Husband kept watching and I kept on kissing my brother

Story of wife’s sex in front of husband, Brother Sister Sex, Pati ke samne gair mard se sex kahani, : Friends, my name is Pallavi, I live in Chandigarh. It’s only been six months since I got married. Both of us are engineers in government jobs. Have a lot of money, have a good job. But what is not there is the pleasure of sex. But one day I quenched my lust with my brother in front of my husband and pacified the heat of the pussy. Today I am telling you my story on nonveg This is my first story on this website but I am a big fan of this website. I sleep or chud daily only after reading hot sex stories. Now I come straight to the story. My post is more than my husband and my salary is more than husband. I am also beautiful, I am hot and sexy. I am a city girl and my husband comes from a small town. He got the job after studying and writing. But the standard of living is not that good. You know that nowadays such marriages are taking place in the interest of government jobs. In this, either the boy’s life is getting spoiled or the boy. Just a government job cannot accomplish everything. The pair should be good. But these mistakes happen often in such marriages. And it has a direct effect on married life. Today I am telling you the story by telling the story that after all, where do these mistakes happen and what is the reason. And how I take my brother’s cock in my pussy in front of my husband and my husband does not even say anything out of fear. Because she knows that I will leave her and go away. Now let me come straight to the story. Because of not having a good relationship with the husband, there was very little sex between us. My husband is very dark looking and I am very fair. She is not what I am, due to which the relationship between us gradually started deteriorating. Often women get attracted towards other men at such a time and the relationship between husband and wife ends. I don’t even have any baby. Because of this, I started getting worried that what would happen to me, going forward, my husband cannot even fuck me. Slowly he started abusing and got angry and the husband used to stay silent because he knew that it is his fault, when he does not make me happy, then I will abuse. But one day everything turned upside down, I kissed my cousin in front of him and he kept watching silently and kept on having a relationship in front of him for 10 days continuously but he did not say anything to me, maybe he also felt that it was going well. Is. It is a matter of 1 day that my cousin Rakesh came to Chandigarh. I was husband and wife in the house that day was Saturday. The party was planned in the evening, and both my husband and my brother went to the market and brought food and two bottles of whiskey for the party. I work in a corporate, I am an engineer in a software company, so I learned to drink there and often I drink alcohol in the party. Slowly I also got addicted to it, but I do not drink every day, on Saturday and Sunday, I definitely give and drink. The party started in the evening, went on eating food and drinking alcohol, slowly the matter progressed and the matter came to sex. If the conversation starts having sex, then I can clearly say that my husband is not able to make me happy. Then my husband said that when I refused, if I cannot make you happy, then you can have sex with someone else, I will not refuse. After hearing this, should I have sex with my brother, he said, I don’t care, I have spoken the truth, friends, when I was not married and when I was young, I had a relationship with this brother. Had sex, he fucked me a lot and I had a lot of fun on the terrace. So let me speak then see that you don’t say anything further. My husband also said that it is okay, I will not say anything, do whatever you want, I will never interfere in your wishes. As soon as I said this, I panicked because I was intoxicated with alcohol, drank more alcohol, my brother had also drank more and my husband also drank more. Just then my husband lay down on the sofa and slowly his eyes fell on him because he was drinking too much I got up and just took off my top and sat on my brother’s lap. He has immediately unbuckled my bra and I took off my pajamas. Now both of us went wild and started kissing each other. My brother started pressing on my cheeks, started sucking my lips, started biting his teeth on my cheeks, kissing my neck. Friends, I started going crazy because when he was rubbing both my nipples with both his hands, then water started coming out of my pussy. I had crossed the limits of sexuality. Now I had a flare up, my intuition flared up, now I was just waiting for my brother’s long cock. I immediately take out the cock from his panties and immediately started sucking my brother lay down and I started sucking his cock. He was caressing my cheeks and making a sound of ah ah ah. I was sucking on his fat cock like ice cream. My brother was very sexy and done, he slammed me down and started licking my pussy by separating both my legs. When I licked my pussy while licking both the nipples, I started getting water, it seemed that current came in my whole body. Your husband woke up, he started seeing what both of us were doing, but he did not say anything to me, neither did he tell my brother, he sat down and started looking at both of us. Then my brother separated both my legs and put his fat cock on my pussy and thrust it inside. I started ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and started to push my nipples was muscle and pushing my fat cock started pushing hard in my pussy. I also lifted my ass and started kissing my brother, when I used to look at my husband, he was looking silently and I lifted my ass and started kissing, friends, I was enjoying a lot, I can fill my brother in my arms. Putting his nipples in his mouth so that he could suck my lists, he started fingering my ass and started thrusting his fat cock inside my pussy. Then he started to fuck me in different ways, sometimes from above, sometimes he would sit and fuck, sometimes he would bang on the side, sometimes from behind the ass. I was very happy what he was doing because when his fat cock was coming out in a thin crack in the middle of my ass, current was running all over my body and sound was coming out of my mouth which was very sensual It was full In this way my brother fucked me for about 2 hours, all three of us were drunk, both of us were making each other happy and my husband was sitting there watching silently. Eventually he put all his stuff inside my pussy. We both calmed down and all three of us slept on the same. When I woke up in the morning, my husband was seeing me saying that at night you have pacified your lust, I also laughed and said yes. It was you who said kissing me.

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