I am pregnant with my son and I am a widow read my story

Vidhwa Ma Ki Chudai: Friends, sometimes such things happen in life that it becomes difficult to find a solution. The same thing happened with me, now I am not able to understand what is the solution for this, what should I do? Let me tell you my story how this happened to me. I hope for your help. You must help in the comments. My name is Rakhi and I am 40 years old, my son is 22 years old. Last year my husband passed away on Agra Expressway, since then I mother and son are living with each other’s support. I live in Tughlakabad, Delhi. From the time he died, we mother and son used to sleep on the same bed. Because both were scared. But it is a matter of one day that happened to me or should we say that what we both did went on continuously. And you know what the result was. January 1, 2020 was the day. The winters were getting harsher. Both of us were talking about him when I started crying a lot. I started crying then my son hugged me and started caressing my back. But his caressing slowly turned in a different direction as his cock started to erect and was touching my thighs. I got it. And got separated but my Aanchal was stuck with her button and as soon as I left Aanchal remained there and my son got mad after seeing the nipples and navel that came out of Boss. He hugged me again, now he pulled me towards him and hugged me and said mother if you want me to be happy and be your support then help me, I am going mad. I know mother’s relationship is holy but today I want to apologize for this, I want to fuck you. I was looking at his face. I felt it was wrong but I did not want to lose my son either. But she was shying away from doing so. I said stop if it is like this then stop. I immediately gave him 1000 rupees and told him to get some good whiskey and 2 cigarettes. He immediately took the scooty and did the same. The shops were closed that day, but he brought a bottle of whiskey from his friend’s place. Till then I fried eggs and took out almonds, he came and said mother, did you drink earlier too, I said yes, sometimes when your father was more happy, he used to make me drink too. You are reading this story on nonvegstory.com. I drank wine with my son and then talked about my old days, that day for the first time I treated my son as a friend and told him everything. Drunk called her son near and then started sucking his lips. He also started sucking my lips. That’s why it felt like one more peg will be done, after that we will do whatever happens. One more peg and I took off my blouse, saree and petticoat as well. Now I came on panty and bra and asked son to bring cigarette and then lit cigarette. Put both feet on the table and sat comfortably on the sofa. Son said mother, today you are looking like Sunny Leone, you are also in the same style as she used to be before sex. I said okay, let’s see whether you can make Sunny Leone like a blonde or not. My son felt this and stood up. He took off his clothes and put his fat dick in my mouth and said, first you suck my dick towards Sunny Leone and he started putting his dick in my mouth. I also said that it was work, opened the hook of the bra, took off the panty and started sucking his cock. He started sighing, my pussy also started getting wet. DJ was playing outside, people were celebrating new year and I was also celebrating in a different way. Then I went to the bed, he climbed on something like a monkey and started licking my nipples, sucking my lips and fingering my relaxation. Then he said no mother, now I want to fuck and then he took out the cock and put it in the pussy and started pushing hard. I also started caressing his chest, I was sucking his lips in between and he was being pushed into my pussy day by day. Then I put him down and I climbed up and holding his cock with my hand took it in my pussy and started jumping up and down. Only the sound of ah ah ah was coming out of the mouth. He calmed down in about 40 minutes but I was still thirsty. But what if his semen had come out. Now wait And after about an hour, he got me ass killed again, sometimes in the pussy, sometimes in the ass. This went on for the whole night and then what to tell, it is still going on till today. We both are very happy, the goods of the house, my son has to say the same thing, but one thing went wrong, this time my period did not come, brought the kit and checked, the result is positive. I am a little scared, don’t know what to do. That’s why today I have come up with a story on non-veg story dot com so that you understand my point first then comment I am waiting for your comment.

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