Husband said go and get fucked by someone else that’s why I did this..

Hot Sex Story : Friends, my name is Jiya, I am 28 years old, I was very hot and sexy since my school time, used to dream and think with open eyes that I wish my husband would fuck me a lot, my husband’s dick Be very fat and tall. When he put his big cock in my pussy, then I would be writhing in pain. He mashed my nipples a lot and bit my nipples with his teeth, while fucking he put full finger in my ass and kept on pounding his cock till white lassi came out from my pussy. I had sex with one boy in school time, in college also I had sex with two or three boys. But I didn’t get the kind of dick I was waiting for. I had kicked a boy away because he had a very small dick, body was good but his cock was like a pen cover. From that day onwards, I started getting desperate to fuck with a thick dick, but no such dick was found. That’s why my marriage was fixed with my uncle’s friend’s son, my husband’s name is Kunal, Kunal is very smart, initially when he came to my house to meet his parents, he kissed me in the room. And only then my hand collided with his cock, then I was happy, then what was it, when he came on the second day then only a little more romantic thing happened and I asked how big is your tool, because he also asked that your bra What is the size and what is the color of your pussy, I told him that the color of my pussy is pink and my bra size is 34, he also told me that my dick is 9 inches and it is three inches thick. . I became happy as I got the dick I wanted but was also a bit scared because when I measured the size of my pussy hole it felt that my pussy is only one inch wide, how will I be able to get three inch thick dick, well I was very happy because she was about to be fucked by a thick dick just after twenty days. I got married and that moment was also about to come when I was waiting for the day to fuck with fat dick. Ready to fuck in honeymoon, she was wooing her lover in red red saree. He was also in a mood, he was drinking, then he started sucking my juicy lips, I also came in the arms of my husband and then put the pink bud of my lips on my husband’s lips and I also touched my husband’s lips. Started sucking lips, slowly his hand fell on my nipples and he started pressing slowly, I was getting intoxicated, my body was feeling electric, my pussy was also getting wet. And then what was it, I immediately caught hold of Kunal’s dick, Kunal’s dick was standing erect and I was also waiting for how to take three inch thick dick in my one inch wide pussy. And then slowly I removed all my clothes and Kunal helped me to remove my clothes. Friends, you are reading this story on non-veg story dot com, remember non-veg story dot com. After that Kunal opened my bra and also took off my pink colored panty, friends, both my big boobs started waving, my boobs were very tight, nipples looked like pink colored peas. Kunal started drinking my nipples, he was pressing with one hand and then drinking. Sobs were coming out of my mouth, my pussy was completely wet, water started flowing out, then Kunal went down and started licking my pussy, then what was it, I lost my senses and my mouth only Ah ah ah oof oof oof oof oof oof oof was coming out. I was very hot, wanted to eat the thick cock. Now he started licking my pussy with his tongue and started inserting his tongue inside. The flame of sex was burning in my body. Now I wanted to fuck quickly, he came up and started sucking and pressing my tits again, I could not tolerate it anymore, now I said to Kunal, Kunal fuck me now, I will not be able to stay anymore, tremendous in my pussy There is a fire, and this fire will be extinguished only by the water of your cock, so don’t delay now and fuck me, tear my one inch wide pussy with your three inch thick cock. What was it after that friends, he gave a waving fat dick in my mouth, and then I started sucking, now I am enjoying a lot, I wanted a dick like this, I was sucking that dick today. That’s why I felt a little sticky in my mouth and in no time all the goods fell in my mouth. And slowly Kunal’s dick became smaller, I became red with anger, I had not even fucked yet and the work was over, what was she doing, it was the first day, she could not even say anything and then both fell asleep. It came to an end when I could not fuck for seven days, whenever he used to take his fat cock to my pussy hole, only then he would fall, slowly my relationship deteriorated. And every day there was a fight in my house, and in the fight he always started saying one thing that whom you see these days, I know everything. He started doubting me, but friends, he was not suspicious, I myself was desperate to fuck that person, one day the husband told me to fuck him, and then what was it, as if I had found the whole place, a The husband is asking his wife to fuck someone else, maybe you would not have thought but it is true, he said, live your life, get your life fucked, eat a bigger dick than me, and he wants to fuck me. sent. I will write the rest of the story tomorrow, so definitely come, I will update again tomorrow on non-veg story dot com. This story of ours will be even hotter tomorrow.

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