Waited till the fifth day of marriage when the husband’s penis was erect, then infidelity happened.

This is a true incident, today I want to present that picture of life in front of you, from which you will know that a woman does not see anything other than sex after marriage, and now you only tell if someone’s husband is impotent. So what should that woman or girl do? Should I spoil my life, how can he calm his lust, please tell me, I called him unfaithful, because I got fucked on the fifth day of marriage, I wanted sex, how did I satisfy my lust at night Calmed down by the pillow, and today when I got a chance, I came to know that the cock is not erect, what would I have done, I would have spent my life without sex, either I would have taken some other support to extinguish the fire of lust, I took support of my lust To calm the fire of. I am 22 years old, I am graduate, I did my schooling from convent school and college from reputed college in Delhi, my mother and father both are manager in bank, I am from Agra but live in Delhi, I am very high thinking I am a girl, whatever I needed till date, my parents have fulfilled it, but after getting married, my husband has not fulfilled what I was looking for since many years, or say it sexually, everyone has this desire, but this desire Mom and Dad can’t meet, I come to you on this story, what should I do friend, my mind is restless, because of this I am unable to stop myself to describe my situation, I have been married only 7 years Yes, my husband works in a multi national bank, salary is very high, my marriage was done in Delhi only, relatives had come from Agra, everything was well arranged, we both met in coffee house before marriage and talked about my Husband is very good nature God gave everything but made him impotent how can I tell you, I was very happy on honeymoon day, wore branded bra and panty red red saree, gold My body was covered with a lot of make-up, I was looking like a hero, but all this remained of the earth, the husband gave me a gold chain and kissed me like a brother kisses his sister on the forehead in Raksha Bandhan, I waited That now he will embrace me and give me the joy that I am waiting for, the family story was being told while spending the night; She started kissing her lips, and opened the hook of her blouse, both my nipples were rolling on her chest, I kept kissing her for about ten minutes, I unbuttoned her kurta too, I started pressing her nipples with my finger. . Then I freed my tit from the bra, and she started rubbing her big and tight round ball in her mouth, then she slipped and came down. My pussy was watery, I was breathing fast There was a storm in the body, I was having sex, I wanted to fuck now, I had lost my senses, my hair was scattered, my tits were tight, I opened my petticoat’s pulse and also my panty. I moved myself, there were light brown hairs on my pussy, I was looking like a marble, it was difficult for me to stop, now I want my husband’s cock, but husband was not doing much, I also put my hand in his underwear And started groping the cock, saw a 1 inch small cock which was looking like a dead little rat, I said what is this? I was speechless, you are reading this story on non-veg story.com. My husband also got confused, then after asking a lot said sorry Shalu, I am impotent, I cannot do sex, I lost my libido in a disease, I cannot give sexual pleasure to anyone. A storm had come in my life, I was furious, I started breaking my bangles, started throwing things here and there, I started crying loudly, then my mother-in-law’s voice came from outside, son, what’s the matter, all Ok, I calmed down and my husband said, Shalu, I will keep you happy, as far as sex is concerned, you are free, for this you can get sex done, whatever you like, but this work was beyond my control, I am like this How could I do it, I could not do it at all, but I thought what else could I do, I cannot even go back because my parents would have died alive. I decided to stay here, husband had five days leave but he could not give me happiness, I called the driver, his name was Rakesh, handsome boy, he was looking very nice, deal doll body was quite handsome, today I want to go to Rishikesh, I called my husband that I am going to Rishikesh, I will come in a day or two because my aunt lives there, she loves me very much, can she take the driver, husband Dev said Shalu yes yes why don’t you go to Masi paas mann tera badhal jayegi, you are quite upset like this. Around 3 o’clock I left for Rishikesh with my driver in a Skoda car, the driver was very caring on the way, he was talking very sweetly, I fell in love with that driver, and I reached Rishikesh but Booked a double bed room, not at Masi’s place but in a hotel, I asked Rakesh if you stay here too, he said no, madam, get me a small, fat, cheap room, I can’t stay in your room anyway. I want to get a job, sir will fire me, I want to get my sister married, I am arranging money, I don’t want to lose my job, so I said come on, no one will know, don’t worry, and I 1 Gave a thousand note and said bring vodka and fried chicken. By the time he came, I was ready after taking a bath, I was wearing a pink velvet nightie, my boobs were clearly visible, I was not wearing anything inside, I felt perfume that had made the whole room happy, as he came He was shocked, he was speechless seeing me, I had done nothing except red red lipstick and open hair and body-sticking nightie, he just kept watching, I said hello oye what happened to that chowk Wake up sorry ma’am, I made a mistake, I said you are not at fault, you have made a big mistake, you have lost your job, he held my leg and said no ma’am, I will do whatever you say, but for God’s sake don’t get me fired, I told him Said come on, he made a peg, he made a peg for me, I then asked him to make a peg for himself, he made a peg, I cheered, his hands were cupping, but slowly he recovered and when he got intoxicated, he became normal, I said today you will lick my pussy, he said ok madam, he came close to me, he was drunk, I spread my legs and lay down, he started licking my pussy, he said madam, tell me one thing, your pussy is fucked No, what’s the matter, I said motherfucker, you mean by eating mangoes, by counting the kernels, he said no, madam, by eating mangoes, then he started licking, his strong hand started groping my tits, I had become very sensual, I said come up Go quench my thirst, I asked, did you fuck anyone before? I said yes, madam, I only fuck you mother-in-law, sir’s mother, such lies are taken on tour only to get fucked, I filled him in my arms, and spread my legs and said, I entered my cock, he also became like a mad horse, the fat cock fan was blowing, he inserted the whole cock in my hole in three or four strokes, I started getting fucked, about 30 After getting fucked in the hole for a minute, he said, Madam, will you enjoy more in the ass, your mother-in-law takes all the space in the mouth in the ass. He again started inserting his fat cock in my ass, I said Rakesh it is hurting, leave it now please, but he did not agree, after spitting, he inserted his cock in my ass, then after about five minutes, he Again he started leaving me as a mare, I was also saying hi hi hi and he was jerking, then after about 30 minutes he put all the goods in my hole and we both slept together, the second day also I was in Rishikesh. Stayed and got fucked day and night, about 10 to 15 times in 36 hours, then left for Delhi on the third day, I gave 50 thousand rupees to Rakesh and said that it will be useful for my sister’s marriage, never open your mouth , and whenever I will call you you will have to come, I have been fucked by the driver, when the husband has given exemption, then what to fear and shame, I want cock, if you want sex then comment below, I will talk to you in personal, This is my true story, how did you like it? Do rate it on the star below. Waited till the fifth day of marriage when the husband’s penis was erect, then infidelity happened.

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