husband made randi in delhi

Pati Ne Randi Banaya Delhi Me Hindi Sex Story : My name is Meenu, today I am going to tell you a bitter truth of my life, all girls have a desire to have a good home, a good groom, to be happy with their husband, This is what she starts thinking when she starts getting young. She cherishes all her desires and sees them in her dreams. But what if the husband turns out to be a devil. Life becomes hell, today I will talk to you about these aspects of my life, so that my mind becomes light. I am 28 years old now, slim body, medium height, no figure, very beautiful, wear size 34 bra, often wear saree only. The saree suits my body very well, because my breasts are tight from the front, but the belly is tight, the bulge comes out from the blouse and the ass is wide from the back, butt sticking out. Chaal Thodi Mastani, Wears sandals, Wears brown lipstick, Means to say that I am very beautiful, When I turned eighteen, I became attracted to boys, Made many friends, I also had sex with many, But my My brother-in-law got a chance to break the seal, he fucked me a lot, I also enjoyed it, the result was that I became even more beautiful, my breasts became bigger and bigger, my ass bulged and became bigger, my thighs became thicker, There was a glow on my face, my lips became like rose petals, now I was full of youth. I made a mistake, I had a love affair with a friend of brother-in-law and I got married within a few days. My husband’s lifestyle and style was tremendous, and he told me that he is a manager in a big company in Delhi and he travels a lot abroad, I was also dreaming the same thing, but this reality did not last long and I came to know the reality, my husband was in debt to fulfill his hobby, he had taken a lot of loan from his friends, he was not much educated but he used to call himself a graduate, tell me the truth friends So I felt such a shock, but I can’t even tell this to anyone else, because I got married on my own wish, I started living after drinking blood, there was an atmosphere of tension in the house, quarrels started everyday, now Every day the borrower would call and come home early in the morning, he would also abuse my husband a lot. Was in place, started working, but my husband did not like this thing, you know if someone’s wife is beautiful, and goes to work and the husband is useless and less earning, then he becomes suspicious of his wife. , Now they started looking at me with suspicion, they thought that I was in love with the boy in the office, and I had sex with a boy, but there was nothing like that. Due to a lot of discord, I left that job, but the house was not running with my husband’s money, a man was left with two lakh rupees, because of this he used to threaten everyday, my husband started getting very upset, It’s a matter of one day my husband said to me look Meenu if we both want to live a good life then first I have to break the debt and I can’t break this debt from whom I have taken the loan he said if I send you to him So he will forgive my loan, I got very angry, he wanted to make a deal with me, fights started in the house, there was an atmosphere of discord in the house day and night, I started feeling very upset, meanwhile my husband committed suicide one day. He was hanged for committing murder but I reached the spot and saved him, he started crying a lot and I lost I said ok I will do what you say. After that he talked to his friend on the second day, his friend said ok I will take Meenu to Manali for three days, he agreed and I also agreed, in the evening his friend came home with some nice clothes, And in the morning I had to leave for Manali, in the morning, from a little distance from home, his friend called that I am at the turn of Hanuman temple, my husband went to drop me. It was a wonderful scene, my husband went to hand me over to someone else, I sat in the car, and reached Manali at night. After going there, booked a hotel which was luxurious and told the hotel attendant that I am on a honeymoon trip, and took a honeymoon package. At night the bed was decorated, after having a drink, Rajeev (husband’s friend) let me wear a red saree and said you wear it, I will celebrate honeymoon with you today, I changed clothes, and then he took me in his arms , Rajeev was very handsome and tall and wide to see, to tell the truth, I also melted, seeing his arm and chest hair, we both slowly took off each other’s clothes and he started licking my tits with his mouth and my nipples Started drinking. I was caressing Rajeev’s back, my pussy had become very wet, so wrong I was in someone else’s arms. But till date such a colorful and pleasant atmosphere was not found, I too started enjoying forgetting all the old things. Rajeev started licking my pussy with his tongue, I also started caressing his cock. And in no time, his penis became about eight inches, for the first time I had seen such a big, thick and black penis, tell the truth friends, my happiness was no more, I was flying in the storm of sex. I immediately took Rajeev’s thick cock in my mouth and started biting. Ah ah ah ah ah my dear menu was coming out of Rajeev’s mouth, I was licking it too. After that Rajeev inserted his finger in my ass and started taking it out. Pistachio I was saying that your pussy is amazing Meenu, ah today I enjoyed. And then he put me down and took my legs on both his shoulders, and put his cock on my pussy hole and started inserting it inside. For the first time I was feeling such a thick cock, my lips were drying, I was at the peak of pleasure. And then what should I tell friends of nonveg, for the first time such a fuck, just the sound of fuch fuch was coming in the room and the room was resounding with the sound of ah ah uf uf uf ouch from my mouth. Throughout the night, Rajeev had made me fill with chod chod. I fucked a lot, to tell the truth, I had enjoyed my youth in the same night, I was completely satisfied. Stayed in Manali for three days, during which we spent a lot of time in sex, then came back to Delhi on the third day, I was very happy. My husband was looking at my face, the same day in the evening, Rajeev came home and said, I have nothing to do with you now, but sister-in-law, you take care of me, now if you lack anything, then this person is yours. present for. And went away saying. Then what should I tell friends, I slept with all his friends one by one and repaid everyone’s debt. When everyone’s debt was cleared, I changed my phone number and that of my husband, my husband started working elsewhere and also changed the house from where he used to live. Now no one is going to ask for money. Life started going well. I also did a good job. The house was running well with the salary of both, but the happiness that is not there is that of sex. I am not able to satisfy my husband. Because I have tasted many cocks, now sometimes I miss all those cocks. If any handsome who wants to have a relationship (only sex) with me then comment. I am ready to sleep. but the penis should be thick and long

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