husband forced me to have sex with his brother

Brother Sister Sex, Sex Khanai Bhai Behn ki, Bhai Bahan ki Chudai, Sex Story Brother sister, Goa Sex, Goa Sex Story, Hindi Sex Kahani, My name is Madhuri, I am 24 years old. You will definitely find the story a bit strange, the reason for this is that it was my husband who gave permission to my younger brother to make his sister a mother. I want you to have sex with Madhuri and get pregnant because the doctor said that you are the father. Can’t become If you want your sister to be happy then you should do this work. It was a strange thing for the brother, how can someone have sex with his sister, how can he make her pregnant, how can he become the father of her child. It was also explained to me, no problem, Madhuri, if you want our life to be right, I love you a lot, but I have to do this because I am not able to give you this happiness, otherwise who would be such a husband who would do this to his wife? Will say you think you understand my feelings and keep him on the lookout for a little bit. There will be a lot of happiness in life, just a little wrong thing will have to be done. I said okay, I will talk to my brother and I will also talk to my mother, but she refused to talk to mother, said that this thing will remain between all three of us, I also thought, let’s say okay, something to cut life. It doesn’t matter if you have to take wrong steps to do good. We talked to my younger brother, he agreed. Now let me tell you the whole incident through this story, despite being a brother, we had sex like this, how both of us stayed in a hotel for 4 days and how he fucked me. My husband booked a hotel for both of us in Goa, gave flight tickets and gave ₹ 50,000 and said go and enjoy. We left Delhi for Goa in the morning by Indigo flight, go to Goa, reached at 2:00 in the day, the room of both of us was very specialist because this room was booked for honeymoon package, see in the room as soon as you leave. The whole bed was decorated. The hoteliers were thinking that we were husband and wife. My brother was a little shy, he was hesitant, but I removed his hesitation and said, this is the question of my life, if you do not make me pregnant, then maybe your sister will not go back to her in-laws house, maybe my husband will leave me because of something. There was some reason. Otherwise, who would be such that he would share his wife with a non-man. His hesitation reduced a bit and now he started behaving like a husband first he wrapped me tightly in his arms you felt my lips still he was flirting by touching and pressing my private part I held his hand Put it on the boob. He started pressing my boob slowly, his cock started getting erect and then started sucking my lips, I also started getting wild and gave full support, I started sucking his lips and caressing his cock. This is where the love affair and sex between me and my brother started. She said to her brother, first we both take a good bath, after that we start a new life, we both went to the bathroom together. Started looking at each other’s private part suddenly he broke my boob. He started pressing and sucking my nipple. I grabbed her hair and attached it to my boob and started sobbing, sat down and looked at my pussy. Started caressing and then started licking me, let me lie down in the bathroom, the shower was going on in the bathroom, both of us were getting wet. I spread both my legs, my brother started licking my pussy. The current running through my whole body was taking sobs in the night, making the sound of ah ah. After that he lay down on me, started kissing me, started pressing my boobs, I trapped my brother between both legs. He set his cock on my pussy and started pushing but he was clumsy right his cock was not going in my pussy I again holding his cock my pussy was perfect and said push he pushed and his full cock went inside my pussy then what was it friend we both were holding each other tightly from above he was pushing water was flowing in the bathroom savar was running and the sound of fach fach was echoing in the whole bathroom my loved ones Sexy voice was coming out from it, it seemed as if I am in heaven, he was also making different sounds from his mouth and was fucking me loudly. He was saying sister you are amazing brother in law you have given me a wonderful chance I will never forget it and I will fulfill your wish whether you are pregnant and sister till you become pregnant I will give you sex like this Now you are not my sister, now you are my wife, now you are my mistress, now I will fuck you everyday. After that I made her lie down and I climbed on top of her. Her cock was very long and thick. I held it again and set it on my pussy and sat down. The whole cock got into my pussy. But he started to sit down, I sit from above, the sound of truth and our fingers and sexy voice from both of our mouths and abusing each other, saying the name of my private part, both of my big, round and tight Chicks we both liked it very much. After that I stood up, raised my one leg a little and he also stood up and set the cock in my pussy from below in the middle and started thrusting from below. We both were kissing each other’s lips, he was licking my nipples and was being pounded from below. For about 40 minutes both of us have been fucking in the bathroom. And then both of us fell together, then both of us put soap on each other’s body, at that time also he caressed my private part a lot and I also put soap on his cock. After taking a bath, the hotelier had already brought wine and both of us gave it, although both of us were sitting naked and drinking wine. After that my brother made me lie down with whom and then put wine in my pussy and started licking it, then put wine on my boob and started licking it, in 10 minutes both of us became sensual again, both of us went to the extreme of sensuality. I put my feet on my shoulder and put my cock on top of my pussy and again started fucking me hard, we both became wild again and started cooperating with each other, my pussy started watering, he watered my pussy. He drank and licked it completely clean, now he again touched both my nipples and started licking cocks between the two nipples. Now his material was about to come out, then he inserted you in my pussy and started fucking hard, in about 5 minutes he put all his material in my pussy, then we both slept comfortably. Friends, in 4 days we did 40 times of chudai, pleased each other and then came back to Delhi. Now see whether I am pregnant or not, if not, then again my husband is saying, this time go for ten days. I hope you enjoy this story of mine. I am also a big fan of

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