Sister pacifies lust by kissing younger brother

Chhota Bhai aur Badi Bahan Sex Story: Hello friends, today I am sharing my story with you people, because I also enjoyed reading your stories, so today it is my turn to share my story with you. Have fun, like you, I am also a regular reader of non-veg, not even a single day goes by without opening this website, I would have enjoyed reading the story on my mobile from inside the quilt. Huh, I just enjoy reading your stories on I am 28 years old, educated, beautiful and working in bank, very hot, wear 36 size bra, fair body, velvety body, but very shy, till date I have dated anyone. I did not make friends, because I was very afraid of the society, and there was a question of respect of father and mother, boys did not even tease, because my father is a police officer, because of this no one bothered much, but young There is such a storm in which the good ones fly away. Now I come to my story, since I was 22 years old, I started having a lot of desire to have sex, but I could not fulfill this thing because I was not married and I did not have any friends with whom I could have sex, I used to work only by reading stories on the internet, watching clips, but when my body’s lust was raging, I used to become helpless and used to sleep by putting the pillow near my pussy, Wasn’t there any choice, I kept suppressing my feelings, this process continued for years, now my parents used to go often to find a boy for me, because I am twenty eight years old, marriage is a very important task for them. Done for both. I have a younger brother who is 21 years old, we both get on very well, we share our thoughts with each other, it was a matter of one day that both father and mother had gone out for two days, we were at home. Both were brothers and sisters, that day I read a similar story on which got out of my tolerance and I thought that when marriage will happen, today I make a plan so that my younger brother will be my Make sex relationship with me, my youth was full, my tits used to be tight, my ass used to go round and round, I planned in the evening how to force my brother to have sex today. My brother went to the gym in the evening and I started walking on the open terrace and started looking for ideas, what to do, what to do, an idea came to my mind, then the bell rang, my brother had come back from the gym, he was taking a towel and taking a bath. Gone, and I went to cook, it was nine in the night, both me and my brother had dinner, then my father’s phone rang and the conversation started, both of us said that there is no problem in eating, both of us Eating, then father said that both of us will come the day after tomorrow and disconnected the phone saying good night. We both started watching TV, Bigg Boss, but my heartbeat was getting faster, thinking what would happen, if my parents come to know about this, then either my brother refuses to fuck me, what will I do? I was thinking all this, sometimes it seemed okay, sometimes it seemed to me that the sex relationship with whom I tie rakhi would not be good, but thinking all this, along with fear, my lust also flared up, my pussy should be wet. My breath was fast, I thought I will fuck today no matter what happens, I pretended, brother, I was not feeling well, brother, I am not feeling well, I am getting very nervous, suddenly I She started speaking everything and started saying that my chest has started paining, aah aah, my younger brother got scared, said sister let’s go to the hospital, but you also know what happened to me, I said no no I will not be able to go, Aah aah aah and I went to the bedroom he came running and sat down beside me and held my hand and started asking sister tell me how are you feeling I started saying I am having trouble breathing I gestured to him my Press the chest, he started pressing my chest, started pressing my big boobs, I said yes it looks fine, he was pressing my chest, I was wearing nightie, bra was already open, he pressed my tit Was saying, tell me sister, how are you feeling, I was saying, I am feeling fine, keep pressing, he kept pressing, then I said Dipu will not be like this, bring balm from the cupboard, he ran and brought balm Gaya, I said, look brother, you are the only one in the house, if mother had been there, she would have massaged me, but I am your sister, will you apply balm on my chest, then he said, sister, if you do not mind, I will definitely apply it. What can you do at this time? Taking that balm in his hand, putting his hand inside from Neeti’s neck itself, on my chest, so to speak, he started applying balm on my nipples, but how he used to apply balm on the whole chest, his hand was not entering properly, after that I said something. No Dipu, I open the policy, and I opened the nightie, it was just in the panty, seeing my bruised body, he started looking at my body from top to bottom, and I said apply balm and he started applying balm, I looked at him and he was looking at me, slowly I became normal, my pussy was full of water, when I looked at my brother’s pants, he was getting erect but he was trying to hide it, I understood, I spread my leg, he looked at my panty and then looked at me, I held his hand and said brother don’t be shy, today you have seen my everything, and I am also seeing this How has your private part become erect, if you want to love then do it, today I will not say anything. So Dipu said no sister, if parents had come to know about this, they would have shot both of us. I said today there is no chance here and who will tell him, it is twelve o’clock in the night, and I pulled him, his hot breath started walking near my lips, I was looking at his lips, he was also looking at my lips. And slowly each other’s lips stuck, we both started kissing each other, he started caressing my tits, I started rubbing my leg with another leg, my breathing started fast, I opened my brother’s pant. Diya and caught his cock in hand, thick cock, long black, ohhh what can I tell what was the feeling, I said Dipu, you have become young, you have such a thick cock and black jhant, he then put his hand in my panty. Gave it and said sister, your pimples are also getting bigger and is it that your pussy is completely wet, and raised both my hands up, and said sister, I love licking armpit hair, one of my She has a girlfriend, I lick her armpit hair before fucking, so I said, I am refusing, my king, today you do whatever you want, today you are free, today I am not stopping you, do whatever you want. Le, today you don’t consider me as your sister, today you consider me as your girlfriend either your wife or your mistress, and do whatever you want to do, and he took off my panty and sat between my two legs, and my pussy separated both the fingers and started looking inside, and said sister, you are a virgin, you have not been fucked till date, so I said yes Dipu, I have not been fucked till date, but now it is becoming unbearable, my youth is now I want to fuck, I want to fuck, today I have a lot of fuck, he put his thick cock in the middle of my pussy hole and started inserting it, I started feeling pain but there was a strange feeling inside and it was also tickling, I touched the hair of his chest. She was caressing then she gave a jerk, and half of her eight inch cock went into my pussy, the sound of sigh came out of my mouth and tears also stopped a bit, she caressed my teat and then a jerk two inches Again I started having severe pain, but I kept on suffering and gave a blow again and put the cock completely in my pussy, then he slowly started taking it out, what should I tell friends, I did not know where the pain was, now my pussy It became so slippery that his cock was coming and I lifted my ass and just made the sound of fuck me fuck me louder and louder, aaah aaah uffffff aaah hi hi hi ufff ufff ouch ouch and he was also speaking You are not a sister, you are a whore, aah aaah aaah aaah uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff , And then after a while my brother also fell down with a long breath, both fell asleep again holding each other, after a while he again brought grapes and used to keep one grape on each part of my body and eat it with kisses. Then he put chocolate on my pussy and then he licked it, in this way both of us satisfied each other in an interval of one hour, now my marriage is next month, but I do not miss this fun Everyday we both are calming the fire of each other’s lust. How did you like my story, please rate, I want to see how you liked this story, I hope that soon I will post my friend’s story, which she told me today, or I will tell her that she herself Ho post on nonveg story dot com. Thank you

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