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Friends, in this sex story I am going to tell you how I am my little sister-in-law whose nipples are like lemon right now. My wife she is only 2 years older than him and my mother-in-law who is 39 years old now how am I making all three happy. But friends, I satisfy even two, but I am not able to satisfy one. Because a person thrice a day, how can he keep three-three in a happy sex. Think for yourself Now I come straight to my story. What happened and why is it happening? I have to do all this. And all three of them have to do it. I am from UP. My first wife who ran away with someone six months ago today. It had been 1 year since I got married, but she left me in only six months. I was bored with my life I didn’t even feel like living. I thought that now I will not even get married. Which girl will marry me? Whoever comes to know that the first part has gone, first of all he would think that maybe I could not be able to fuck, so it happened. I have done engineering from Delhi itself. There is also a good job, there is also a flat in Delhi. For my work, I hired a widow so that she could help me. She is also well educated. Slowly I established a sex relationship with that widow. My days started going well. She used to come at ten o’clock, both of us used to work at my flat, but she used to keep me in love for half an hour. I told one day my work is getting affected. That’s why we should reduce the sex fuck a little bit. She agreed. Beautiful so much I can’t tell you. Blonde long hair beautiful, full full body, round round solid tits, bulge in ass and killer nails. I lost my mind on seeing it, when she left, her mother said what was the matter. The sight was not going away. So I shrugged and started saying oh no no it doesn’t matter. She is beautiful that’s why she was watching. Since then she started joking. And one day he proposed marriage to me. Bid if you marry my daughter. Then my life will be done. I will get a son-in-law as well as the guardian of the house and to be honest, my husband too. I will get everything in one place. I felt strong in the matter, what more does a person want, I will also get the whole family. The matter is confirmed. Those people were going to come on Sunday. And I also got ready on Sunday. Now the younger daughter also came with both of them. It was a firecracker. Amazing little hot than big. Now I went to get married and then both of us got married in Arya Samaj Mandir. Even my parents are not like that. So I did not even have to say anything to anyone. I told my mother-in-law and wife, you all stay in this flat. And those people agreed. The wedding day has come. Honeymoon stripped her wife in the night, so her nipples and pussy seemed as if I got everything. Blonde body Big big solid tits Not natural hair on the pussy. The whole body should be as clean as velvet. A lot of fuck all night. Torn the pussy. The nipples were pressed so much that the whole teat became red and swollen. I had cut teeth on the lips too. On the first day she kissed like an Indian woman and had fun. In the morning the mother-in-law told both the sisters to go to the temple. Asking for a vow is never left with you. So I said, I also go with it. So she refused and said next week everyone will go together. Today, both the sisters were allowed to go, it is now eight o’clock. As soon as he leaves My mother-in-law took off her bra and climbed on me. Throwing off my clothes, I started refusing that not now, not now. Because my son was sad, so he had kissed his wife five times in the night. Still did not listen and started rubbing the nipples on my cock and the pussy started rubbing on my mouth. My gourd started licking. So who wouldn’t be ready? My Lauda stood up. I also fucked him. Fuck that too. She was saying keep on fucking like this. We both mother and daughter. So if I said then get the younger daughter also. She started laughing and said let her go. Will marry her somewhere else. So I immediately said why do all three live together. This flat is in my name, a flat has been booked in Noida, you write the names of all three. She became happy and agreed to give it to the younger daughter too. She said okay tomorrow morning, I and the elder daughter go shopping somewhere, at that time take a look at what she says. It is better than I say that he himself should take interest in you. This happened the next morning my wife and mother-in-law went somewhere. And the sister-in-law remained in the house. So she herself started speaking, why was Didi doing ah ah ah on the honeymoon day? I know I wish I was with you both. On hearing this, my forehead and loins sank. Grabbed the sister-in-law and opened the clothes. She started saying that I have started loving you since I saw you. Then what was the whole body naked and laid on the bed, she is more beautiful than my wife. The nipples are still small like lemons. Friends, I started to fuck my sister-in-law too, she tore both the ass and the pussy and made her satisfied. Choked him and satisfied him too. But after that it is not in my power to chuckle three three, all three want to fuck every day. My loin is starting to hurt. I am able to satisfy two in a day but not all three. Tomorrow I have come after showing the doctor, he has given pressure so that I can fuck all three. I am eating suppressed sex power to increase sex power.

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