Honeymoon with My Sister – Sex Story

Hello friends, I am here again with my story, this story is about the sex between me and my sister, in the previous story you read how I fucked my sister and then I started leaving her and once my sister got paper I had to go to Delhi to give my mother told me that you go with her to get paper and go around Delhi together, so I thought let’s come to Delhi after celebrating honeymoon and my sister’s paper was on Sunday and we On Saturday morning we left for Delhi, we reached Delhi at around 2 o’clock and after going there, we had lunch first and then saw a garden room for ourselves and went there, set the same etc. and got fresh, then my sister took bath. She went away and I told her to take bath keeping the door open, she said it is okay and she started taking bath keeping the door open and I started making a video of her bath and while making the video I got hot. And took off all my clothes and stopped making videos and went to her in the bathroom and after going there I leap kissed her and started sucking her tongue, sucking her tongue I kissed her on the neck and started drinking her boobs , It was fun to drink her boobs and her nipples were tightened completely, then I spent her and put the land in her mouth and she was sucking my land and the shower was running from above, it was a lot of fun. , While sucking the land, she used to turn her tongue and then she would start sucking with her mouth full and I was having a lot of fun, then I made her 69 position by making her lie there and I started sucking her ass and she used to release my land and my water. When I was about to leave, I told him to leave, my water is about to leave, but he did not agree and my water splashed in his mouth and he drank all the water. Then I stood up and dried my body and came out and she started taking bath and after taking bath she came out naked towards her body soap and we both were roaming naked in the hotel room and after coming out I turned on the TV and We started watching TV while watching TV my sister came to me and started sucking my land in her mouth and I made her lie down on the bed and started licking her butt and she was making a sound of aah aahh, I sucked her butt- Sucked her upside down and started tamping her ass and while tamping her ass, I started moving my tongue on her ass hole and she became like crazy and started making sounds of ahuhuh, then I kept sucking her ass hole and kept moving my tongue And then straightened her up and started pressing her boobs and put 2 mints of my land in her mouth and took her and lifted her legs and put my land in her ass. Land went in her butt and then hit another jerk and land went completely in her butt and then slowly started sucking her boobs and slowly dhaka dying along with it, she was enjoying doing this and I am also enjoying After doing this for a while, I increased the speed of the cover and kept dying with the cover and with every cover, the sound of his peeling became louder, after doing this for a while, I took out my penis and put it in his mouth and She sucked the land and I asked her to become a lap, she became a mare, then I put my tongue and spit on her ass and then slowly put my land in her ass and slowly jerked and put my land in her ass. She was having a lot of pain, I started dying slowly and being hard, I used to come out of her ass and then go inside, what a tight ass she was enjoying a lot in dying her ass. It was 5 minutes for me to kill her ass that my water got touched instead of her tight ass and I sprinkled all the pies in her ass and lay down on her, after lying down for a while I got up from her and lay down on the side. went and she got up and went to the washroom and cleaned herself and then after cleaning she came out and lay down on the bed with me and I hugged her and we kept hugging like this for almost an hour We kept taking tight hugs, then we got up, got dressed and went out for a walk, and after walking around, we came back, had dinner and then came to the room, and after coming to the room, she started changing the dress, I said What is the need to wear clothes, let it be, she lay naked on the bed like this and I also took off my clothes and came on the bed, we lay down hugging together and started kissing. After kissing, I sucked her well, I sucked her whole body, and the whole night she was off, I hit her ass and fart 3 times, and then we lay down and slept, we woke up in the morning and went to give the paper. She went and her paper finished at one o’clock, we came back to the hotel and had sex and then left for home after being tired, so friends, how did you like this story of mine, do comment so that I can present a new story for you.

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