Son in law made me pregnant what should I do now

Mother in law and son in law sex story in Hindi : Hello to all the readers of nonveg I am a 41 year old woman my name is Surbhi. Today I am going to tell you my sex story, this is my true story, today I am telling you in this story how my son-in-law made me pregnant, my daughter is pregnant and I am also 2 months pregnant. When, how and why all this happened, I am writing to you in a systematic way through the story on this website so that I can lighten my mind. My daughter Akanksha got married in a good family of Delhi. My son-in-law works in an IT company and holds a very high position. He has a lot of money. His parents do not live with him. My son-in-law lives in Noida and both his parents live in Delhi. He has a sister living abroad who is married. When she invited her parents to her place for 6 months, then the son-in-law did not feel like it. The marriage took place only last year and my daughter Akanksha also felt that I should go and stay with her for a few days. My daughter is also a Works in private company. So on the insistence of both of them, my daughter went to her son-in-law. Only Akanksha’s father and my younger daughter Neha started living in Lucknow, my husband also said that go and stay with your daughter for a few days, you will like it, me and Neha both will stay here, there will be no problem. And I left for Delhi. Son-in-law has come to pick me up at the station, daughter also came along, both of them were very happy and then I left for Noida where they lived. Time passed, all three of us had become very close to each other. Son-in-law was very good-natured and used to laugh and joke. After that I, my daughter and my son-in-law started living like friends, I liked the habit of my son-in-law very much. After a few days my daughter Akanksha had to go to Bangalore for office work. And it was also necessary to go, so me and son-in-law could not even stop him because he also works in a good company. When Akanksha went away, both of us did not feel like it. My son-in-law also started feeling very sad and I also started feeling sad. Friends, one thing is true, no matter what the relationship is, if the heart is meeting, there is no wall between friends, the same situation happened, me and my son-in-law started living as if we are each other’s companion or friend. Slowly we both came closer, in 1 day when she was cooking, she came from behind and put her hand on my shoulder. The first chapter of our lives started from there. I was making rotis in the kitchen, he came from behind and started talking by putting his hand on my shoulder, I also did not say anything, I felt good holding his hand, it made me feel familiar, so I did not even refuse. Slowly, keeping his hand on my shoulder, he put it on my head as well, then he held me from the side and started looking at the roti she was rolling. I was rolling rotis with my head down. Only then the son-in-law said that mother, I like you very much, you do not seem to be my mother, you seem like my friend. So I should also say that yes I am your friend only. After that she said let’s have food. And we both sat down to eat. After all this, he was staring at me again and again, sometimes he looked at my tits, sometimes at my ass, sometimes at my lips, sometimes at my whole body, I understood everything. It seemed that his mind was wandering somewhere else. But I also started liking seeing him, I was feeling that something is going to happen today because something was happening in my mind too. After having food I changed my clothes that I wore nighty but it happened that day friends that I did not wear anything inside I did not wear bra because it was hot so I thought that I would get rest so I did not wear anything inside neither bra nor panty. I started reading sex stories on while lying on the bed. A hot story of mother-in-law and son-in-law. While reading the story, today I have a chance and it doesn’t matter if I get this happiness. In fact, my husband was also old, so my pussy was not able to do it. And I was also young, I just wanted cock. But I used to say how the stories came to my room as soon as they were over. I quickly switched off my mobile, you looked at me and said, ‘Mummy, you are looking tired today’. So I said yes since morning today I was working because of this I am tired. So my son-in-law sat on the bed and started pressing my feet on his lap, I said no, no, don’t do this, don’t touch my feet. So he said no such thing, I have already told you that you are like my friend, then you also said that yes, you can consider me a friend, then why won’t one friend help another friend. And he started pressing my leg for 10:15 minutes, pressed both my legs and then put the nightie up. When it did not reach till the thigh, I held her hand and held her. Then he told me that you turn around, I will press your back. And I turned around. He started pressing my behind, slowly started pressing the butt. After that, friends, his hand was groping my body. Water started coming out of my pussy. Because when a man’s hand touched me, I could not stop myself and I started working myself. I straightened up and I started looking at him staring at my boobs. And slowly his trembling hands started rubbing my nipples. I could not say anything, I started looking at him with intoxicating eyes. After that I spread my arms to my friends and they got confined in my arms. He put his lips on mine and started sucking. He was pressing my nipples with his hands and was fucking my thoughts, both of us went to work, slowly he took off all his clothes and took off my nightie while caressing my body. He went crazy after seeing my big tits he started sucking my nipple with one hand he was groping my body he spread my legs apart sucking my lips pressing my nipple with one hand and another hand Started moving his hands on my pussy. Friends, now my body was on fire, I had gone mad, I was taking sobs, I was taking fingers. After that I immediately caught hold of his long thick cock. Shake it a lot first and then take it in your mouth. Started sucking his cock like ice cream. Now hot water started coming out of my pussy. I could not tolerate it, I spread both the legs and looked at them with intoxicating eyes and said fuck me today. He immediately came and sat between my two legs. At first he wanted my pussy very much. Then he put his finger. He was drinking hot juice by touching it with his fingers. After that he put both my legs on his shoulder. Set your cock on my pussy. And pushed hard friends, the whole cock went inside my pussy. I was blessed to have thick long cock inside me. After that I shook my ass and started taking his cock inside the pussy. Together I was groping his body, he was pressing my nipples, kissing me, kissing me. I was doing the same thing that he was doing. Started pushing hard, I also started kissing by lifting my ass. After that, sometimes by reversing, sometimes by turning, sometimes from above, sometimes from below, sometimes by sitting, sometimes by bending, sometimes by making a mare, sometimes by making a dog. Standing somewhere, sometimes lying down, sometimes crooked, sometimes from the side. He kept fucking me for about 2 hours. I was very tired and he was also tired, now I could not bear it. I started feeling pain. He pressed my nipples so hard that his finger marks were clearly visible on my nipples. I said, son-in-law, stop today, my pussy is torn. That’s enough for today. Now I am yours, fuck me as you want, now I am yours. Then they started pushing quickly, started fucking me hard, I also started fucking by turning my ass down. And then both of them started screaming together and suddenly we both simultaneously held each other in our arms and exerted all our strength, he was pushing from above, I started pushing from below. After that all his good went inside my pussy, after that both of us became evening. From that day onwards, both of us started living like a husband and wife, used to bathe together, eat together and sleep together. After that my menses did not come for 1 month. I forgot when my mens came. After that I did a pregnancy test and came to know that I am pregnant. Friends, my daughter is also 3 months pregnant. And my second month is also going on. Know that I am also going to be the mother of my son-in-law’s child. Maybe I don’t know how it will be for me, whether it will be bad, but I don’t understand what to do, now let’s see what will happen, it will be seen. With a calm mind I will think what to do. I am going to write my second story very soon on this website go to non veg story dot com you will definitely read my sex story.

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