Widow mother makes her son have sex

Mother Son Sex Story, Mother Son Sex Story, Mother Son Sex Story, Mother Son Sex Story, Ma Beta Sex Story : I am very hot and sexy widow woman. My name is Nirmala, my age is 40 years, fair complexion, tall 5 feet 9 inches, graduate, wear 36 size bra, fond of going to beauty parlour, do yoga, read sex story, very sexy and I am hot, but luck did not support me, my husband had already left, leaving me alone, I had a love marriage. Today I am narrating to you the story of my sex with my son on nonvegstory.com. My husband was also very naughty, he used to get them fucked by eating tablets all night, used to enjoy a lot, sometimes ass, sometimes pussy, my husband had made me slay by mashing muscles, but one night while having sex He had a heart attack as soon as he was taken to the hospital, he passed away. Somehow I got my life back on track and started living happily with my son Karna. Earlier only finger used to work, but it was difficult to live without sex, my son was grown up, we both sleep together mother and son, I never separated him from myself. , used to love and pamper a lot. To be honest, friends, I did not even know that I have become young, and I could not tolerate my son’s youth and looted my body, today I am going to tell you my whole story, I hope that non-veg Friends of Story.com will like this story of mine. Friends, it is a matter of last month, when I woke up suddenly, I was shocked, my son, who was sleeping next to me, was moving his cock back and forth, and one hand was on my nipples, but I did not dare. It happened that I should remove my son’s hand from my nipple, because I was also enjoying it, my pussy started to rustle, electricity started running in my body without any reason, I felt that I was on top of my son. Climb and then take his young cock in my pussy and then rub it. Then my son started shaking his cock vigorously and calmed down while saying ah ah ah ah, then I felt that his semen fell on my belly, on my navel, hot hot semen, I gently fingered his semen. , It was very sticky, I put my finger on my tongue, salty taste, it gave a wonderful feeling, I turned to my son and put my nipples on his back, but within a short time he fell asleep Gone and I remained thirsty. The second day was my son’s birthday, I wished him as soon as I woke up in the morning, and hugged him, and this time I was not only mother’s love, I also had the fire of lust inside me, hugging him inside me. Sex was waking up, and I realized that he was also in a different mood, because his dick was erect and touching my thigh. I couldn’t help it and I put my lips on her cheek and said “Happy birthday son” and also kissed her lips, she closed her eyes, and then I started sucking her lips and she He took me in his arms and hugged me, slowly he put his hand on my butt, I also got involved, then the milkman rang the bell, both of them separated with a jerk, when I came to the door with milk. From there, he was standing with his head bowed, I was also feeling a bit shy because this was happening for the first time and that too in such a relationship which was not justified, I immediately went to take a bath, and he started watching TV. I came out after taking a bath, then came out, the petticoat was tied over my breast, and because my petticoat was wet, my nipples and nipples were clearly visible, from above I became sensuous, so my nipples were very tight . When he saw my tit from the top of the petticoat, he kept on watching, and I bit my lips and then went to the other room, now both of us were on equal fire, then in a short while I got ready and came top and Wearing jeans, by then he was also ready after taking a bath, after that we both went for a walk in the nearby mall. Friends, that day’s walk was a bit different because the lust was burning between both of them, we were walking arm in arm, people felt that there is so much love between mother and son, but that love has now turned into lust. Had done, so now the love of both of them was a bit different, then we both saw the movie Lipstick Under Burkha, but some scene was such that water and its land was standing in my pussy. They were looking at each other with murderous eyes, then the film ended, went shopping, took a sexy nightie for herself, only a string on the top, and a transparent cloth to cover the nipples, that too of pink color, for that also jeans and T-shirt, came home, had food, and I opened my hair and wearing the same nightie, came, he was lying on the bed, I was not wearing bra, neither panty was just in sexy nightie, when he saw, he was left staring, I sat next to him and started touching his lips with my finger, he started caressing my hand slowly, and then I hugged him and he also hugged me, now we started caressing each other and then I was a number one player, but he was a new player, she started sucking his lips, he was doing mother mother mother. And I started playing with her body. Then what was it, I took off all his clothes, and took off my nightie, and I climbed on top of him, and started sucking his lips badly. He was mad, after that I gave my nipples in his mouth and said, take son, drink it again, he also started drinking my nipples, I was sighing, and then I caught hold of his cock and Started shaking I said son, why are you wasting your semen, I am here to drink your semen, I saw you in the night, you were shaking your land, I thought that I could not drink your semen today. You give me your semen. You are reading this story on non-veg store.com, if you are reading it somewhere else, then it has stolen this story from non-veg story. Then friends, I started sucking his cock, I was having a lot of fun, I was biting, then my son said, will you enjoy yourself, will you give me fun too? And I went up and sat near her mouth by crossing both legs and started licking my pussy, till then my pussy was very wet, he was licking the water of my pussy, I also rubbed and licked Was engaged After that what was friends, I went down a little and holding his cock and set it on my pussy and sat down, a sigh came out of my son’s mouth because he was fucking someone for the first time, and I also got the omen. After a long time someone had a cock in my pussy, then what was it friends, then she started to fuck me with a lot of force, then I went down and he came up, first he licked my pussy and ass hole And then put his cock on top of my pussy and started rubbing, put both my legs on his shoulder and then started fucking. I asked from where did he learn all this, he said from the internet, and then started talking loudly. Friends, we both kept having sex all night, my son said that today my birthday was very good, I said, now you will celebrate your birthday everyday, don’t you worry, and then friends, now I celebrate his birthday everyday, I have sex everyday. , The goods of the house have remained in the house, now the mother-son relationship has turned into a fuck, now I am very happy, my son is also very happy, how did you like this story, must tell, and another on non-veg I am going to bring the story soon, so read the story daily on this website and make your mind sexy, thank you.

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