…… A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C basis basis Was fucking with the sound of. This program went on for some time. After that he also became about to fall. I had fallen many times. Both were drenched with sweat. As soon as the cock was erect for the whole day, I started fucking. That day Nakul made my pussy a flower from a bud. I could not forget that fuck till date. Even today, remembering it, I beat my fist. How did you like the story, do give your comments on nonvegstory.com.

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